Russia resumed purchase of Turkmen gas

For three years, Moscow and Ashgabat could not agree on the price of Turkmen gas. In 2016, due to a dispute and litigation in the Stockholm arbitration, transit through Kazakhstan through the Central Asia - Center gas pipeline was discontinued. And so, the national operator of Kazakhstan, KazTransGas JSC officially announced that it had resumed the transit of Turkmen gas through the specified gas pipeline.

Moscow and Ashgabat did agree, common sense triumphed and defeated greed. It is noted that the supply of natural gas from Turkmenistan to Russia has been resumed under the current intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the gas sector until 2028. Everyone is happy, and Russia, and Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, as well as Europe, which expects that something will fall into it. Indeed, if Russia consumes certain volumes of Turkmen gas, it will be able to sell more of its own gas. This is logical.

So, in “KazTransGas” they specify that the volume of transportation of Turkmen gas to Russia is 15 million cubic meters. m per day. This is almost 5,5 billion cubic meters. m per year. Already pumped over 220 million cubic meters. m. of gas. Thus, transit was resumed (launched) back in mid-April 2019.

It should be added that at the end of March 2019 the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller held talks with the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. After that, he said that Gazprom was going to resume buying gas from Turkmenistan in the near future.

It should be recalled that before that, since 2009, Russia has bought from Turkmenistan about 10 billion cubic meters. m. gas per year. Since 2015, Gazprom has even paid Turkmenistan the cost of break-even export of gas to Europe.
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  1. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 3 May 2019 18: 44
    Moscow and Ashgabat did agree, common sense triumphed and defeated greed.

    For some reason, the author "forgot" to write over whose greed common sense won ...

    Firstly, due to mistakes by the authorities, the country lost its main buyers of gas - Russia and Iran. Cooperation with Russia was broken in 2016 as a result of the conflict after the accident on the Turkmen section of the Central Asia - Center-4 gas pipeline. In 2017, after accusations of non-payment of debt, supplies to Iran stopped. Today, the agreement is valid only with China.
    Turkmen citizens can breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to the purchase of gas from Turkmenistan by the Russian Federation, the economic situation should improve slightly ...
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 4 May 2019 07: 30
    -Well ... -China did not have time to completely strangle Turkmenistan ... -Russia as always came to the rescue and rescued the Turkmens ...
    1. commbatant Offline commbatant
      commbatant (Sergei) 4 May 2019 13: 05
      Quote: gorenina91
      Russia, as always, came to the rescue and rescued the Turkmens ...

      Long before this, the Russian Federation issued a loan that it will receive the Russian Federation in return, we probably will never know ....