The breakthrough of Lorencia Beria: the USSR could fly into space 10 years earlier

On Cosmonautics Day, annually celebrated on April 12, as usual, many are mentioned with a kind word - the forerunner, the first space flight theorist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and the “founding fathers” of the Soviet space industry - Sergey Korolev, Mstislav Keldysh, Mikhail Tikhonravov. Of course, the pioneers who have glorified the USSR for the whole world with their desperate breakthrough beyond gravity - Yuri Gagarin, Alexei Leonov, German Titov, the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, will not be forgotten. They also remember the martyrs who laid their lives on the altar of the dream of mankind about distant stars - Vladislav Volkov, George Dobrovolsky, Victor Patsaev, Vladimir Komarov ... Only one name, almost certainly, will not be named - Lavrentiya Beria. But without the titanic, hard labor of this man, it is quite possible that no Soviet cosmonautics would have existed at all. Why? Now we will tell you.

First of all, many readers, of those to whom the "perestroika" propaganda firmly planted the image of Beria - "the blood executioner and tyrant" in their heads, will be surprised and even outraged: "And the head of the NKVD to fly into space ?!" The trouble is that the efforts of bourgeois painters and “historians” from the liberal camp, who at one time used up tons of paper in order to reduce the whole life path of Lavrenty Pavlovich to the “basements of the Lubyanka” and do not abandon their efforts today, alas, do not disappeared in vain. The truth, however, lies precisely in the fact that the leadership of “punitive organs” was not in the main episode in the life of Beria and in his service to our Motherland. He received the Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor in 1943, of course, not for the fight against the "enemies of the people" and not even for quite real achievements in curbing the activities of both German spy-sabotage agents and traitors recruited in many of our enemies. The highest state award was awarded to his work as an organizer of the defense industry, speaking in modern terms - a crisis manager, who had no equal even in the most powerful Stalinist team.

At the same time, you need to know that this section of work (while maintaining the post of People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs!) Was assigned to Beria before the start of World War II - in March 1941, when he was appointed to the post of deputy chairman of the Council of People's Commissars. His supervision included ministries of non-ferrous metallurgy, oil, coal, and forestry — in short, all the most important branches of the “defense industry” and the national economy in general. Beria has been a member of the State Defense Committee since its inception. His activities and “career” in this body, on which, in fact, lay the entire responsibility for the leadership of a belligerent country, are impressive. One gets the feeling that, little by little, Lavrenty Pavlovich had to harness himself to all, without exception, the most important tasks that other GKO members were unable to carry out. Judge for yourself - in February 1942, he was entrusted with the organization of the production of combat aircraft and, in general, full control of all decisions of T-bills in the field of the Air Force - up to the formation of their units and sending them to the front. And also - the organization of the production of engines for the military equipment, mortars and other weapons. Nice to-do list ?! Another would have been enough with his head ...

But in the spring of that year it became clear that the “old Bolshevik” Molotov could not cope completely with the normal organization of work entrusted to his care of the tank industry. Beria becomes the curator of tank building - in addition to everything else. And it all starts to work out! At the end of the same 1942, Lavrenty Pavlovich became a member of the GKO Operational Bureau and the People's Commissariats of Railways and the coal industry "hanged" him! At the same time - we remind! - there is a war, Germans reconnaissance groups climb and climb into the country and, by the way, our “allies”, agents of the SD and Abwehr recruited and thrown into our rear from hundreds of prisoners of war who have broken down in the camps, attempts of sabotage at the most important military and industrial facilities follow one after another and even the killing of Stalin himself. All this is the headache of the NKVD, that is, again, Beria! We add to this the organization of the partisan movement, reconnaissance and sabotage in the rear and on the communications of the rapidly advancing enemy, the fight against desertion and sabotage ... Feasible for one person, be he even three-core and seven spans in the forehead? It is incomprehensible to the mind how Beria coped with all this, how he did not break and did not move his mind from excessive loads and sleepless nights, constant stress, which lasted for years ...

But he did not break! In May 1944, Beria became the head of the Operations Bureau, receiving the status of Deputy Chairman of the GKO. Now on it are already ALL People's Commissariats of the military industry and related industries. In essence, the national economy of the Soviet Union in full. And something else ... Here we’ll talk about this “something” in more detail.

