The meeting between the President of Estonia and Putin called the undermining of unity of the Baltic states

Estonia must exercise caution in contacts with Russia and coordinate with other Baltic republics. This statement was made by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius, commenting on the meeting of Kersti Kaljulaid with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The head of the Lithuanian foreign ministry reproached the Estonian president for not coordinating her actions with Lithuania and Latvia, thereby undermining the Baltic “trinity”. The Minister believes that the Baltic countries should act in concert and suppress all possible attempts to split the Baltic or European unity.

Linkevicius complained that Vilnius had not received detailed information from Estonia about plans to visit Moscow. At the same time, he hopes that Mrs. Kaljulaid will send a report on her trip to Lithuania.

Commenting on his meeting with the Estonian president, Vladimir Putin drew attention to the abnormality of the fact that there are no meaningful contacts between the two neighboring states. As for violations of the rights of the Russian and Russian-speaking population in this Baltic country, the President of the Russian Federation noted Estonia’s readiness to take steps to rectify this situation.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 20 2019 11: 59
    Putin’s sensible move - it’s necessary to add turmoil to the skulls of the inveterate Russophobes of the tribal Baltic countries-limitrophs! wassat
  2. Vladai Offline Vladai
    Vladai (Vlad) April 20 2019 12: 02
    Putin (I don’t want to give him advice) didn’t have to meet this ugly leader of the enemy tribe of lazy and stinky drunks.
    1. Nobodylumbe36 Offline Nobodylumbe36
      Nobodylumbe36 (Umberto Nobile) April 20 2019 17: 21
      Not quite a reasonable approach, let alone advice. On the contrary, it is necessary as often as possible and more efficiently undermine their unity from within. At least try to strive for this.
  3. Port Offline Port
    Port April 20 2019 12: 07
    Noble demolition of the triebalt. Proctologists added more work.