Poroshenko's team published a video where Zelensky hits a dump truck

When the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko agreed at the showman Vladimir Zelensky’s proposal to hold a debate at the stadium, many thought that the entrenched electoral traditions of the “Square” had come to an end. After all, how was it? Candidates selflessly eliminated competitors, themselves staged assassination attempts on themselves and people watched all this. So some were worried about Zelensky that he would not live to see the vote in the second round of elections for the country's main “stool”.

Now everything is back to square one. In the evening, April 10, 2019, Poroshenko’s inventive and creative team published a short video in which Zelensky was hit by a dump truck. At the very end, the inscription “Everyone has their own road” appears, on the background of which the use of some white powder is imitated through a banknote rolled into a tube. This video began to spread rapidly on social networks. Moreover, the video itself is mounted on the basis of one of Zelensky’s election videos.

It should be noted that this "promising" and "promising" video was published on the Telegram channel "Europe Maybutn Ukraine" ("The European Future of Ukraine"), which is directly linked to the Poroshenko election headquarters. And the "guarantor" himself advertised a link to the euua.org website on his Facebook page, upon registration on which users receive a special SMS. It contains a link to the mentioned Telegram channel. This is how the registration process takes place.

The National Police of Ukraine has already become interested in this video. On its Facebook page, the agency disseminated information that, on the fact of the incident, the Main Investigation Department has already opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 346 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“threat or violence against a state or public figure”). Currently, all circumstances of the appearance of this video are being clarified and measures are being taken to stop its distribution on the network. In addition, Zelensky’s security will be strengthened.
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  1. sergeu2 Offline sergeu2
    sergeu2 (sergeu) April 11 2019 18: 44
    Jews decide the fate of Ukrainians. Ukraine decided to be friends with the Americans, and Ukrainians got an American mother.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 11 2019 19: 14
    The shown "video of Poroshenko's election headquarters" is an obvious, direct reference to the "pre-election 1999" for everyone in Ukraine, when with the help of "Kamaz" - "long length" the most competitive (more dear to American curators of "Nezalezhnosti" and with a high degree of probability, the presidential candidate Vyacheslav Chornovol "took away" the possibility of a "second cadence" from the current ukroprez!
    This, clumsily worked out (and, considering where it came from, is very serious!), An open threat to the life of candidate Vladimir Zelensky! IMHO.
    Hang on, comedian, and beat these fagots! And even if the friends-Banderlogians, nevertheless, "ukontrapupyat", then in time the people will forget your "scum", addressed to our Donbass compatriots and charity in favor of the ATO, and they will even regret a little as an unfortunate loser, remembering a soooo young murdered the hypocrite ... the actor!
    Something like this should have been expected from these small-town "kleptomaniacs" with the usual post-Soviet nouveau riches, the skills of market extortionists! wink