The space launch of the Soviet Union dates back to the creation in 1945 of a “office” headed by Lavrenty Beria with a name that says little to uninitiated people: the Special Committee under the USSR State Defense Committee. Subsequently, she underwent two renames, becoming the Special Committee first under the Council of People's Commissars, and then under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Let us make a reservation right away - despite this very “with” and, seemingly, subordination to the Soviet government, an extremely narrow circle of people had an idea about the true activities of the Special Committee. It is not surprising - after all, there the issues were solved not just the scientific and technological development of the country, primarily in the military sphere, but a battle was fought for its survival. It was no coincidence that the Ad Hoc Committee was created exactly two weeks after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - both Stalin and Beria understood perfectly well: having won the war against Nazi Germany, the USSR enters into a new race, a loss in which would mean its destruction.

The nuclear program, which, from the very first days, was supervised, again, by Lavrenty Pavlovich, is a topic for a separate thorough discussion. We are now more interested in the work of the Second Directorate of the Special Committee - the very one where the best specialists of the country in the field of rocket science were concentrated. Yes, we were not talking about space flights at that time — let’s say, the USSR faced completely different life problems, which were mentioned above. However, the fact remains that it was the R-7 ballistic missile created by the efforts of the Second Directorate’s specialists in 1957 that launched the first artificial satellite in the history of mankind. She was also capable of delivering a “gift” to Washington or New York just as easily, from which the United States had no protection. Yes, and brought to the stars of Yuri Gagarin "East", belonged to the "family" of the same R-7. There is a story that, supposedly, Stalin was laid on the table back in 1946 with a memorandum by Mikhail Tikhonravov, which substantiated the possibility of creating a rocket capable of "throwing" a crew of two people up to 100 kilometers high, and even with equipment. Khrunichev, the then Minister of Aviation Industry, carried out an examination of the project and came to the conclusion that it was fully implemented in two years. However, Stalin did not support the initiative ...

Based on this story (it is not known whether it actually happened), some accuse the Leader of having “delayed the beginning of the USSR's space era”! Excuse me, what about the fact that a year earlier the United States Chief of Staff Committee approved new directives that explicitly set the Soviet Union as the target for military aggression? That in the same year the Pentagon compiled a list of 20 Soviet cities that two hundred atomic bombs should have fallen on, and the usual ones - without counting ?! Joseph Vissarionovich needed to prepare the country for a new war at a "fire" pace, which would inevitably become much worse than the previous one - or take measures to prevent it. Was he up to space at that moment? The creation of first Soviet nuclear and then thermonuclear weapons, and subsequently ballistic missiles as their delivery vehicles, prevented the destruction of human civilization and gave our Motherland decades of a peaceful and quiet life. But we still flew into space ...

I foresee that some, having seen in the text a mention of the special scientific institutions of a closed type supervised by Lavrenty Beria, have already taken in a little more air in order to indignantly cry out: “Shara-a-a-ash!” Yes, there were "sharashki". However, this is another example of “black” anti-Beria myths, the disclosure of which is worth paying more attention to. First of all, the first "closed" or "special" design bureaus were created in 1929-1930 - that is, when Beria was not standing next to the NKVD, as they say. But it was precisely Lavrenty Pavlovich who in 1939 laid the foundation for the process of mass transfer of scientists who were imprisoned from sawmill and other “construction projects of the national economy” to use “for their intended purpose” —that is, for research and testing. He solved this question directly with Stalin and managed to achieve his goal. There is no doubt - under considerable personal responsibility.

Delusional allegations that the leadership of the USSR “specially planted the best scientists in order to subsequently exploit their creative work for free” - this, excuse me, is material for a psychiatrist. Stalin scribbled denunciations, according to which most of the future members of the "sharashka" were on the bunk? Or Beria ?! Today, the names of the authors of libel are known for certain, thanks to which the same Sergey Korolev, his colleagues, colleagues in science, was arrested. And so it was everywhere. Alas, it must be admitted that the tribe of the "Soviet intelligentsia" fought for a "place in the sun" often by the most unseemly, dirty and mean methods. It was considered completely normal to “sit down” an objectionable boss or colleague. A better way to do this than the “signal” to the “organs” did not exist in principle. That "creative person" and made ... denunciations. With a high degree of reliability - all the same, it’s not the janitors who wrote, but people with higher education, scientific degrees!

