Putin's departure: how to prevent the collapse of Russia's foreign policy

Epigraph: “Russia is ruled directly by the Lord God. Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists! ” (Field Marshal Burchard-Christophe Minich).

Putin, alas, is not eternal. And the factor of 2024 has not been canceled. Not for nothing that all our "sworn friends" in the West are counting days and hours before the expiration of his presidential term. Five years will fly by quickly, you will not have time to look back, how this hour will strike. And so you need to think about it now. And Putin has long been thinking about this for a long time.

We must be aware of what Putin really did for the country during his 18 years in power. Even I, a person who is deeply non-religious, begin to think about the words of Field Marshal Burchard Minich, made as an epigraph at the beginning of this text:

Russia is ruled directly by the Lord God. Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists!

Will you argue with Field Marshal, one of the founding fathers of the Russian Empire, or take a word? Believe me, the count knew what he was talking about!

Not being the son of Russia, he was one of her fathers.

- This is Catherine II of Minich.

By the way, Crimea went to Russia precisely through his efforts. No associations in this regard arise? (this is the question of the last 2014 of the territorial acquisitions of the Russian Federation). Looking for the fabulous revival of Russia under Putin, a revival truly from the ashes, into which the clique of the young reformers Yeltsin and the grave digger of socialism Gorbachev preceded it, you begin to believe that God still exists and holds his protective hand over Russia. And it was he who sent Putin to her, as a savior from inevitable collapse and plunder.

No matter how pathetic it may sound, at the turn of the century Russia actually stood with one foot already in the grave. After the two Chechen wars, the vultures had just not circled over it. Yes, actually they circled, normal such vultures with NATO stars and only waited for the hour when she herself began to fall apart, to pull it away in its corners, following the example of a part of Yugoslavia torn by them. And then a truly miracle happened. At the head of Russia, a hitherto unknown person appeared who was not of grenadier growth at all without a loud voice and general's stripes. And even the West believed that trouble should definitely not be expected from him. Moreover, he, in the person of the then President of America, Bush Jr., even took touching patronage over him. And indeed then, truly friendly relations were established between him and Putin, in 2001 Bush rolled GDP at his ranch in Crawford driving his own pickup truck, and Putin in 2005 gave him the chance to steer his 21 rare Volga GAZ-1956 in his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. Putin only entered the role of the president of a great country and really looked up at his counterpart, comprehending the basics and wisdom of the profession. And he was next to Bush no one, and his name was nothing. And everything seemed to be going well, according to Washington’s plan, what could happen in 2007 in Munich, in the West, they are still racking their brains. How Putin managed to dull and lull the vigilance of the collective West, this is a riddle from the riddles, which lies, probably, in the gebist past of GDP. Where did the West look, I don’t know? But when in 2007 at the Munich Security Conference, it suddenly fell apart (I’m talking about the famous speech of the GDP), the West woke up from a lethargic dream, but it was too late. At this very moment, the world staggered and began to leave under their feet. Russia demanded satisfaction and a review of the rules of the game. Only the head of the Great Country could afford such impudence, and only feeling the right of the strong behind him. George W. Bush hastily handed things over to Obama and retired, so to the end and not believing the reality of what is happening. What did a heavily tanned gentleman, Comanche leader, during the 8 years of his reign, you remember, he “tore the economy Russia to shreds, ”with which he retired on an honorary retirement, leaving his heir to the possessed cowboy ashes instead of diplomatic relations between our countries. But the result turned out to be diametrically opposite to what was expected, now Putin was no longer seeking understanding from opponents, but they had been waiting in line at his reception room since night in the hope of an audience. The explanation for this miracle is simple - Syria and rusty Gauges flying from wooden rafts and air mattresses from the Caspian Sea one and a half thousand kilometers and smashing into the trash the strongholds of ISIS fighters in North Africa, thereby burying all the hopes of the Western coalition for a “bright future” of the ATS without Assad. And this is at the same time that all the experts of the NSA and the CIA claimed that Russia does not have any Caliber, just as there is no Caspian Sea, nor, in fact, should there be any army or navy. But it turned out that there is! How so ?! But this is the result of Putin’s work in those 18 years. Operation "Serdyukov-Taburetkin" as a classic cover operation. Truly believe in God's providence here!

