Ukraine from the inside: traitors, curators and those who watch from the Kremlin

From personal correspondence: I don’t know if I will have time to write one article about Ukraine before you leave, from which everything will become clear to you - here there is a war not at all for Ukraine, its territory, and especially not for its people. The war is for access to the trough. And everything that happened to Ukraine, and will happen, is explained only by this. On the basis of all this, we can now conclude how it will end here after the election and on whom the Kremlin put it on them.

Profanity of public opinion. The train started, but no one noticed. And why?

As an explanation of this material, “I’ll tell you one clever thing, but don’t be offended, please.” By the structure of any information field, and not just the Russian one, the majority of readers and listeners receive information from sources that reproduce interpretations of interpretations. Information is looped, it goes in a circle. Both officials and the public all communicate with each other their assessments of what is happening, resulting in a common opinion, which is considered reliable information. Everything that falls out of the usual schemes, as reliable information is not perceived. Thus, there is a significant gap between what is actually happening and what people imagine. The main criterion of reliability is generally known, which may have nothing to do with reality. At the same time, the stuffing of misinformation only enhances disorientation.

In this situation, a cluster of sources has developed and strengthened in Russia that is ahead of the time throwing the most negative assessments into the information field. They are picked up by disorientated groups of active members of social networks and leaders of public opinion, and after two or three cycles of communicating old rumors to each other, these rumors go into the category of obvious and reliable facts. The psychology of such participants is very simple and not burdened with the ability to understand what is happening to them. And what happens to them is the usual triggering of psycho-protection, under which people once developed their opinions.

Since most assessments arise with the help of not rational reflection, but falling under emotional infection, it is not surprising that such a majority have a kind of blind spot that does not allow noticing the obvious things. Especially if they were not directly and unequivocally announced through federal channels in the news... And it was not repeated a hundred times more on any talk shows, mainstream sites and editorials of central newspapers. Profanation does not in the least bother those who disseminate it, for it is a powerful means of manipulating the profane majority, consuming the information flow and responding to it with conditioned reflexes.

So the majority of passionators and subpassionaries of social networks and top sites citing each other overslept the beginning of tectonic shifts in the Russian government. They repeat the old interpretations of what is happening and do not see at all that they no longer have anything to do with what is happening. Largely because they simply don’t know what is happening, largely because they are used to seeing approval of the old interpretations around them.

Meanwhile, a revolution of colossal proportions has begun and is gaining momentum in Russia. And since this is a revolution from above and on the streets there is no picture of the Maidan, people believe that nothing is happening and everything is going on, as it has happened “since the time of the Ochakovs and the conquest of the Crimea,” as Putin said, adding with a smile that this is about the times of Gorchakov , not the Crimean referendum.

Putin says - but they don’t hear him, Putin does, but they don’t see it. Putin was so mesmerized by the whole country with his soft voice that officials and ordinary people were blinded and did not see the changes, even when they buried their nose in them. Everyone is confused by the previous composition of the government and the former position of iconic liberals in power. And this is understandable - these people are lobbyists of those reforms, from which the people have reached the edge of patience. Therefore, they still do not believe in what is happening, although the incredible is obvious, as in the old transfer of Professor Kapitsa.

I will help you and shed light on some of the events that fell out of your attention. They did not become objects of replication in social networks just because all changes occur under the carpet and are equipped with the stamp: “For official use”.

Russia has lost Ukraine. Statement of fact. What to do next?

We all know and understand that something went wrong with Ukraine in 2014. There is a certain category of citizens who shouts that we don’t give a damn about it, that we don’t have enough of our own problems, and that they’ll all be there. A woman with a cart is easier! How much can you feed these parasites and beggars ?! Burn in hell! But, thank God that not everyone thinks so, most understand that their problem creates a huge problem for us and in our interests to solve it for our own benefit, until our dear "partners" have solved it for our own benefit. And, thank God, that among these citizens there is our president. Vladimir Vladimirovich, for those who have forgotten (I think there are none here).

The fact that Moscow once flaunted Ukraine and for the past 5 years has only done that has scooped up troubles from it and because of it, you know well without me. That you didn’t have any real levers of influence on the current elections, except for Yury Boyko, a candidate from the Opposition platform “For Life”, who was shot down by Konditer with the help of his accomplice Akhmetov, you also guess. Therefore, only very short-sighted people can pretend that Ukraine is only one place for them, and they don’t give a damn who they finally choose there. The Kremlin, as a major and self-respecting geopolitical player, must have a plan “A” and a plan “B” for this or that case, if the situation is such that it cannot affect the final election result in Ukraine. You can’t take an ostrich’s position that Ukraine supposedly does not exist. Whether you want it or not, it exists and the next 5 years of your relationship with it depends on what position its pro-American president will take. Moreover, the term of office of the new / old president of Ukraine expires after the termination of the powers of the GDP, therefore, it is in the interests of the GDP not to put off this problem until later, on the shoulders of its future successor.