No less absurd is Beria’s accusation that he persuaded Stalin to "hang on to all scientists for 10, 15, or even 20 years, so that they would work for free for life for free." Anyone who continues to do this today does not have the slightest idea about the then realities of the USSR - neither in the legal sphere, nor in the sphere of remuneration, or even in the field of purely everyday, everyday moments. First of all, what was Lavrenty Pavlovich supposed to do? To declare all scientists “innocent” - without new courts, without additional investigation, without review of cases? In the Soviet Union, this was not done. Among other things, can you imagine what kind of “public resonance” would be caused by this feint, speaking in modern categories? Only Khrushchev was engaged in such idiocy, which ultimately completely undermined people's faith in the Soviet state. Under Stalin, it was impossible to think of anything like that. So what was Beria to do - to launch a rehabilitation mechanism, during which scientists would again be dragged through interrogations and courts to create the weapons and equipment for the future war? So why, in that case, even fence the garden ?! Instead of all this, the People's Commissar received from Stalin the right to prematurely release worthy employees and reduce his prison terms based on work results. Subsequently, this right was applied, practically, to all the participants of “sharashka”, who proved their worth and benefit.

Now for the "work for free." There is plenty of evidence of “suffering” scientists that their living conditions were incomparably better than life “behind the fence” - in the hungry and cold war and post-war years. Ordinary employees of the "open" institutes and design bureaus fried chicken (which some in the "sharashka" disdained - a historical fact!) They ate what was given to by no means luxurious rations on cards. They lived in "sharashka" in four-bed rooms of a hotel type - without bunks and a bucket. Lattices on the windows? Do you really think that, given what was developed in these same design bureaus and research institutes, they would not have existed under a different, “free” status of employees ?! Yeah, well ... Look, the Americans, apparently, didn’t have it - so almost all of their developments on the same nuclear project “suddenly” appeared on the table at the same Beria.

Immediately after the Khrushchev coup and the assassination of Lavrenty Beria, the Special Committee was disbanded, all its employees, achievements and resources were transferred to the USSR Ministry of Medium Engineering. According to many historians, this is exactly what delayed our space launch, which, otherwise, could have taken place ten years earlier. However, the potential, laid down by the most powerful managerial genius of Lavrenty Pavlovich, turned out to be so powerful that it was enough to lay the foundations of the Soviet rocket and space industry and to successfully develop it. He was not happy about the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, he did not see the USSR pilot-cosmonauts on their flights ... And, nevertheless, on Cosmonautics Day the name of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, the creator of the most powerful stage of the scientific and technological progress of our Motherland, its victorious jerk into space must be mentioned necessarily - with respect and gratitude.
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  1. vik669 Offline vik669
    vik669 (vik669) April 14 2019 11: 10
    Yes, “sharashka” were - BUT what sharashka now have no equivalent in the world!
    1. Luda Offline Luda
      Luda (Luda) April 14 2019 12: 13
      A good detailed article on a topic that has not been discussed for a long time.
      I remember that during my childhood there was a whisper of adults about this. It was impossible to talk about Stalin and Beria in everyday life. If they debunked at the congress, then there was some silence in everyday life, as if there were none at all.
  2. wax Offline wax
    wax (Valery Zyukov) April 14 2019 13: 45
    Zhukov was mistaken - he was not arrested. He led himself on a speech and paid. And the debacle of the Stalin personality cult was applauded by the ardent enemy of Churchill.
  3. Andrey Grankin Offline Andrey Grankin
    Andrey Grankin (Andrey Grankin) April 14 2019 15: 09
    Lavrenty Pavlovich really was a talented organizer and leader of almost any business that was entrusted to him by the party and the government. I read the memoirs of Soviet physicists about Beria as the head of the atomic project of the USSR, to which one could go with any question (either in terms of personnel, or in technology, or in terms of raw materials) and all issues were instantly resolved! The legend of Soviet intelligence Pavel Sudoplatov in his books with great respect mentions Lavrenty Pavlovich as a high-class professional in the field of organizing intelligence, counterintelligence and sabotage services. It is not surprising that when Khrushchev and others like him came to power practically incapable of anything, the first thing to do was to eliminate the capable, sensible and capable of something. Because, of course, they perfectly understood that if this "capable and intelligent" comes to power, he will eliminate them all. Just as unnecessary. And he will do the right thing!
  4. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 07: 04
    But without the titanic, hard labor of this man, it is quite possible that no Soviet cosmonautics would have existed at all.