As a result, the leader of the pale-faced Comanches, instead of the Russian economy, tore only a suit a little lower than the belt, after which he began writing memoirs under the general title: “I and the genius of Villainy Putin”. It is also impossible to say that Trump, who came to replace him, was easier. After last year's GDP Address to the Federal Assembly, the Obama caliber seemed like childish fun when they added Daggers, Sarmatians, Poseidons, Petrels, Vanguards and Relights. But even this restless Putin didn’t think enough, and in February of this year he presented the possessed cowboy with Zircon, after which the hegemon’s life finally faded and lost all meaning. And I’m not exaggerating at all and not joking, because after the words of the GDP “we, as victims of aggression, will go to heaven, and you will simply die”, everyone has no time for jokes. There was the last hope that it could not last so long and in 2024 this whole nightmare would finally end. Because Putin will no longer be worse, but with someone else you can still try to come to an agreement, in the hope that the bomb doesn’t fall into the same funnel twice. You won’t refuse logic in them, if you recall who replaced Stalin in 1953. To Stalin, who took the country with the plow, and surrendered 30 years later with an atomic bomb. Although Nikita Sergeyevich was not a gift for them either, with him Gagarin flew into space, and the Caribbean crisis happened, but the scale of his personality was not the same! Putin’s task is not to bring them such joy and carry out the transit of power in 2024 to reliable and proven hands. And believe me, work is underway in this direction. And you already know these people, it’s not yet time to stop at one of them (there’s a stricter selection than there will be in the cosmonaut squad), but when Putin makes a final decision for himself, you will see this person at the post that is currently occupied Bear Now in the lower echelon of power, those who made it to the short list are being tested, based on the results of their activities, a final decision will be made. I hope that the GDP when choosing the final candidate will take into account all the pitfalls of this profession, which it knows like no other.

In the meantime, he is trying to make irreversible all the changes during his reign and take on the whole burden of urgent reforms that cannot be shoved onto the shoulders of a successor without danger, so that they do not crush it. I am talking about pension reform and other similar innovations that are not popular among the people, but are essential for the long-term development of the country that Putin went to even to the detriment of his own image. GDP thinks nationally and globally, tries to calculate the risks for many moves ahead, but, nevertheless, lives by the principle: "If you want to do well, do it yourself!". So he does it now, thereby facilitating the start of work for his successor. The safety margin over the years has been created not bad, and now the GDP is trying only to use it wisely. Let’s not bother him in this. All homegrown critics of GDP in their ordinary lives cannot even move a cupboard in the kitchen without help, but they all climb into a big policies.

As you can see, even on the internal track, where everything depends on us, we are experiencing cyclopean difficulties; as for the external track, where Russia alone confronts the collective West, there has been a lot of rubbish there lately. To give advice is a hopeless cause, much less to give advice to the head of state, but, nevertheless, I still try to do it. We have to proceed from the fact that our “sworn friends” will not leave us alone and will continue to try to squeeze the “anaconda ring” around the Russian Federation, so there are not many options for opposing this. Or rather, just two. Either we will continue to meekly and weakly tolerate all this, or we will finally go on the offensive on all fronts, professing the Suvorov principle: “The best form of defense is an offensive!”

In order not to be unfounded, I will give only two quotes. The special representative of the US State Department for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, recently told the British television channel BBC that Russia has to pay for the support provided to the authorities of Venezuela.

We have a very good document with options for what can be done in relations between the USA and Russia. There are many things that we can do from an economic point of view, in terms of sanctions. There are many things on the list. Thus, the Russians will pay the price for it,

- Abrams told BBC News.

