US hands Kiev to Moscow: Why Trump recalled the ambassador from Ukraine

No wonder they say where there are three Ukrainians - there are two hetmans and one traitor. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko fully confirms this statement. The criminal cases against Poroshenko’s entire circle, opened by him in March this year, at the height of the presidential election campaign through his subordinate special prosecutor Kulik, became the first bell for that - rats ran from a sinking ship. Fatty rats. I think that it was at that moment that Petya finally realized that he would lose the campaign.

They will plant everyone! Someone earlier, like Manafort, someone later, like Poroshenko

And I must say, he had something to grab his head for. Konstantin Kulik, deputy head of the GPU’s department of international legal cooperation, head of the criminal procedure department of criminal proceedings, suspected the laundering and legalization of billions of Yanukovych to the closest associates of the Drunken Confectioner - former head of his Administration Boris Lozhkin, former head of the NBU Valery Gontareva, acting deputy head of the AP Aleksey Aleksey he is also a secret curator of the judicial vertical in the country). The defendants in the case were also the co-owners of ICU investment company Konstantin Stetsenko and Makar Pasenyuk (ICU is an investment company that manages Poroshenko’s assets, it was Valeria Gontareva who worked in it until her appointment as head of the NBU). Through them, a direct thread led to the guarantor himself. And whether they will come for him or not, it has become a matter of time, not a place. In general, 98 persons were suspected, including 12 senior officials of ministries and departments, as well as the National Bank and six heads of regional state administrations.

You know the result, Petya lost the election campaign and is now fighting for the right to get into parliament and thereby guarantee his integrity. The hopes of the youths nourish. Petya is waiting for a prison, from which nothing will save him. Because the cases opened by the special prosecutor Kulik, these were just flowers, the berries went when his boss Yury Lutsenko joined the case. Saving his skin from a completely real punishment, he began to drown to the fullest, bargaining with the curators for the right to spend the rest of the days not in the cell next to Petya with a view of the bucket, but at least somewhere in the Washington DC or Oklahoma neighborhood next to the Evil Rabbit (he this right has earned even earlier, faithfully serving the overseas owners).

As a result of the revelations of the Prosecutor General, $ 4 million was lost in the bowels of the US Embassy in Ukraine, sent by the State Department to fight corruption, they also added lists of untouchables for the prosecution of the GPU, voiced to Prosecutor General Lutsenko by Ambassador Jovanovic, (though not on record, but on hearing). Plus, and worst of all, the involvement of senior officials of the outgoing Presidential Administration of Ukraine in the 2016 elections in America on the side of Hillary Clinton, when they leaked compromising evidence to the head of the election headquarters of Donald Trump Paul Manafort, which ended for the latter with resignation and a prison term. But this circumstance could not leave indifferent the vengeful cowboy who was temporarily registered now in the White House. After this, the fate of our traitor was decided, the Big Player entered the case, and Yury Vitalyevich was guaranteed immunity and protection, as a valuable witness, and in the States, Ukrainogate began to gain momentum. At the request of the rancorous cowboy, the US Attorney General William Barr joined in, after which the clouds began to thicken over the democratic gadyushnik rabid grandmother Clinton.

And unlike the Russian trace, over which special prosecutor Mueller and his team had been unsuccessfully fighting for 2 years, having wiped $ 20 million out of the federal budget, and without finding anything, they didn’t even have to search for the Ukrainian trace. Here Yuri Vitalyevich already tried, documenting and draining the dirt on Manafort through the head of the NABU Artem Sytnik, who published the so-called “black bookkeeping” of the Party of Regions at the very height of the American election (not all, of course, but only the selected pages where the head of the Manafort election headquarters signed the receipt of tens of millions of dollars in cash), and something else, to which other senior officials of Ukraine, including Ambassador Nezalezhnaya in Washington, Valer, had already attached their rash pens I Chaly.