Therefore, we will consider this problem from the standpoint of Moscow's goal-setting, excuse me, comrades, Ukrainians. The simplest course of action was in the event of a possible victory for Poroshenko. In this case, the regime of complete ignore was automatically turned on with a refusal to recognize the election results, (fortunately, there were more than enough reasons), with the subsequent recognition of the status of the LDNR, at least on the model of South Ossetia, with the immediate issuance of Russian passports to everyone there (I think, people, those who found themselves there, over the past 5 years have already earned this right and let the APU try to "shoot" in their direction just once, this is the end of the statehood of Ukraine) and cutting off the remaining incomplete goods from the trade with the Russian Federation (fortunately, the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation through their own efforts already torn). I am sure that after that the new / old president would have become more accommodating and the problem of Ukraine would have been resolved even before the expiration of the powers of the VVP in the rank of President of the Russian Federation. This was the so-called "A" plan.

In the event of Zelensky's victory, everything is much more complicated. It was possible, of course, to roll over plan "A" for him, but this would no longer be far-sighted on the part of the Kremlin. Because the very fact of recognizing or not recognizing the elections cannot change anything, the USSR was not recognized until the 30s of the last century, so what? The main internal recognition of the legitimacy of the elections. And it seems that the Ukrainian people are ready to recognize the victory of the humorist, then the Kremlin's decision will go against the wishes of the Ukrainian people themselves and their hopes for change. You can fight against the regime, but it is stupid to fight against the people. Moscow itself wanted the Ukrainian people to do something for their own salvation. So he did. 20 regions of Ukraine voted for Zelensky already in the 1st round (I am writing this material when the results of the 2nd are not yet known), thus Zelensky's candidacy actually united Ukraine both in the West and in the East, albeit so far only in hatred of the past regime. And here the Kremlin, with non-recognition of the elections, risks falling into the position of a non-commissioned officer's widow, who whipped herself out. Therefore, plan "B" is likely to be that the Kremlin will take a break and wait for the first steps of the new president on the internal and external track. Poroshenko was not immediately recognized either. The pause was three months. He ran, looked into the eyes, complained to grandmother Merkel, then they admitted on their head ...

Now the Kremlin will not repeat such mistakes. Already, he is taking a number of steps ahead of schedule so as not to depend on the actions of the new Kiev authorities, but to influence its decisions by himself. While everything is done under the carpet. Not explicitly. But with the explicit goal of creating a few more elements of pressure on Kiev, and in relations with its sponsors from across the ocean, who are invisibly behind it, raise rates in the inevitable future negotiations on the fate of this territory. A territory that has become a bargaining chip and a stone of discord in the disputes of the powerful of this world, from which the Russian Federation cannot retreat for many reasons (and the fate of the brotherly / non-brotherly people is far from the first there). This text is intended to open the curtain over the Kremlin's covert actions in this direction.

Explicit Kremlin actions

Less than 4 years have passed since Ukraine introduced the first sanctions against the Russian Federation, as the Kremlin decided to respond. The Russian government is introducing retaliatory trade measures after another expansion of the embargo by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. What is it for? According to TASS, from April 18, (without waiting for the election results!), The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation introduces a ban on the supply of Russian oil and oil products to Ukraine. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation. He also announced the expansion of the ban on the import of certain Ukrainian goods: “I signed a government decree on this subject. We are expanding the ban on the import into Russia of certain types of goods, this measure will affect Ukrainian engineering products, light industry, metal processing, the value of which amounted to almost $ 250 million last year. ” In addition, he noted that from June 1, Moscow will supply coal, oil and oil products to Kiev only under separate permissions (that is, I want, I supply, I want - no! I draw your special attention to this!): “The list of those goods which from June 1 of this year can be exported to Ukraine only on the basis of separate permits. This category includes fuel and energy products, including coal and oil, and oil products. ” To this we can add the embargo on formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate introduced earlier, springs for freight cars, electrical equipment for railway automation and communication devices, as well as electrical conductors for voltages exceeding 1000V (a ban on the supply of these goods to Ukraine was adopted a week earlier, on April 10, by the decision of the same Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation). Another decision against the sanction was the import of glass containers, including cans, bottles for food and beverages, containers and so on. The Kremlin, in anticipation of a change in the Kiev leadership, deliberately continues to squeeze the noose around the neck of the territory that has torn off the cutting. Let me remind you that since the end of last year, from December 29, Medvedev limited the supply of a whole series of Ukrainian goods. A wide range of Ukrainian agricultural products, raw materials and food worth $ 510 million was then banned. Now shoes, women's clothing, bulldozers, pipes, paper and other goods were added to them. I have only one question - why did the ban affect only women's clothing? What kind of discrimination is this on the basis of sex? How is Ukrainian men's clothing better than women's?

And although the restrictions affected only 1,2% of all products supplied from the Russian Federation to Ukraine (in monetary terms, this is only $ 118,4 million out of last year's total export turnover of $ 9,5 billion), this is not the main thing here. The main thing is that now all this will be regulated in manual mode, the shipment of a strategically important group of goods to Ukraine will now take place only under separate permits. And in this group, through the efforts of the Cabinet of Ministers, 41% of all Russian exports to the country of evergreen tomatoes were found. There is coal, coke, and diesel fuel. To understand the importance of this product for Ukraine, I will say that last year alone, its share amounted to $ 3,9 billion of the total trade turnover of $ 9,5 billion. And it will now be up to the Ministry of Economic Development to decide whether to supply or not, and not business entities at its own discretion. And so that the dad would not have the temptation to fill this niche, the tap was screwed on for him too (having separately recorded this in the intergovernmental agreements of the RF-RB). Now the new owner of Ukraine has only one choice - either to buy all this junk anywhere at world prices, or to negotiate with the Kremlin.

