In the Russian "arsenal" will appear superheavy rocket

The Russian space industry expects big changes. The Russian government decided to bet on the development of the Angara launch vehicle family. The new rocket is the brainchild of the already post-Soviet space industry. When developing this launch vehicle, the shortcomings of missile programs of past generations were taken into account.

Kerosene and oxygen replaced toxic heptyl as fuel, making the Angara environmentally friendly. All production chains of the spacecraft are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, making the project independent of the vagaries of component suppliers. The Angara missile family is built on a modular basis and includes all classes of missiles - from the light Angara-A1.2 to the heavy Angara-A5 with the M and B indices. Launchers of launch vehicles are carried out from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and later from Vostochny.

Having visited the enterprise that developed the Angara, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin promised to bring the missile program to mind, focusing on the superheavy versions of the Angara-A5 M and B.

In the future, Angara-A5M will be equipped with engines 10% reinforced, its on-board systems will be created from domestic components, and constructive innovations will reduce the mass of the rocket, favorably affecting the cost of its manufacture. This launch vehicle will easily deliver from 22 to 24 tons of payload into orbit. Hangar-A37V will enable the third stage, hydrogen, to deliver up to 5 tons of payload into orbit.

Dmitry Rogozin also promises that in the near future the necessary infrastructure will be created at the launch site in the Amur Region to launch all types of Angara.