Then, in August 2016, on the official website of the NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine), scans of Manafort's receipts appeared, where he left his autograph with a total of $ 12,7 million (these were photocopies of 19 pages of black bookkeeping in which Manafort was mentioned 22 times, it was to them that the federal court of the state of Virginia referred, pronouncing its sentence 3 years later, soldering him almost 4 years in prison for tax fraud and concealment of income). As a result of the incriminating evidence in the same month, Manafort was forced to resign from Trump's headquarters, which, however, did not save him from prison. And what was this if not arrogant and undisguised interference in the American election? By the way, Manafort is already sitting (he already met his 70th birthday in prison). Naturally, Trump could not forgive such a thing, he publicly promised to pull his comrade-in-arms out of prison and to take revenge on everyone involved in his case. And here Yuri Vitalyevich with his proposal was, by the way, by the way.

Diplomatic scandal and what does Chalupa have to do with it?

The Ukrainian ambassador to Washington, Valery Chaly, turned out to be another side in this matter. This intergalactic figure with a higher pedagogical education, because of his innate mental giftedness, was so sure of the victory of old Clinton that he couldn’t find anything smarter than creating an entire anti-trump headquarters in his office, which was supervised by an American Ukrainian consultant to the National Committee of the Democratic Party of the USA Alexandra Chalupa (as for me, it’s a very suitable last name for such a disastrous business!). I think this was wise for him by his chief, Foreign Minister Klinkin, who, along with the rest of the bureaucratic brotherhood of Ukraine, preferred to fight for Clinton and against Trump in his Facebook and Twitter accounts, subsequently, however, having erased his sparkling notes, but the manuscripts, as you know, do not burn (Google remembers everything!). And Yura Lutsenko too! According to the Prosecutor General, Madame Chalupa announced a tender among Ukrainian journalists and “investigators” to search for compromising materials against Trump (and this is right in the walls of the Ukrainian Embassy!), Which was won by another petitioner of the Democrats, Petro Poroshenko’s faction member Serezha Leshchenko. Using just in time the SBU published data on the bribery and falsification system that accompanied the rise to power of Yanukovych and his entourage (do you believe in such coincidences? I wonder how Leshchenko got access to this information under the heading “Secret”?), He published extracts from the magazine of the black box office of the Party of Regions on illegal payments to hundreds of officials at various levels, where the unfortunate Manafort also appeared. The authenticity of his compromising evidence was "confirmed" by the director of NABU Artem Sytnik, having duplicated it on their website, after which they decided that the matter had been done - Trump was beheaded and destroyed. The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chaly was so sure of Hillary's success that on the night of the election he pushed his headquarters to congratulate her on her brilliant victory. But after the first results of the exit polls were announced, for some reason he quickly faded through the back door. Now he is being sought by US Attorney General Barr to ask a series of questions. Ukraine urgently needs to change the ambassador before the United States themselves interned.

Gerontophile Games

But the interest of Donald Ibragimovich of our beloved to the figure of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine was not limited to the Manafort case. Ukrainogate is slowly gaining momentum and will reach the finish line closer to 2020, the year of the next US elections. But in connection with them, Donald the invincible had a personal interest in Mr. Lutsenko. From the side of the Democrats, another long-lived political Olympus was going to throw a glove at them, the decrepit 76-year-old Joe Biden (in 2020 he would turn 78, that is, he was going to rule at least 82, he would survive!), Unless, of course, he won primaries, (and there he has no competitors, so Clintonsha pulled him out of a dusty chest because he was crushing people in the Democratic Party, there was no one to put up for election against Trump).