It was not I who highlighted the word “price”, writing it with a capital letter, this is BBC News focuses our attention on this, emphasizing that “none of the top officials in the administration doubts that we will force them [ie us - the RF] to pay for it. " The American weekly Newsweek writes about the same, indicating that the final decision on sanctions will be made by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo the other day. We are already waiting and trembling. Apparently, with our demarche in Venezuela, with the landing at Caracas airport, two of our military transport workers with 99 military specialists on board, headed by the 1st deputy commander of the Ground Forces chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces, Colonel General Vasily Tonkoshkurov, we stepped on the hegemon on your favorite corn. So we must act in the future. GDP seems to be in fact, and not in words, beginning to be guided by the Suvorov principle cited above. Moreover, the White House, with its threats of the inevitability of reckoning and the high price, defiantly burns all bridges for its possible retreat. The Trump administration will now have to prove in practice that their words are worth something. We are already waiting and shaking with fear. I quote Putin:

I sometimes think that it would be good for us if those who want to impose sanctions impose all the sanctions that can be introduced, and as quickly as possible. This would free our hands to protect our national interests by such means as we consider most effective for us.

Believe me, gentlemen, globalist hegemonists, you just won’t find it! Already include your sanctions. We look forward to them!

The second document, which I would like to bring to your attention, concerns Ukraine already. I quote TASS:

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) plans to take measures to ensure the safe passage of Ukrainian vessels through the Kerch Strait, as well as expand the scope of aerial reconnaissance in the Black Sea region. This was announced on Tuesday at a briefing for foreign journalists in Washington by the Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison. She confirmed that NATO’s foreign ministers are expected to endorse the package at a two-day meeting that will begin in Washington on Wednesday. “This is a package [of measures] that strengthens reconnaissance, aerial reconnaissance, and also provides for the sending of more ships of NATO countries to the Black Sea to guarantee the safe passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait to the Sea of ​​Azov.” From the speaker’s point of view, the steps worked out by NATO are “extremely important” for countries that are Russia's neighbors in the Black Sea region. According to the US representative, at this stage “more attention is required to ensure that these waters are liberated” and the countries of the region “will be free from Russian interference”. Moreover, Hutchison agreed to the point that she said: “Russia places defensive weapons in Crimea, while Crimea is part of Ukraine,” and NATO cannot sleep directly, so as not to “allow the inhabitants of Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia felt safe in the Black Sea - both on water and on land. ” Hutchison graduated, we recall that the alliance is going to adopt a new package of measures relating to the Black Sea in connection with the November incident in the Kerch Strait.

Again for the fish - pennies! Again sanctions! And we didn’t do anything yet. So let's finally do something, maybe they will come to their senses ?!

What do I suggest? It just so happened that the Russian Federation in the very near future, I don’t know for how long, but a real qualitative superiority is planned in all types of weapons, both conventional and non-conventional (the latter include weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear) , and it must be used. It is necessary to proceed solely from the principle: “There is no method against scrap if there is no other scrap!” And the United States has no other scrap so far. Therefore, I propose to fully adopt the tactics of the United States in international relations, dictating the rules of the game to the weak of this world exclusively from a position of strength, using the policy of gunboats and methods of financial and economic influence for this. Since we do not have the last levers of pressure, we will have to concentrate solely on the military aspect and the threat of its use. We proceed from the recent medical fact about the complete degradation of NATO and the troops and its member countries (except for the US troops themselves), which was confirmed by the latest exercises of the Trident Juncture-2018 alliance. If we look at the current state of the European armies that are part of the NATO bloc, we will see that their numbers, technical equipment, high-quality condition of the personnel, and with it the general combat efficiency in recent years only decreased and no tendency to the contrary, despite the requirements of the senior partner, has not yet been seen.