    In this sentence, the keywords are "quite possibly". And they were written by the author clearly for the "catch phrase". If the creation of astronautics in the USSR was an objective process, then no presence (absence) of Beria (Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov) could speed up, slow down or stop this process at all.
    And discussing historical topics in the subjunctive mood by serious people is not accepted.
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 07: 17
      Further. I knew before that Beria did a lot to create nuclear weapons in the USSR. But it is not worth exaggerating his merits by describing "hard labor". I express my subjective point of view.
      Beria for some time worked as the main executioner. Like it or dislike it, but it worked. And spilled human blood has one property - it is NEVER RINSED. Nothing at all. Therefore, all of his merits seem to balance his crimes. And those and others are quite simple to list and stop on this, refraining from his censure or praise.
      1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 07: 55
        And the last one. Here I recalled another character with an ambiguous reputation from the recent history of Russia - Admiral Kolchak. Member of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, an oceanographer, a world-famous polar explorer. Recently, films about him were shot, and a memorial plaque was hanged. The latter had to be removed.
        For the simple reason that the supreme ruler of Russia committed many atrocities in his time. He was the executioner, among other things, and he shed too much blood. This is NOT FORGOTTEN, NOT FORGIVEN, despite any merits. And therefore, not a single court has REHABILITATED him. Neither "small" nor "supreme", although there have been quite a few trials in the Kolchak case lately.
        1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
          sgrabik (Sergei) April 15 2019 09: 03
          Then there was such a time. To preserve the state, it was necessary to take harsh and even extreme measures. This is not for you today’s games of liberals in democracy and tolerance.
          1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 12: 17
            No, well, this is really the easiest thing: the little executioners say that they carried out the orders of the big executioners, and the latter insist that they did not personally shoot anyone in the back of the head, and all together nod at "such a time."
            The state was preserved, but not for long, some 40 years passed, and it was covered with a copper basin, and no one needed these victims.
            1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
              sgrabik (Sergei) April 15 2019 13: 50
              Khrushchev — that’s who laid the time bomb in the USSR state mechanism. Under him, the beginning of stagnation and stagnation was laid, with his tyranny and the implementation of his absolutely inadequate and absurd decisions, we began to lag behind the West both in the military and in the economic fields.
              1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 17: 43
                About Khrushchev is another opera. Here about Beria.
                And if we are talking about the death of the USSR, then it was also natural. And everyone who was nodding now at Khrushchev (Yeltsin, Gorbachev, etc.), in August 1991, sat at their mink apartments and thought that everything that was happening didn’t concern them at all, and the main thing in this life was to have time to get coupons for salt and sugar, with which they were finally supplied by the same USSR.
          2. Luda Offline Luda
            Luda (Luda) April 15 2019 16: 34
            Quote: sgrabik
            Then there was such a time. To preserve the state, it was necessary to take harsh and even extreme measures. This is not for you today’s games of liberals in democracy and tolerance.

