More than 1600 km / h: supersonic air travel will become a reality

US aerospace agency NASA announced the start of development of a new supersonic Technology for airplanes, one of the important characteristics of which is its low noise. In the future, this will make it possible to apply the resulting developments in civil aviation for passenger air transportation.

NASA chose Lockheed Martin, an American corporation, primarily engaged in defense orders for the US Army. The value of the contract was $ 247,5 million, and the first flight tests of a supersonic aircraft are scheduled for 2021. The main objective of the project is the development of technology to reduce the noise of overcoming the sound barrier. It is planned to use American inhabitants as an expert audience, over whose cities a new plane will fly, after which a survey will be conducted among residents about whether they heard noise. If the experiment turns out to be successful, this will remove the ban on the flight of supersonic civil aviation over the United States since 1973. Now for commercial flights, a speed limit of just over 1000 km per hour has been established.

The length of the new device, called LBFD (Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator), will be 29 meters, the planned flight altitude is 17 kilometers, and the maximum speed will reach more than 1600 kilometers per hour. The noise level should not exceed 65 dBA, which in volume corresponds to the sound of a sports car on the highway.

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  1. 0
    April 4 2018 22: 00
    I believe that the Americans cannot even read the flight diagram correctly.
  2. +1
    April 4 2018 22: 14
    Ultrasonic air transportation will certainly become a reality, but it is not known exactly when.
    From the conclusion of a contract for the development of aircraft to real passenger flights of the decade.
    1. 0
      April 5 2018 12: 16
      What does it change?
  3. DPN
    April 5 2018 19: 16
    Most of the Russians are not threatened - there is a dumb gold reserve. The USSR has already passed this, but at that time dreamers did everything for the people, and now for whom ???