Not explicit undercover actions of the Kremlin. Traitors

I was able to find out about the Kremlin’s non-explicit actions by accident, upon encountering the revelations of one Russian traitor-defector of the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ilya Ponomarev. Hiding in Ukraine, in them, on the Khvlya channel (Wave in Russian), he rolled another dirty wave to his former homeland.

I was only embarrassed by his awareness and involvement in the affairs of the Russian Federation with a slightly different view of the affairs of the independent from the views of stubborn banderlogs who took power in it 5 years ago and interviewed him in the person of the not-so-stubborn journalist.

At the same time, the fugitive deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation has a conceptual delusion, common for all liberals, about the secondary nature of Russia before the West, the insignificance of it and its leader, who sleeps and sees himself in power. I believe that Putin is still a statesman, and power and money are the last thing he thinks about. Note that this scratch also covered Nazarbayev, they say, grandfather found a quiet haven for himself. At the same time, all these bastards grovel before the West and even before the most impoverished country in Europe, mired in poverty and theft, and overestimate the importance of the sanctions imposed by the West against it for the Russian Federation. Although he is right about some things - about the Kremlin towers that influence his position on Ukraine. And this is what I turned my attention to and why I singled out this interview for you. The failure in the position on it in 2014-15, in his words, happened only because the great Pu then followed the lead of his assistant Vladislav Surkov, who is accused not only of Donbass, but also Zurabov and unfulfilled hopes for Poroshenko. At the time when it was necessary to wet! By the way, I think so too! Then he gives information about a change in leadership in Surkov's department (you must admit, you didn't even know about it). Surkov was not dismissed, but demoted in his rights in making decisions on Ukraine, his department began to rotate personnel who filled this direction (this is how Oleg Govorun, Head of the Office for Border Cooperation of the RF Presidential Administration, was removed from his post; Alexey Filatov, who previously oversaw the direction South Ossetia, and in the fall, on the initiative of Surkov, a reorganization began, which ended with a change not only of the sign, but also of the leadership). Only thanks to the fugitive deputy, I was able to find out about this, why he was following this, this is another question, but after digging there, I discovered such revelations that I could not even imagine. In Surkov's department, a uniform cleaning has begun, and no one there is trying to keep the uniform clean, all the sisters are given earrings, which is already surprising, given the secrecy of this department. But more on that below in the section: "Curators and Overseers". Now the power block, headed by Naryshkin, Patrushev and Bortnikov, is coming to the fore. And the decisions there will be of a completely different nature. Soon you will see them and be able to appreciate them. As a tip, I can only say that the recognition of the LDNR in the status of South Ossetia-Abkhazia with the issuance of Russian passports and other ensuing consequences is no longer a matter of desire, but of time. Those. now the question is not decided "if", but "when".

And to close this topic already with traitors-defectors, I give you one more interview, this time already a traitor on the other hand, the Kiev SBU lieutenant colonel, who supposedly went over to the forces of Good for ideological reasons and gave a sensational interview to MIA Russia Today ". Here I am not going to discuss the facts presented by him, and which he read out on a piece of paper, here I only wanted to make personal observations about the person who defected. Exclusively at the footage level, see for yourself, draw your own conclusions.

I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but honestly, looking into his running eyes, looking at his face, which doesn’t fit into the safe, looking at his chubby hands, swollen belly, obviously from malnutrition and severe stress, nothing good to say about him I can not. He was obviously not an agent of the GRU, who had been working undercover all this time and saving the Russians who had fallen into the dungeons of the SBU at the risk of his life, and yet another policeman who smelled of fried and tried to run to the side of the winners in time. Scum, I saw these! He personally communicated and in ranks even higher than him, when asked whether he was afraid that he would have to answer anyway, my acquaintance colonel of the SBU, head of the Kharkov central department, who survived 19 chiefs during the service and changed four cars only after the Maidan, said that he’s not afraid of anything and in his cell, if they do put him in prison, he will have a TV and prostitutes every day. He disappeared a year ago, maybe they killed, (they were periodically passed through all the ATOs), or maybe he changed the room, then he went down with money, that he was deaf and dumb (we trained in the same room, we've known each other for 15 years, even when he was the captain). After all, I personally knew Avakov, I’m talking with his assistant (they’ve been familiar from school), who was left here in Kharkov on analytics, you won’t believe it, but the assistant is for us (he knows where the wind is blowing, but he’s praising his boss, smart, supposedly), I confirm - a very smart reptile, General Wolf of the Ukrainian flood. He will survive under any authority, he will flee, if anything, to Italy, and no one will extradite him from there to anyone.

