Affiliation of Lviv will be discussed without Ukraine

The Polish parliament passed the law "On the Institute of National Remembrance." And he was adopted with a clear eye on Ukraine. Now in Poland they intend to give criminal sentences for denying events that are controversial in the international sense of the word.

Affiliation of Lviv will be discussed without Ukraine

So, for denying the fact of the Volyn massacre, you can be imprisoned for three years. The same law prohibits Bandera ideology in all its manifestations. The reaction of Kiev, which has been in the power of the followers of the OUN-UPA for the fourth year, has not kept itself waiting. Everyone began to be indignant - "young and old", although the official position of the Ukrainian leadership has long been known - the Volyn massacre was not and could not be.

In general, the adoption of such a law (as well as the law on the prohibition of Soviet symbols in Ukraine) has a pronounced political implication. First of all, the Polish leadership is worried about uncontrolled migration from a neighbor, which has already led to the fact that the Poles themselves are left without work and forced to look for it in Germany and further in Western Europe. The second topic of extreme concern is the revelry of Ukrainian nationalists on the territory of the former Polish "eastern Kresy".

Unstable политическая the situation is “independent”, where frostbitten radicals can come to power from day to day, striving for the affiliation of the same Lviv to be discussed between the powers that be, to which Ukraine certainly does not belong. And adopting such laws, Warsaw begins to prepare the way for the reintegration of Western Ukrainian lands.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? And how would the words about the war in the Donbass sound 10 years ago?

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