Diana Shurygina decided to restore her virginity

The scandalous "rape victim", drinking "on the bottom" Diana Shurygina, decided to surgically restore her virginity. About this in the broadcast of his program "Live" said Andrei Malakhov.

During the show, video frames of Shurygin's communication with a plastic surgeon were shown. Shurygina frivolously asked a specialist how such an operation was conducted and what its consequences were. After voicing the cost of surgical intervention at 40 thousand rubles, Diana announced her readiness for such a step.

At the same time, the husband of Diana Shuryginoy Andrey Shlyagin called all this outright nonsense.

The release of "Live" was dedicated to the same "rape". The “victim” herself was absent in the hall, but there was her father, as well as the recently released 21-year-old Sergei Semenov, accused of raping Diana. Sergei once again publicly confirmed that sex with the girl was by mutual agreement.
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  1. Vladimir Kovalenko_2 (Vladimir Kovalenko) 28 December 2018 16: 37
    I read about the present ... And the question is what honesty is? After all, they considered chastity before! But now the ladies have proven everything! Integrity has grown only in price! And to buy it is dreary for me! Not even a monetary question ... And the answer from those ladies - is demand in full?
  2. The comment was deleted.