So Biden was going to torpedo Donald Ibragimovich with the help of Yuri Vitalyevich, who, by the way, turned up into his arm with his pieces of paper. And in black and white, it says that during an investigation into the activities of the ex-minister of ecology of the cabinet of Azarov, Nikolai Zlochevsky, who is suspected of corruption and money laundering, Yanukovych through his firm Burisma Holdings Limited, whose board of directors included the son of ex-vice president of the United States Joe Biden Hunter Biden, ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, Advisor to ex-Secretary of State John Kerry Devon Archer and others, the Prosecutor General's Office established the fact of transferring money from the accounts of Burisma Holdings to the accounts of Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, the beneficiary and owned which is hunter biden In total, from the spring of 2014 to the fall of 2015, $ 3,5 million was transferred to her accounts in the form of fees of the son of the ex-vice president of the United States, while his dad was the curator of Ukraine and was responsible, among other things, for economic support for the regime established there. In the face of a clear conflict of interest, Joe Biden was responsible for financing Kiev, while his son received a salary from the largest private gas company, affiliated with the government and mired in corruption schemes. And it was Biden Sr. who used all his influence to hush up the cases against her, initiated at that time by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin, by lobbying for his resignation, blackmailing Kiev not by allocating the next tranche (or rather, not even the tranche, but the US loan guarantees to receive it ) At the same time, he also had the mind to publicly admit it when, on January 23, 2018, speaking in the Council on Foreign Relations, he stated literally the following, I quote verbatim:

I looked at them and said: I am leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you will not receive money! And damn it, he got fired! And they put in his place a man who at that moment could be relied on!

And it was this man, whose name is Yuri Vitalyevich Lutsenko, who hushed up these matters, transferring them from his jurisdiction to NABU. And it was he who excited them again, when the smell was fried and under his ass began to burn. And it was he who turned to Trump, offering him his services. And Trump graciously accepted them.

Why fired Marie Jovanovic

But then an unexpected obstacle arose on the way of Yuri Vitalyevich to Donald Ibragimovich. And this obstacle was called Marie Jovanovic. Appointed to the post of US Ambassador to Ukraine by the previous Democratic Administration of Barack Obama, she continued to faithfully serve her political bonzes, inserting sticks into the wheels of an ungreased Trump cart. The already mentioned special prosecutor Konstantin Kulik complained that since last year he and other officials of his department have unsuccessfully tried to obtain visas from the American embassy in Kiev to deliver collected evidence of interference with the 2016 elections and obstruction of criminal proceedings in Washington, however, Ambassador Marie Jovanovic blocked the visa process in every way.

She did not refuse us frankly, but did not provide them to us. The Department of Justice under the Trump administration was also inactive about this

- complained Kulik in an interview with the American publication The Hill. Strange Kulik, by God, what did he want when henchmen of Obama and deranged grandmother Clinton remained everywhere in the field?

Poor Yuri Vitalyevich had to buy plane tickets at his own expense and travel with his wife to Milan, supposedly for shopping, and from there, sweeping tracks, to another European country, where he was able to personally transfer the original documents to the communications officers of Donald Ibrahimovic. Donald Ibrahimovic had already become acquainted with them, and they shocked him so much that his reaction was lightning fast - Marie Yovanovitch was called to Washington for consultations, which ended with her early dismissal. To make you understand the full extent of Trump’s rage, I’ll only say that her term of office expired on June 18, she did not reach any 30 days before it ended. What did Trump read there, that even for 30 days he did not wait, but fired her without leaving the ticket office? On May 11, she will nevertheless return to Kiev to transfer cases. She has 10 days for everything about everything; on May 21, her spirit should not be in Ukraine. So Trump decided. Who will be her successor is not yet known, but it will definitely be the man of Donald Ibrahimovic. The next in line, who runs the risk of losing his job, is US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volkner, who was appointed to this post by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He will also be replaced by Trump's man. All this indicates the beginning of the dismantling of the system built in a remote Ukrainian colony over the past decades by American Democrats, and the smooth transfer of control over the administration of Donald Trump, who now has his hands untied after the removal of charges of having ties to the Kremlin.


So far, trump walked in the wake policy Obama inherited from him from Ukraine, without changing anything in it. For the simple reason that Donald Ibrahimovic had no personal interest in her. From the word "completely." In approximately the same way he applied to Mozambique, just not knowing where he is, in Africa or in Asia. All this time for Trump, Ukraine was only a source of irritation, and not a field of opportunity. Bidding on it with Russia was not possible due to the lack of bidding itself - Trump was hampered by the Democrats and was under investigation himself, there is a step to the left, a step to the right and you are dead, his opponents were just waiting for an occasion to start the impeachment procedure.

