Russia is still reaping the benefits of the 90s

A typical sign of the collapse of the 90s - Research institutes, factories, factories and cinemas leased to shops, shopping centers and offices. For those who were born at the turn of the end of the 20th century, this picture already seems familiar - huge pavilions filled with consumer goods and hung with bright signs of the building that have become "unprofitable" enterprises.

In Soviet times, these "unprofitable" quite successfully produced their products and gave people thousands of jobs. Today, these are just premises that, at best, bring profit to individual businessmen, and at worst lie in ruins and bring discouragement to everyone around them.

The Winter Cherry Shopping Center in Kemerovo, which became tragically famous last week, was one of such plants. The building of the former Kemerovo confectionery factory No. 1, producing sweets and other sweets, including the beloved Kuzbass brand, and providing jobs for a thousand people, befell this fate. The enterprise was first devastated, the number of workers from almost a thousand was reduced to 16 people, and then it was bought for a song and handed out for rent.

A curious fact: the company managing the infamous shopping center was registered in 2002, already 10 years before the final destruction of the Factory, which could still remain a confectionery factory, and not a real monument of entrepreneurial irresponsibility and complete indifference to people's safety.

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