I will humbly keep silent about the armies of the former Warsaw Pact countries, consider them already no longer at all, from completely autonomous combat-ready formations of all the military branches, they turned into miserable highly specialized appendages of the alliance, which could not independently solve any task assigned to them. And the ground forces and the navy of Britain, France and Germany, which were once the backbone of NATO in the proposed European theater of operations, are now just a pale shadow of the same structures of the 70-80s of the last century. The Air Force, however, of individual Euronatists, who still have them, is practically incapable of independent work without the assistance of the US infrastructure. In fact, only separate units of the special forces of the NATO countries are the only combat-ready units, but these are not the troops in terms of size and armament that can solve strategic tasks within the framework of a possible large-scale conflict with such an enemy as the Russian Armed Forces. And this is currently an objective medical fact, it would be foolish not to use it.

Indicative in this sense is the behavior of the German Chancellor during a discussion that recently broke out at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany regarding the possible dispatch of the Bundeswehr ships to the Black Sea for passage through the Kerch Strait. In response to the proposals of the Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen to respond to the request of the United States and Ukraine to join the German ship in the actions in the Kerch Strait, Frau Merkel flashed like a match:

You talk like little children! You assume that Putin will not do anything and will watch us defile in the strait. And if he does the same with our ships that he has already done once with the Ukrainian? Are you proposing to fight Germany with Russia, Madam Minister? Why should we neglect the interests of Germany for the interests of the United States?

It seems that the lesson taught to Ukraine went for the future not only to her. I propose not to stop there.

The United States and Britain are used to controlling the oceans, for them the strengthening of Russia and China at sea is one of the most serious challenges. That is why the US press relishes every delay in the construction of our ships (and the brothers have already played their vile role in refusing to supply their gas turbine engines for our frigates), but at the very least we will solve this problem, and as it is solved, they will increase and the problems of our "sworn friends." In confirmation of this, while the US media continues to convince its citizens that the statements of the GDP on the appearance of the Russian fleet in the future promising hypersonic shock Zircon missiles should not be believed that all this, they say, the bluff and the Kremlin’s enemies, we, so as not to disappoint our " partners ”, we plan already at the end of this year especially for them to conduct indicative firing of Zircons from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. Their adoption by the Russian Navy will seriously change the existing balance of forces.

The Zircon sea-based hypersonic anti-ship anti-ship missile with a range of more than 1000 km, as well as its airborne counterpart (based on the heavy MiG-31 heavy supersonic fighter-interceptor) having a twice as long range, the anti-ship hypersonic dagger is actually multiplied by zero by all US aircraft carriers shock groups, turning them into a potential pile of scrap metal. And these are not at all beautiful words and not empty bragging. The appearance of the missiles of this class in service with the Russian Navy and the Russian Airborne Forces sends the concept of an aircraft carrier strike group (AUG) into oblivion, turning all aircraft carriers there, Ticonderoga class heavy missile cruisers, Arly Burke type destroyers, large landing ships and the rest of the floating garbage on which the Marine Corps is located and travels around the world is actually in the mass graves of the crews along with the Marines stationed there. And the "partners" understand this no worse than ours. The range of an aircraft wing on board aircraft carriers is about 1000 km, the range of Zircon is the same, the Dagger is even 2 times larger, which does not allow the vaunted American AUG to approach our shores without a 100 percent guarantee of being sunk. What makes their presence in the confrontation with us meaningless and potentially dangerous for the crews there, along with the rest of the travelers (pilots and marines). At the same time, this hypersonic missile flies the specified distance in about 5 minutes, which greatly simplifies firing at moving sea targets. And most importantly, the Aegis missile defense system, which is armed with carrier groups and is mounted on the cruisers and destroyers that accompany the aircraft carriers, is powerless against our missiles, solely because of their speed of 9-10 missiles (they have time to detect, shoot down - there’s no time left!) , which draws a line under the use of AUG in the confrontation with such an enemy as the Russian Federation, and marks the end of the era of invulnerable aircraft carrier strike groups, and the US dominance associated with them in the oceans.