            Your direction is correct, in my opinion. That's just about the games of the liberals, I do not agree. These are games for them, who will drive around whom on a crooked shaft, who will squeeze what from whom, like chess. And these games are very expensive for the common people. That in the 90s "shock therapy," layoffs, non-payment of wages. What now: pension reform, new taxes - all this is to reduce life expectancy. The same repression.
            How many kindergartens were closed in the 90s near my house. There weren't so many children. Isn't this repression? Only the view is different - "they do not want to give birth", "in the West the same problems." Noodles for the ears.
            1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
              sgrabik (Sergei) April 15 2019 17: 28
              Lyudmila, the whole point is that these are only games that have nothing to do with reality, with real problems and the needs of the vast majority of the country's population. We all are well aware of all these liberals in the government who, in essence, sabotage the line of the President of the Russian Federation and their activities have long ceased to correspond to their posts. One Chubais is worth it.
              1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 17: 48
                Yes, the king is good, the boyars are bad :)))
                And who appointed the prime minister? Whom did the prime minister appoint as his deputy prime ministers?
                Ah, yes, these Martian aliens flew from the Moon Dog Constellation: ((
  5. Neurocrop Offline Neurocrop
    Neurocrop (Alexander) April 15 2019 13: 21
    Well, here - there was someone who again pulled on the song about the "executioner". Obviously, dozens of publications and books refuting this Khrushchev nonsense passed by. In truth, I was not going to touch on this topic - it seems like everything was found out a long time ago. But no - I see it will have to. Okay. Let's explain ...
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 17: 52
      I do not know to whom and what you are able to explain there, if the meaning of what you read has not "caught up".
      Briefly - Beria had merits, there were crimes. Neither one nor the other should be exaggerated, it must be considered carefully and objectively. Point.
    2. Vladai Offline Vladai
      Vladai (Vlad) April 16 2019 07: 00
      It is useless to argue with such simple two-legs. These are the descendants of the unfinished and finished off real enemies of Russia and / or Bandera. The former are mainly representatives of the most “long-suffering” nation. It is useless to them to prove something. At the genetic level, they hate Russia, Russians, and they consider Stalin a fiend of hell. Because their ancestors, ghouls and annihilators of the Russian people, just timely let under the knife. The descendants, on the other hand, became liberals, gays, and protest writers on all sites, they are all disgusted - the achievements of the USSR and Russia, and our failures / miscalculations are considered achievements. Basically, these descendants are chela who did not find themselves, loafers and parasites. Thank you for the article.
      1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 16 2019 07: 48
        Markiv Vladimir Iosifovich, blogger :)), takes only 4067 place in Siberia in popularity, as many as 113 subscribers read his nonsense :).
        Joseph, and when did you shut up with such a Russian?
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Fulgur Offline Fulgur
    Fulgur (Fulgur) April 15 2019 15: 13
    Quote: trampoline instructor
    Further. I knew before that Beria did a lot to create nuclear weapons in the USSR. But it is not worth exaggerating his merits by describing "hard labor". I express my subjective point of view.
    Beria for some time worked as the main executioner. Like it or dislike it, but it worked. And spilled human blood has one property - it is NEVER RINSED. Nothing at all. Therefore, all of his merits seem to balance his crimes. And those and others are quite simple to list and stop on this, refraining from his censure or praise.

    Well, why, even as it is washed off - at least with other blood! =)) For such is the essence of power itself from the beginning of the formation of human civilization. Do not forgive what you can not forgive looks ridiculous. You need to forgive wives, children, friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors. And people like L.P. Beria will be forgiven by history itself!
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 18: 13
      )) Goneva is the purest sample.
      1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
        Oleg RB (Oleg) April 15 2019 19: 08
        There are many Stalinists, do not be surprised. 25 years of whitewashing killers were not in vain
        1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 19: 26
          1. It’s hard for me to say about my political creed. I am far from a liberal democrat, even further from a Stalinist. I try to objectively look, take into account various facts, consider in the context of a specific historical period and a specific country.
          2. By the number of tons of "Stalinists" I put the portal "World Outlook" in first place. There this waste is practically unbearable - sheer obscurantism. Some kind of left-wing reprints from unknown portals publishing someone's illiterate marasmic comment blogs. In second place in terms of the number of "patriots" and "Stalinists" is the Voennoye Obozreniye portal. There are normal, balanced opinions, but very few. General literacy is clearly better.
          3. Both portals mentioned are played with some sort of ratings-epaulettes of the "couch troops", chevrons for many years of sitting in this insanity :))
  7. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) April 15 2019 15: 57
    You better read Chertok. How did they collect Unions in manual mode and still they fell and exploded. As soon as they could, then they flew and then Gagarin didn’t die three times during the flight ...
  8. Vladai Offline Vladai
    Vladai (Vlad) April 15 2019 20: 27
    Beria became the head of the NKVD in 1938. He abolished the death penalty and replaced it with 25 years. The executions of 1938, of the same Tukhachevsky - the result of the investigation since 1937. So what about Beria the executioner - a repetition of the words of Khrushchev, which began the collapse of the USSR. An illiterate marginal, or stupid Khrushchev-liberal propaganda stupid, or near-minded, may not know this.
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 15 2019 21: 17
      Wash your head inside first.
  9. Vladai Offline Vladai
    Vladai (Vlad) April 17 2019 08: 36
    Do you want to destroy fascism and aggression? Destroy homosexuality