This Ukrainian defector even read out to his colleagues who remained on the sinking ship and continued to serve the regime, read out a piece of paper - about the army, which only fired the first shot at its people, and then shot at a stranger. I am sure that this one also shot, they are all smeared with blood. He was pierced on the question of why he spent so much time confessing with confessions, as it turned out already from December 2017, he said, he solved household issues, judging by the erysipelas, he decided. The second obvious puncture, undisguised envy of a colleague who participated in the Maidan on the side of Berkut, and then made a dizzying career from lieutenant colonel to colonel general in 5 years, allegedly for participating in the Boeing case. But according to my information, everyone in one way or another involved in this matter from Ukraine is already in the grave, from the pilot Voloshin to the dispatcher of the Dnieper airport, the woman (he forgot his name, drowned in the UAE, swimming in the pool). And so much easier - they know too much. Apparently, the example of Boris Berezovsky taught nothing to anyone.

Conclusion: the scum that came over to our side, guided by the principle: "In time to betray - this is not to betray, but to anticipate!". It is such filth that serves there. Not so long ago, on April 10, the next two traitors, this time from the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, fled to the Ukrainian side, asking for political asylum, allegedly because of the prosecution by the internal security bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for a principled stand on combating crime. And the number of such defectors is growing, Ukraine has become a black hole, ready to shelter them and the like. And this problem will only get worse.

Closed Office: Curators and Supervisors

Now I return to the promised topic of curators and looking after Ukraine. There is a complete circus and a change of guard. They themselves give an unpleasant assessment. Fasten your seat belt. There will be quotes. Initially, only the facts.

The first leaks that changes were coming began in the fall of last year, when the department of Vladislav Surkov, who was responsible for Ukraine and completely failed in this direction, began a reorganization and rotation of personnel, crowned with a change not only in the signboard, but also in the leadership. The result of this was the dismissal of Oleg Govorun on April 4, 2019 from the post of the Head of the Office for Cross-Border Cooperation of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Oleg Govorun, (allegedly for family reasons), and the appointment to this position of Alexei Filatov, who had previously held the position of chief adviser in this department in charge of relations with South Ossetia. I would especially draw the attention of inattentive readers - with South Ossetia! Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen!

On April 17, Putin signed the corresponding decree. Oleg Govorun headed the department since 2013. Previously, it was called the "Office of the President for Social and Economic Cooperation with the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia", and the current name of the "Office for Cross-Border Cooperation of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation" was given in October 2018, after the issuance of the corresponding Decree GDP ... At the same time, the area of ​​responsibility of the department also changed - it continued to oversee Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but from the CIS countries only Ukraine remained in its jurisdiction.

The clouds over Surkov began to thicken for a long time. Back in October 2016, the Ukrainian cyberhunt hacker group threw open an array of e-mails (including about the situation in Ukraine and the Donbass) supposedly belonging to Surkov. Then it ended with the resignation of the head of his apparatus, Alexander Pavlov, with the wording of his own free will (supposedly tired for 3 years). In the published array of letters (they were dated in the autumn of 2013 - in the summer of 2014), which, according to Cyberhunt, was in Surkov’s work mailbox with the gov domain (letters were also allegedly from Surkov’s mail on, in particular, there was a letter from the assistant to the founder of the Marshall Capital Partners investment fund, Konstantin Malafeev, dated May 13, 2014, which proposed candidates for leadership positions in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). A number of people from the list, in particular Alexander Zakharchenko, were appointed 4 months after the date of the letter - Zakharchenko was appointed chairman of the DPR government. One of the most resonant documents was the “Shatun” plan to destabilize the situation in Ukraine at the end of 2016–2017. by organizing mass protests involving the Ukrainian opposition, which was proposed to use in vain. All correspondence was conducted on behalf of the staff of the Surkov apparatus. I can only add on my own that everything is very similar to the truth with Malafeev (everyone knows his role in organizing resistance in the Donbass), but with “Shatun”, it seems, like throwing in the SBU, who tried to push their propaganda misrepresentation into the scandal. .

Surkov did not make public comments about the published correspondence attributed to him. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov twice clarified the published documents. First, he stated that he had known Surkov for more than 10 years and over the years Surkov “has been attributed something to a very talented person” all the time, but most often this does not correspond to reality (RIA Novosti, October 25, 2016). A day later, Peskov said that they had read the published data in the Kremlin, called the document “curious,” but again denied Surkov’s authorship.

I can say this is not him. Moreover, I can add: he does not use e-mail. At all

- then noted Peskov.

Be that as it may, the scandal was hushed up, but the sediment remained. And now new resignations and appointments. Prior to the newly appointed Alexei Filatov, work with Donbass in the Kremlin was supervised by Deputy Govorun Maxim Polyakov. He, like the other deputy. Talker overseeing economic issues of interaction with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Denis Travin, while remaining at his post. And although the director of the Center close to the AP political The situation, Alexei Chesnakov believes that the reorganization of management has occurred on a regular basis, purely for technical reasons, but, nevertheless, other experts do not think so. Claims to the Surkov department have accumulated more than enough.

There can be any number of complaints about working on the Ukrainian political front, ”said Fedor Biryukov, member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Rodina Party and Director of the Liberty Institute:

In fact, the Ukrainian direction was completely failed, as in previous times, before the 2014 coup. All work in Ukraine boils down to a variety of television talk shows, where the “Bandera experts” seem to represent an absolute evil, but in reality they simply insult our country and our people in front of a million-strong Russian audience. And all this, by the way, is by no means free, at our expense, as taxpayers. As a result, we are all well aware of how disgusting the Kiev regime is. And it is true. But what Russia does, how to solve this common problem for us, the entire Slavic world and Eastern Europe, is completely incomprehensible to people.