It is for this reason that American politics in Ukraine under him continued to be controlled by the democrats and structures of George Soros, and not by the people of Trump. But now everything has changed, after the end of the work of the Mueller Commission until 2020, a window of opportunity has opened. Both Muller's report and the Ukrainian elections laid the fertile ground for the upcoming presidential election in the United States itself. Donald Trump finally got a direct interest in Ukraine. His hour-long telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin only confirms this. And the result of this conversation has already materialized into real actions - Jovanovic was prematurely recalled to Washington, and Pompeo goes to Sochi instead of Berlin, to negotiate with Lavrov (there’s nothing to talk about with Merkel’s grandmother). In the US-RF-Ukraine triangle, we are witnessing a reboot. Real reboot!

However, I must say that this window of opportunity is very narrow and unstable, its scope is limited by the American election campaign, which will end in 2020. Nevertheless, this window promises possible progress in resolving the conflict in the Donbas and establishing dialogue between Kiev and Moscow at least at some level. Apparently, the future president Zelensky is hardly aware of what he will face in the near future. But the upcoming alignment is well seen by his much more experienced “comrades,” first of all, Igor Kolomoisky, who has already managed to distinguish himself with statements about the civil war in Ukraine. If you are not in the know, I will quote.

It is safe to say that the Maidan can be called an absolute evil, since it was he who led to the loss of Donbass, Crimea and 13 million citizens of Ukraine, as well as to a protracted economic crisis. The so-called revolution of dignity provoked a civil conflict in the southeast of the country, which still destroys Ukraine

- said Kolomoisky in a recent interview with the notorious Ukrainian journalist Denis Bigus.

Does nothing surprise you here? Until recently, a real term was shining for such words in Ukraine. Apparently Benya knows something! The upcoming inauguration and the likely meeting between Zelensky and Trump will clarify this issue. The fresh wind of change, which opponents of the outgoing president Petro Poroshenko speak of, will blow not with Bankova, and not even with the embankment of the Israeli city of Herzliya, where Kolomoisky is found, but from Capitol Hill in Washington.

Do you still, in your naivety, think that Vova Zelensky was so tired during the election marathon that you decided to gain strength in front of a long road and go for a couple of days to rest with your whole family in Turkey? I marvel at your naivety! Believe me, he only had to dream of a vacation there. According to information from verified sources, he had an arrow with people of Beni Kolomoisky, who was sitting in Israel without any problems and for whom even the GDP stood up to be let into Ukraine together with comrade. Saakom (why would it? Have you any questions? Why such a generosity from GDP?). In addition to Beni’s people, there were Medvedchuk (personally) in Turkey and Firtash’s people (Firtash, like Benya, was sealed by a criminal investigation against Vienna). But neither Rinat Akhmetov, nor his people were there! What is it for? Why such a favor? I explain Russia again in the game. Both Firtash and Kolomoisky are vitally interested in cheap Russian gas; without it, a pipe would already have come to their business. Benya is also interested in the fuel embargo from Russia, since he then remains the only producer of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine, receiving oil from Azerbaijan, and having the only oil refinery operating in Ukraine (Kremenchug refinery). A pipe with a solarium from the Russian Federation in the hands of Medvedchuk. A tap from her in the hands of Medvedev. As well as the faucet from coal supplies, without which not only Akhmet will get a full kayuk, but all Ukrainian thermal energy. Do you understand? Did the dagger cross meet? Or not yet? And then Vova Putin appears in all white and says: “Guys, let's live together!” Moreover, the word "live" here must be taken literally. He who does not want to live in harmony has the choice not to live at all. Do not believe me, ask Uncle Trump!

