HIV dissident who refused to treat herself and her child passed away

In one of the hospitals in Irkutsk, a woman died who suffered from HIV infection and at the same time refused medical care. Moreover, she prevented the treatment of her sick daughter.

As reported by the agency Interfax referring to the press service of the Irkutsk Regional AIDS Center, the woman was influenced by "HIV dissidents." These are people who believe that there is no immunodeficiency virus and AIDS caused by it in nature.

In 2015, the patient was pregnant with a second child. However, she refused antiretroviral therapy. After childbirth, the patient escaped from the hospital with a newborn girl.

AIDS center staff have been trying for a long time to persuade an HIV-dissident to change her mind. They called her behavior child abuse, as well as the failure to fulfill the duties of a parent. Doctors filed a lawsuit against her, which decided to forcibly examine the girl, who by that time was one year old, and subject her to treatment.

The mother of the child received the first batch of medicines, but then disappeared. The police officers, along with the bailiffs, tried to find her. This was possible only after the summer of last year, the woman’s health condition deteriorated sharply. Due to dry cough and shortness of breath, she was hospitalized.

At this time, the guardianship authorities seized her two children - a sick daughter and her brother. A seven-year-old boy was healthy, and the disappointing diagnosis of the girl was confirmed.

The mother herself refused treatment, while her health condition only worsened. A week before her death, the woman fell into a coma. Currently, children are brought up by relatives of the deceased.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port April 12 2019 19: 53
    It turns out that dissidents are not only clinical psychos, they are also AIDS carriers ...