At the official level, Moscow, from the point of view of Biryukov, takes an overly conservative and restrained position with regard to Kiev.

We are laughing more and more at the Kiev aggressive attacks, and about Western sanctions. Over the past five years, the shortcomings of work on the Ukrainian topic have been successfully compensated by the “Crimean consensus”. The return of Crimea, the construction of the Crimean bridge - these, of course, were magnificent, brilliant acts of political will of the modern Russian state, historical events. But Crimea alone cannot pull or set off the entire Ukrainian direction. And there, alas, no particular success was noticed. Donbass also left the political and news agendas; moreover, the situation was complicated by the killings of popular militia commanders. And the Donbass Iliad ended with the death of the leader of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko. This became a tragic bloody point in the heroic period of the history of our "Wild West", as I sometimes call the Donbass with hooligan sympathy

- summed up the director of the Institute of Freedom.

He is echoed by the director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation "Europe" Eduard Popov:

The point is not in this or that official, but in the strategy of work in the Donbass and Ukraine. And it seems to me extremely unsatisfactory. Our Ukrainian policy (and the policy regarding the DPR-LPR) was and is passive defensive and absolutely uncreative. In the republics of Donbass, they are building a little Ukraine without the Nazis. What we want to see in Ukraine is not at all clear. The “bad” Govorun, another slurred Russian official without his own vision and without strategic thinking, left (or rather left). But what in return? Will the old deck of managerial and expert personnel incapable of strategic creative thinking be shuffled? We are wasteless time. The main thing is that on the other side is growing a generation brought up in hatred of us. Water wears away the stone, and Ukrainian propaganda is working at full capacity. Our official Ukraine is in principle not capable of opposing this even in theory, in view of its hopeless archaism.

The result was summed up by the editor-in-chief of the FORUM.msk portal Anatoly Baranov. He thinks that

the results of work in the Donbass are monstrous, there is no time for encouraging personnel growth. But apparently there are no others. The change of Govorun to Filatov will not change much, because initially a flawed paradigm was chosen, in the framework of which the usual Russian thoughtlessness also appeared.

As a result, from his point of view,

The Minsk process has long ended, if at all. What awaits us is not his routine, but degeneration to complete meaninglessness. They will sit, officials receive a salary, and that’s it!

It's hard for me to disagree with him. Well, even in the Kremlin they began to understand this.


To sum up the bleak results. We can’t do anything with the American presence in Georgia, Ukraine, now also in Armenia. At the moment, we have only minimized the risks and set it on a spontaneous combustion mode. But this is a fait accompli, but what have we done to prevent this from happening? Nothing! Now we have to wait for the ruling elites to change as a result of the imminent deterioration in the economic situation of these countries, previously tied to Russia and the Russian market, and now forced to seek new markets. But this is, firstly, a long time, it will take years, if not decades, and during this time there will grow a generation that we lost, who lost our common cultural-historical code (the Americans will try, you can not even doubt it!), Plus torn economic ties that can no longer be restored, and secondly, what will we do if this does not happen?

With Ukraine, of course, it will be difficult for the Americans to do, they got a too big country, but with Georgia and Armenia they are quite capable of supporting them and maintaining the degree of Russophobia and anti-Russianism they need (look at the Baltic States, Moldova, Turkmenistan). This is the result of a completely incompetent, weak-willed and wretched policy of the Russian Federation in these areas in the past years, starting from 1991. And what should we do with this now? Maybe you should do at least something, if not turn this chess table over, then at least mark the edges? Why not ?! How much are we going to swallow dust from under American hooves and watch them crawl under our covers?

As a result, Ukraine over the past 5 years of our inaction has become a hotbed not of Bandera, but of the Zhid-Bandera. This is not about nationality, I treat Jews very well, (even more than), these comrades do not give a damn about Bandera’s ideals, for the most part they don’t even know Mova, they don’t even need it, under this sign they simply wring out what badly lies. As a result, crowds of dressed-up operetny fascists, who are fascists today, will be communists tomorrow, then by whom, even the seventh-day evangelists, run around the country. All these Natsiks are tame, popping up and popping into the box at the command of the puppeteers-oligarchs. True Bandera is not there, not yet, but they will grow up. Generation born 2000 and older have already been lost by us, a nationalist weed has grown up with brainwashed in school. And if parents with badly nailed roofs, then in general there will be a khan. Zelensky is the first product with uncomplicated Soviet ideological brains. Further it will be even worse! Will we wait or what?

