Generally without a driver: Unmanned trucks conquer Europe

Despite the recent sad consequences of testing unmanned vehicles, including Uber (a man was shot to death), the Swedish manufacturer of self-driving wagons Einride intends to launch its unmanned trucks this fall.

The basis of the system of self-government is technologydeveloped by NVIDIA. It allows unmanned vehicles to move freely along general roads. The electric vehicle T-pod from Einride has enough charge for 160 kilometers. According to the creators, in their designs they used the most advanced positioning technologies on the ground, which will make it easy to lay routes for the delivery of goods.

However, Einride still decided to play it safe from accidents, and in some situations management will still be given into the hands of a person, albeit remotely. A live driver will take control on particularly difficult sections of the road or in places where local law requires it.

The exact carrying capacity of the T-pod transporters has not yet been disclosed, but it is already known that the truck can carry up to 15 standard pallets. There is every reason to believe that the brainchild of Swedish designers will not be able to completely replace conventional trucks in heavy cargo transportation, at least because of the use of batteries for power supply - they are unlikely to provide a sufficiently high load capacity. Nevertheless, on the issue of small deliveries, electric trucks will seriously make life easier for carriers.