In order to finally please our “partners”, I cannot but recall that this year our warships and submarines carrying combat patrols in the far sea zone (and in the Western Atlantic and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, this mission is carried out in two three ships in each direction), can be equipped with at least 40 missiles of this class. This is, first of all, the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the Peter the Great heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARKR) (project 1144 Orlan), which is currently undergoing a deep modernization (according to the plan of the Russian Defense Ministry, it should be completed in 2022). Simultaneously with it, i.e. also in 2022, his “brother” TARKR “Admiral Nakhimov”, which has been under repair since 1999, naturally also with new weapons, will have to return to operation. In addition, Zircons may appear in future nuclear destroyers of project 23560 Leader, nuclear submarines of project 885M Yasen-M, fifth-generation nuclear submarines Husky and nuclear submarines 949A Antey. These are all ships of the far sea zone, so the "partners" have something to think about.

Moreover, not only existing, but also promising carriers will be equipped with these missiles. This was mentioned by the GDP during his last speech before the Federal Assembly on February 20, 2019. The Russian Navy, he said, will immediately receive 7 submarines 2-3 years ahead of schedule. Plus, in the near future in two domestic shipyards 5 ships of the far sea zone will be laid right away (we are talking about heavy frigates of project 22350), and in the future by 2027 their total number will have to reach 16 units. All this will allow us not only to protect our interests in any corner of the World Ocean, but also to dictate our rules of the game to partners and potential opponents, which I insist on. After that, the American mass media will be fabulously surprised when they portray us in the form of a “paper tiger,” the threat of which is greatly exaggerated. And for this, it is necessary to stop cramming and finally to flail over, but not according to the UN rostrum, but according to American legitimate interests, starting, for example, from their back farmyard - Latin and Central America. They will immediately start to create problems for us as soon as they discover such problems in themselves. What can and should be the subject of bargaining and negotiations, because people certainly are not expected to fight with us in the next 20-30 years. But first of all, it is necessary to stop the source of tension that arose through the efforts of the United States, on our borders.

For this, I propose, without delay, to finally deal with Ukraine, no, not by the introduction of our troops there (it will not even come to that, if everything is done as I say), but: 1) by not recognizing those held there elections (there are a lot of reasons, and the new president, whoever he turns out to be, is not able to change anything while the country is under the external control of the USA); 2) recognition of LDNR, at least after the model of South Ossetia, with the subsequent issuance of Russian passports there to everyone (I think that people who have been there over the past 5 years have already earned this right and let them try the APU only once to “shoot” them, on this the statehood of Ukraine will end) and 3) by cutting off this lack of trade from the Russian Federation (the benefit of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation has already been broken by them). I am sure that after this the new / old president will become more accommodating and the problem of Ukraine will be solved before the expiration of the powers of the GDP in the rank of the president of the Russian Federation.

With the rest of the post-Soviet countries, both members of the CSTO and non-members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, you also need to finish the game of betrothals, clearly indicating the edges - either you are with us or you are against us, with all the ensuing visa and economic consequences. The first involves the mandatory holding of joint exercises, the purchase of weapons, as well as joint participation in military operations abroad, similar to NATO. All ideas about the disinterested friendship of peoples should already be left to history textbooks of the period of the USSR, in the world of an unprincipled clean guy, where we all came, are ruled by several other principles. If you agree with this state of things - welcome to us, no - the way out! With the Republic of Belarus and its intractable dad, it’s also time to end this long-drawn out crap with the creation of a union state, I propose to solve this problem by 2024, which also implies the creation of the Unified Armed Forces. By the way, the latter also implies the emergence of a new position - the head of the union state, and I even know a person who can take her in 2024 (you thought correctly!).

In addition, it is necessary to fix and ensure the neutral status of China by means of a contractual separation of the spheres of military and economic influence, followed by mandatory mutual support in the Security Council and other UN institutes on all issues that are controversial with the United States, which at the moment coincides with Chinese strategic interests. After which it will be possible to move on to where I started. Namely, absolutely without any embarrassment, insolently, as they say, enter Central and Latin America, Cuba and Venezuela to begin with, and to the Balkans, where they are still waiting for us, and in the future also to Southeast Asia (to Vietnam, eg). At the same time, I do not mean the creation of stationary, expensive military bases there, I am talking about the presence on a contractual basis of our warships (equipped with missiles, which I mentioned above) in the ports of these states, conducting joint exercises, humanitarian, anti-terrorist and peacekeeping missions etc. In addition, it is necessary to resume the Soviet practice of training foreign military personnel, tested over the years, in our military universities of the RF Ministry of Defense, supplying weapons, (even on credit), the presence of military specialists of the Russian Federation in the armies of various states friendly to us.