Explain to me a foolish idiot why some god-forgotten Hungary, which has neither intercontinental missiles, nor oil, nor gas, which is almost invisible on the world map (only, except through a microscope!), With resources a thousand times smaller than the Russian Federation can fight with Ukraine in the trash because of some unfortunate 250 thousand ethnic Hungarians locally living in the Transcarpathian region, for their right to receive education in their native language. At the same time, blocking and torpedoing all decisions on Ukraine, both in the EU and NATO, creating a special ministry for Transcarpathian affairs and issuing passports of Hungarian citizens to everyone who confirmed their Hungarian origin (and there are already 180 thousand of them!), And the great and invincible Russia is not maybe, silently watching how the rights of 15-20 million Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of a neighboring country are trampled on, connected with the Russian Federation not only by a common language, culture and history, but also by family ties ?! This is such a failure, such a defeat that no success can be closed in Syria, in the Crimea and on the international stage! Moreover, we will reap the consequences of this failure for many, many years to come. Not only do we lose our last supporters and sympathizers in Ukraine, we also lose future generations, and we lose them forever! This is not something that is not imperial, God bless her with this empire! It is simply not state-owned. A politician of the rank of Putin cannot look so narrowly, under his feet. He must have a planning horizon of at least 50 years. What will happen to Ukraine in 50 years? And there will be a black hole that will draw into itself, like any antimatter, everything around. Why does Russia need such problems in the future? I dont know! One hope is that I don’t know Putin’s plans either. I hope for its adequacy to the expected threats. Believe me, this is not about military and terrorist threats (Russia will cope with them, then).

It seems that the Kremlin finally realized the danger of the neutral position they occupied in Ukraine, and they included a regime to force peace and friendship that was torn out of the cutting line. So far, exclusively economic, but tough measures (I talked about them in the 3rd part). It will not help, it will include measures of military-political influence (with recognition of LDNR and other consequences arising from there). But more about that in the next text.
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    sergeu2 (sergeu) April 22 2019 10: 43
    How beautifully it is written about the non-rational reflection of all passionaries and sub-passionaries, and they have nothing to do with what is happening in Ukraine.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
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      I agree. It was an eyeliner. More relevant to domestic Russian graters. Take it as a general trend.
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    The article is correct. Correct in the sense that Russia must save the neighboring state. But the question is why Russia should save all these "brothers". This, in my opinion, is the main mistake. Should not! It's not time to collect stones yet! The creation of an alternative Ukraine is another mistake! This education should not exist in principle!
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
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      No need to save anyone already! Save yourself first! You are next!
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 22 2019 11: 19
    Much has been written, but the author was afraid to say the main thing: the Kremlin took the path of Russian betrayal in Ukraine by the conclusion of the Minsk agreements. And all this time, the regime was nurturing the cultivating fascism, being its main trading partner and investor, as well as allowing every day to kill citizens of the republic with impunity. And his actions differed little in this matter from the actions of those who are shown by traitors in the article.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 17: 20
      I agree. This is already in the next text. I'm shocked myself!
    2. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper April 27 2019 01: 51
      hi At that time, in 2014, these conscientious Russian “returns from Crimea” “delivering” to the Kiev junta of serviceable armored vehicles, aircraft and other military equipment when the Armed Forces and other Bandera-Nazi punishers had already strangled the remaining regions of Eastern Ukraine and smoked the remnants of the Donbass most of all “finished off” me! Apart from the uninterrupted supply of fuel, equipment and spare parts from Russia and Belarus!
      But then, when I came to the idea of ​​the obvious fright of the Russian oligarchs because of our passionate Russian Spring, and the Belarusian ones because of the Russian "Crimean scenario", then the consolidated, Russian-Belarusian, solidary support of the "Banderozhidov" kleptoligarchy in suppressing the spontaneous popular uprising under the ANTIOLIGARCHIC SLOGANS I began to see logical and understandable. request
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 11: 21
    To begin with, I admit my mistake with the forecast. I bet on Poroshenko. I can explain why. The fact that the majority against Poroshenko was clear. But I did not take into account the opinion of the voters. I thought that there would be massive ballot box stuffing. But Poroshenko did not want to fight for the chair. Could or did not want is no longer important. Apparently, the elections were still relatively fair.
    But this just gives food for thought. The turnout is slightly more than 50%, Zelensky scored 73%. These numbers correlate well with Putin's 2014 ranking. We can say that Zelensky has carte blanche for any action. But in the same way, it can be argued that it is after these elections that the Ukrainians may not say that Russia forgot or betrayed them. Yesterday was not Maidan, but elections. Apparently, fairly honest elections. The South-East of Ukraine (Russian and Russian-speaking) unequivocally voted for the program of the party "Servant of the people." The course towards the EU and NATO is clearly fixed there. And if you can still agree with the EU, then the course towards a military adversary of Russia is a deliberate choice of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine (in the Southeast for Zelensky more than 80%). Zelensky supports the Russophobic law on languages, believes that there is nothing to talk about with Donbass, and speaks of Russian aggression.
    If I made a mistake with the forecast, but the situation as a whole has not changed. I always said and I repeat that nothing depends on personalities. Poroshenko, Zelensky, damn bald .... Ukraine as a state is anti-Russia. And the policy towards Ukraine should be the policy towards the enemy. Therefore, there should be only one policy - non-recognition of election results and economic strangulation of Ukraine.
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) April 22 2019 12: 16
      The Ukrainians did not personally vote for Zelensky, who for most of them is "a pig in a poke", but only voted against Poroshenko, which eliminated one, the main evil, but what the new president will be like is complete misunderstandings, after all, he the product of its time, the time of “non-season”, and that says a lot. And there we will see ....
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 12: 50
        Ukrainians voted for Zelensky. The second round was uncontested. But this shows the result of the first round unambiguously.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 17: 29
          They said another stupidity! The Ukrainians did not vote for Zelensky’s program, which no one had read at all, not even sure what it was, but against Petya and his politics. At the same time, Zelya won in all regions. In the 2nd round they vote not “for”, but “against”. Against the one you like less. No one liked Peter!
          1. Bakht Offline Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 18: 10
            How did Zelensky get into the second round? He won in the first round in almost all regions. Or say that in the first round they did not vote for Zelensky?
            The program (in general terms) is set out on the website of the party "Servant of the People".
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 18: 16
              In the 1st round, the voters of Boyko and Vilkula also voted for him, not sure what their chosen ones would pass. Always vote for the passing.
              1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 18: 21
                Vladimir, he scored 6 million votes. 35% of the active electorate. And he won in all areas except 4.
                Ukraine voted for Zelensky. Not for Boyko, not for Vilkula. They always vote for their own, and not for the "passing". Especially in the first round. For me it is a fact. Not an assumption or forecast. This is a fait accompli.
                1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 18: 42
                  not 6 million, but 5,7 million, not 35%, but 30,2%, and not in all but 4, but in all but 5. That's how you have it!
                  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 18: 53
                    Should I give the exact numbers? 5 714 034 votes. Almost 6 million. 30,24% This is all the data of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission.
                    And besides petty counting, for whom did the Ukrainians vote in the first round? For Vilkul, who scored less than 800 thousand, or for Boyko with 2 votes. Yes, both of them together scored fewer votes than Poroshenko. Maybe all the same for Zelensky?
                    I explain again. In fair elections, Zelensky’s victory was predetermined. Neither Boyko nor Vulkul in modern Ukraine have any chances. And not a single pro-Russian candidate there has the slightest chance. I bet on Poroshenko only in the calculation of mass fraud.
                    It is absolutely clear to me that "Ukraine is not Russia." And these elections only confirmed this.
                    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
                      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 22: 31
                      And what pro-Russian Vilkul-did not know! That's what his Kremlin blacklisted! If 6 million voted for Zelya, then this is not all of Ukraine. In Ukraine, only 30 million registered voters. Officially. And who were the Ukrainians to vote for? Not for Petya ?! You do not like everything. Were fair elections bad, would not be fair too bad. You already decide what you need!
                      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
                        Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 22 2019 22: 37
                        Yes, both of them together scored fewer votes than Poroshenko. (from)

