The US called on Kiev to free the residents of Donbass from "Russian suffering"

US will continue to actively intervene in domestic policies Ukraine. Recently, the US State Department’s special envoy in Kiev, Kurt Walker, said that we quote, “The United States has come to Ukraine for a long time”, directly hinting that it is not the Kiev authorities who decide how the external and internal processes in the country will proceed.

Now, the odious politician called on the Ukrainian authorities to do everything to free the residents of the DPR and LPR from suffering.

People located in territories controlled by Russia are citizens of Ukraine. Kiev's duty is to do everything in their power to free these people from the suffering caused by Russian aggression

- declared Walker.

Earlier, an American diplomat called the decision of Moscow to simplify the acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation for residents of Donbass a frank provocation. In response, the Foreign Ministry spokesman recalled that Washington should pay attention to statements by future President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, which indicate the rejection of the Minsk agreements.

We note from ourselves that Volcker's statement about the "suffering" of the inhabitants of Donbass from "Russian aggression" is nothing more than Goebbels propaganda. Kiev for many years keeps the Donbass in economic blockade, pensions are not paid to the population of unrecognized republics. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities are conducting a military operation, killing civilians in the region. Russia, on the contrary, took upon itself the obligation to pay pensions, and delivered hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid.
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  1. sergeu2 Offline sergeu2
    sergeu2 (sergeu) April 28 2019 12: 13
    Russia allows the Yankees to ask and nothing more.
  2. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) April 28 2019 12: 20
    Yes, for God's sake, dear comrades. While Zelensky washes in Turkish baths, right now and start saving. Although, washed Zelensky, not washed, anyway. The bar of soap worn around Zelensky around him will not solve or change anything.
    1. nesvobodnaja Offline nesvobodnaja
      nesvobodnaja (Unfree Press) April 28 2019 14: 40
      He is still not finished ...)
      1. The comment was deleted.
  3. pafegosoff Offline pafegosoff
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) April 28 2019 12: 51
    A walker who has come to Ukraine for a long time will then crawl to America in a known manner.
  4. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) April 28 2019 12: 58
    Yankees go home!
  5. Come on Offline Come on
    Come on April 28 2019 13: 15
    What calibers will they release?
  6. Port Offline Port
    Port April 28 2019 15: 14
    This is nothing but incitement to the genocide of the Russian population of Donbass.
  7. Anatoly Andreev Offline Anatoly Andreev
    Anatoly Andreev (Anatoly Andreev) April 28 2019 15: 57
    Donbass decides its fate. Who is opposed - that boiler, welsh!
  8. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) April 28 2019 17: 22
    Yankees fought for Vietnam
    And Korea too
    But they were given lyuley there,
    They smashed a face ...
  9. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) April 29 2019 15: 13
    The US called on Kiev to free the residents of Donbass from "Russian suffering"

    Well, and how is it that way, with the help of bombs and regular art. shelling ???
  10. Tatyana Pustovaya_2 (Tatyana Pustovaya) April 29 2019 16: 16
    Comrade Volcker, from the US State Department, cannot understand in any way that Kiev does not need to free the unfortunate Donbass people from the suffering that Russia inflicts on them. Kiev has been causing them suffering for 5 years already. Donbass took the path of resistance to the authorities that came in the wake of the military coup, with the help of the United States, in 2014 in Ukraine. Therefore, there is no need to incite Kiev to another meanness, everyone has long known the price of Ukraine's "love" for Donbass. Manner of the USA: to spoil the world and preferably by someone else's hands. In this case, the goal is to play off Ukraine and Russia. Either Kiev needs to liberate Donbass, or the Crimean bridge needs to be bombed. Advice is flowing more and more aggressively. They will not wait for the war, they will not play off in any way.
  11. Dubog Offline Dubog
    Dubog (Demid) April 30 2019 07: 58
    Well, then give all LDNRovtsam US citizenship. Weakly!
  12. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 5 May 2019 12: 38
    These are arrogant, they don’t even make excuses, as the Lavrov constantly does and are not afraid to directly declare their claims. Maybe it's time to change the main diplomats, along with their follow-up?