For those who have not entered, I repeat in plain text - there was a castling, the States of Ukraine merge Russia in exchange for other centers of influence. Which I do not know yet, but Ukraine is already under the control of GDP, the Turkish "rest" of Zelensky is confirmation of this. And the start of this campaign took place in one European country, where Yuriy Lutsenko personally handed over the documents on Biden and Manafort to the hands of liaison officers Donald Ibrahimovic. More details on this topic in the following text. Everything will be fine! It’s not long to wait.
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  1. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 13 May 2019 12: 28
    Here you go. The author confirms my assumption from his previous publication that the raven will not peck out the crow, the oligarchs of the Russian Federation and Ukraine will agree among themselves in their interests.
    By the way, the media reported that Pompeo canceled his trip to Russia.
    1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
      colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 13 May 2019 15: 50
      It seems to only Moscow ... Go to Sochi right away!
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 13 May 2019 18: 13
      in this case, Medvedchuk does not represent himself, but the Kremlin. And he is not an oligarch at all! The Kremlin prefers to play with puppeteers, rather than puppets
      1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) 13 May 2019 20: 43
        And those friends - "puppeteers" at the Kremlin - as many as two (2) pieces: Assad in Syria + Maduro in Venezuela, Kim Pyongyansky sometimes condescends to talk ...
        All the "Kremlin men"))
  2. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
    colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 13 May 2019 15: 44
    I'd like to believe in it! But something suggests that not everything is so simple ... I will just say that there is some logic in this, especially considering the fact that Volodya "has already kind of" promised "one of the centers of influence - not to go into the Arabian Peninsula with his arms trade , but for Trump it's like a "balm" ... it's not in vain that he is now selling them everything that is possible for crazy money (and he does not need competitors there), and after all, Arabs want to buy our weapons to hell.
  3. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 14 May 2019 08: 24
    I would have believed if not for one "but"

    USA rent Kiev to Moscow

    Suppose Trump was offended by the former leaders of Ukraine. But Trump compensated for personal grievances with the removal of the ambassador and not the support of Poroshenko. But in order to derail state policy over the past 15-20 years because of personal ambitions?! ...
    I do not believe! - as the classic said
    And another no less famous person stated (to paraphrase)

    Powders come and go, as well as ambassadors, and Ukraine as a state remains.
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 14 May 2019 08: 29
      I have always been dubious about any kind of "exchange" information. Ukraine to Syria, Ukraine to Venezuela. Etc. I will never believe in my life that the interests of the state and geopolitics are exchanged like potatoes in a bazaar.
      The West has invested huge funds and efforts in Ukraine. And even if the interests of the parties were different (States political, EU economic) no one would give such a good. You can exchange an apartment in a communal apartment. Nobody will exchange geopolitical interests.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 14 May 2019 09: 51
        Trump is already negotiating a personal meeting with GDP. What is it for?
        1. AICO Offline AICO
          AICO (Vyacheslav) 14 May 2019 10: 26
          He’s got another breeze, or a draft, and so seven Fridays a week - not our man - he doesn’t keep his word!
        2. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 14 May 2019 13: 52
          Suppose about Iran. This is more relevant today than Ukraine.
      2. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
        colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 14 May 2019 11: 59
        Yes, there seems to be no geopolitics ... pure business! smile For example, Trump is already outraged by the attempts of Europe to develop their weapons without the participation of the United States ...
        1. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 14 May 2019 13: 56
          When they talk about "import substitution", this applies to Europe too. What exactly will Europe develop without the US? NATO has unified weapons systems, communications, ammunition, finally. Let them develop their own eurofighter. Trump is more concerned with production than development.
          1. Nobodylumbe36 Offline Nobodylumbe36
            Nobodylumbe36 (Umberto Nobile) 14 May 2019 19: 40
            Rather, the sale of their products, to their own NATAS.
  4. Nymp Offline Nymp
    Nymp (Boris) 15 May 2019 15: 31
    This means that the Donbass will return to the Ukrainian bosom and remain part of the dill that will quickly recycle slippers with pro-Russian fur, and will dump all its guilt on Petya, he is like that - Barmaley, and we were always white and fluffy. And Russia will eat this noodle again. It’s a pity only for those who died in the Donbass, Givi, Motorola, etc. they did not fight for such a future.
    1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
      colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 16 May 2019 09: 53
      Boris ... you're wrong! Do not talk nonsense ... wink