                        If summarized, it will turn out just as much as Petya, given that he attributed part of the votes to himself from Julia and given the stat. error
                        Petro Poroshenko - 15,95% (3 014 609)
                        Yulia Tymoshenko - 13,40% (2 532 452)
                        Yuri Boyko - 11,67% (2 206 216)
                        Alexander Vilkul - 4,15% (784 274)
                      2. Bakht Offline Bakht
                        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 23: 08
                        What do you like or dislike here? I don't like anything in Ukraine at all. You might already have noticed that my opinion is that nothing depends on personalities. The state development trend is negative. So nothing good can be expected. I was interested in the mood of people. And nothing else.
                        I do not envy Zelensky. In vain he got into this shit. Sometimes I even think that Poroshenko specially handed him these Augean stables. How he will resolve the situation is not clear. About the same picture was with Pashinyan in Armenia. What can he change? Without a change in the direction of state policy, nothing will come of it. And changing the course of the state is much more difficult than changing the course for a ship. The mass is huge, the inertia gained is incredible.
                        The only plus is Poroshenko is gloomy. Zelensky will be a little more fun.
  5. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) April 22 2019 14: 02
    My prognosis that Zelenich will be hungry is not as fun as in the series, of course, but there are a lot of good ideas in it.
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 22 2019 14: 20
    If we talk about the plan "Connecting Rod", then Mishiko-connecting rod how mischievous this time. Why did it match? Only Masons can explain this.
    But they are not fighting for Ukraine for two reasons - either they wait until they are ripe for partition (as with the Ruin), or some of the responsible comrades can work for Langley.
    But in Russia it is necessary to create an organization like the Comintern (for example, Rusintern, or Slavianinter), and conduct active propaganda against the Anglo-Saxons, recruiting its supporters. It is necessary that in Ukraine everyone heard how the Anglo-Saxons ate Ukrainian lard.
  7. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 22 2019 18: 17
    The Kremlin has already responded to the election of a new president of Ukraine.
    There will be no congratulations, there will be no negotiations either. It all depends on the first steps of the new government in Kiev. It would be nice to start withdrawing heavy weapons and stop shelling the Donbass.
  8. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 23 2019 09: 35
    I liked Strelkov’s interview.
    Where he says that nationalism was nurtured and managed there by Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, and not a word about any agents of the State Department or the already forgotten Euro-commissioners and Euro-ten's managers of the Maidan.

    This explains a lot: the growth of unofficial trade and investment during the "sanctions", and the actions of the authorities in relations with Ukraine and the republics ....