    - the words of one Western politician of the 20s of the last century.
    Homosexuals hate traditional values, healthy conservatism, hate order and progress. These sick people are extremely euphoric towards tolerance, political correctness, tolerance (in the literal sense)))) and freedoms - all this is the guarantee of their unhindered lustful and perverted life. Any hint of order causes these poor people hatred and animal malice. Therefore, from any mention of Stalin and Beria, they begin to shake as epileptics, they begin to sweat and release vomit from fear and hatred. They crawl around sites, propagate their preferences by indirect signs, skillfully disguising themselves as respectable and normal people. And to dig a little deeper - in any anti-Stalinist you will surely find a convinced bugger and a pervert.
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 17 2019 22: 08
      You read carefully what "smart" people say about you.

    2. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 18 2019 08: 35
      I believe ... that our people have one extra chromosome, ”the minister said in an interview.

      Yosifich, Minister Medinsky said exactly about you. Only an extra chromosomal Markiv can pass off his cheap, stupid chatter as the words of an anonymous "Western politician of the 20s."
      In those days, no one "crawled" on the sites far away, and nobody knew about Beria :))
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. liquid ator Offline liquid ator
    liquid ator (liquid ator) April 19 2019 04: 14
    Wow, how our country lacks just such an "executioner", the majority would support this choice, only such a person who is not afraid to get dirty, could once again cleanse our country from the born generation of thieves, embezzlers, traitors, liberals of all stripes and other evil spirits with a short memory, perverting and spitting on our common history and its deserved heroes, Russophobes, parasitizing on honest people.
    Unfortunately, like thousands of others, I once bought into the so-called glasnost and only persistently studying history understood huh hu, and millions of others continue to live with a nauseating perception of our common history.
  12. Vladai Offline Vladai
    Vladai (Vlad) April 19 2019 10: 33
    Previously, under Great Stalin, pederasts-liberal fascists were imprisoned. Now the anti-Stalinist buggers, having learned what the Internet is, are registered under pederast nicknames and pollute the space with their filthy gut. ))))))))
  13. Serega9172 Offline Serega9172
    Serega9172 (Serega9172) April 19 2019 15: 15
    "Each mistake has a last name, first name, patronymic." Comrade Beria
  14. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 14 June 2019 06: 36
    The title frankly is fabulous. In 1951, they began to work on the creation of strategic missiles. Now in the movies they like to show about sharashka. Just something that is not believed. Who will spread rot on people on whom much depends. Now, in general, representatives of culture decided to rehabilitate different trash. These are speculators, and currency traders, and bribe takers. They allegedly suffered no fault. Others demand the return to our history of such personalities as Krasnov and Ataman Shkuro. With whom Hitler would have been alive, they would have been awarded orders for the salvation of Nazi Germany. We were all beautiful in childhood. The only question is who became what.
  15. damage Offline damage
    damage (Kirill Lemurov) 20 June 2019 16: 54
    Something doesn't match your dates:

    Immediately after the Khrushchev coup and the assassination of Lavrenty Beria, the Special Committee was disbanded, all its employees, best practices and resources were transferred to the USSR Ministry of Medium Engineering. According to many historians, this is exactly what delayed our space launch, which, otherwise, could have taken place ten years earlier.

    - then the flight, in your opinion, was to take place in 1951, and your administrative "genius" was still alive and the Special Committee was not disbanded.
    And it’s interesting, and what did we have of rocket technology in 1951? If only on the captured V-2 or its full copy of R-1, but only how and where, and should the suicide astronaut be no larger than a 5-year-old child?