    And I agree with the article, the advertised "Russian world" and the CIS profiled by blood ...
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper April 27 2019 02: 12
      hi Well, it is also known, even from Leninist writings, that petty-bourgeois nationalist parties act as secret guards for the middle and big bourgeoisie, which is why the "komerenegates" -kleptoligarchs in Ukraine, from the very first day of the pro-American puppet "independence", intensively nurtured, organized and fed every marginal cheval, conducting it to the authorities!
      This became especially visible with the very “lawless” Yaneke-Azarov and their “inter-factional” nationalist camarilla, from which their “offended,” deprived of the stolen goods, and the post-Soviet fellow members of the post-Soviet state, who then became the beneficiaries of the “renegade” "and together with the remnants of the golden state reserve and priceless Scythian treasures, which completely surrendered Ukraine to the external management of the Fashington governors!
      1. Vladimir T Offline Vladimir T
        Vladimir T (Vladimir T) 10 June 2019 01: 14
        Just like Lenin’s speech from an armored car, with a cap in his hand.
        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper 10 June 2019 16: 22
          This is at the Finland Station, well, dear Vladimir T ?! It must be assumed that this is the highest mark, even according to Soviet canons ?! winked
          My great-grandfather, Little Russian peasant, the Hard worker from the Hard worker-Sol of our Russian Land, after a serious wound at the front, was treated in St. Petersburg. There he was caught by revolutionary events and was on that "memorable day of the meeting of the leader of the world proletariat (as they later wrote in officialdom)" there, with his rifle, on the guard of honor (the hero of the First World War participant in the Brusilov breakthrough, he lived to nearly 100 years and until the end of his life he kept his mind clear, but he always spoke, listened more, expressed in essence and with soldier straightforwardness, despite his faces and not shy of a “strong word”) and told that there were many speakers who spoke then — all the speeches "with an armored car" they said!
          But, allegedly he himself didn’t notice the “ardent throat-leader” against the “general background,” and then, when Lenin was “talked about among the masses of the people”, he asked his comrades in the regiment which one he was speaking from ...
          And so, after all suffered, during the years of the Civil War and collectivization, deprivation and misfortune, cruel "roskurkulennya" and links to the North (when they, not only my relatives, all our fellow countrymen, when loading in a freight wagon, in winter ! Local "activists" took away almost all the products and warm outerwear !!! Of those who arrived in that train to the North and were unloaded from the train in the middle of the snow, not at the station or stop, .... by spring all the numerous small children died, only adults survived, and then not all, but in the end they returned I’m only a few people alive from that harsh exile!) - already in 60 years, my great-grandfather used to say in his hearts that if he knew at that time at the Finnish train station that “from that little, shaggy, burry little bude stilki sorrowful bids to all of us, then in the mane there’s a bastard in the hands of the bull and I’ve kindly fired, then I would have kissed Todi (then I would have shot him, if in Russian)! ", which shocked us, my great-grandchildren," grandfather Lenin was "supposed to" love ", even the rhyme was familiar to us all from the Soviet manger-" I am a little girl, I don’t go to school, I don’t go to Lenin case, but I love him! "
          And with “speeches (as well as with artistic performances in amateur performances)” I was fine from school since I would say it without false modesty, already summing up, I’ll take it, life’s results! yes
          Since birth, a leader, the most red and loud in our hospital, and after all, the oldest child in a large family.
          I can "with preparation (I can write my own speech on any subject, my horizons and a good Soviet education)" or "offhand," on the move, make a "speech" on the current situation and the world situation! The Soviet government gave such opportunities, and work in leadership team positions made them "not relax" in any situation, because under the supervision of me, then a very young mechanical engineer, there were guys with a difficult fate ("recidivists" between prisoners and war veterans, right away “from the war”, with all the accompanying “show offs” and “showers”, with all their “concepts” and “cockroaches in the head”, and with “stabbing and cutting in your pocket” request ), “with a penchant for murderous crime and unbridled violence”, such bullies came across that when they were drunk or “cheating”, it seemed that they could not cope with such a “scumbag”, especially if there were several of them, as usual - "herd instinct" prevailed! smile
          So, the “training” was good, how to instantly assess the current situation and, quietly, “divide and rule”, if possible without physical assault and hand-to-hand fighting (if, of course, you could manage, because there are no alternative situations), only In a word, “to penetrate to the marrow of bones and the depths of the Soul” or “to breed demagoguery” - “to go around the brain” to pacify provocateurs and candidates for informal leadership, as well as “motivate the team, its members” and “guide the true” doubters and "breakaways" in Syaky, so that the Case will be done by the whole team, to be hauled, with all its "terrible power"! wink
          1. Vladimir T Offline Vladimir T
            Vladimir T (Vladimir T) 10 June 2019 17: 34
            Well, there was no point in shooting Lenin then. He did not make the revolution. And for the better, would it have worked. History must be accepted without "if only". Although the idea was interesting.
            1. beeper Offline beeper
              beeper 10 June 2019 17: 38
              But there was a chance to change the course of history (it was only later that our leaders came up with the idea of ​​“dismantling the bolts” in the rifles and carbines of the soldiers of the guard of honor), then Lenin was very lucky — my family always shot accurately, and not just men! winked