And let the world press scream and accuse us of aggressive politics and military expansion, in the end, they do it anyway. So let them at least have reason for this. Delirium tell me? It's okay, let them get used to it! After all, we, in fact, are not inventing anything new, but just copying the style and working methods of our esteemed Western “partners”, with whom they have sinned lately since the collapse of the USSR. So, gentlemen, the imperialists, I must inform you - the Union is returning, so far only in the person of the Russian Federation, but very soon, I predict, the number of our allies will increase by a multiple. Moreover, on an absolutely voluntary basis. In this world where only power is respected and the strong is allowed, everything, apparently, is not understood differently. You had a historic chance to build an equal world without war and violence, when in 1991 we voluntarily renounced the status of a superpower, ruining our country for the sake of you and halving our army. As you took advantage of this, we already see. They began to surround us with their military bases, making our enemies of our former friends (Warsaw Treaty countries). We dutifully endured it. But when you began to climb up to us, on the territory of the former USSR, our patient ended. Enough! Wrangled and awakening! I officially inform you - from this moment the rules of the game change. And now we are setting these rules by right of the strong! Who else doubts this, I propose to look at Syria. Believe me, this is only the smallest fraction of what we currently have. Kim Jong-un had 8 missiles enough for the great and almighty Trump to crawl to him on his lap, changing his anger to mercy. We have such and much more terrible missiles many times more. And they fly many times faster than yours. I do not advise you to check this. Just take a word, to me and Putin. For too long we have been afraid to raise our voices. Enough! Everything has a limit. Against scrap, as you know, there is no reception. The time when you created problems for us is over, now try to solve the problems that we will already create for you, maybe there will be no time left for creating problems for others.

The best way of defense is an attack! There is enough time to solve these problems before the end of the powers of the GDP, and today's abilities of the Russian Federation are even abundant. And if, being at the helm until 2024, the President of Russia will take at least some of the measures I have proposed to ensure the security of the Russian Federation, then I have no doubt that the transit of power in the country will pass without any problems, giving the future successor of the GDP an opportunity to navigate and continue on the path in the direction already laid by him. To our delight, in spite of the enemies.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port April 9 2019 09: 17
    The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia must be transferred to the Kremlin and transferred to them the presidential powers. They have more trust than eccentrics from the State Duma and the Government.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 9 2019 10: 04
    Waters directly I see how Putin is running to implement the measures proposed by the author .....
    Although I didn’t give a damn about all past similar offers ....

    Better this way:
    1) Designate a new successor government.
    2) To shoot the old government.
    3) Repaint the Kremlin in green.
    1. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
      yuriy55 (Yuri Vasilievich) April 9 2019 17: 15
      Quote: Sergey Latyshev
      Better this way:
      1) Designate a new successor government.
      2) To shoot the old government.
      3) Repaint the Kremlin in green.

      4) Transfer the capital of Russia to Siberia and from there manage all affairs, and leave Moscow as a trading and entertainment center ...
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 9 2019 10: 35
    To all of the above, it is necessary to calculate that Russia is now creating itself out of basic necessities, what will be needed in sufficient quantities in the event of a protracted military conflict? - Medicines, dressings, food products with a long shelf life, clothes, shoes, transport, including heavy to light transport aircraft, such as An-2, stocks of spare parts and fuels and lubricants. List of civil servants who do not have close relatives and property abroad. And much more that mob experts know. resources.
  4. Osiris Offline Osiris
    Osiris (Osiris) April 9 2019 10: 44
    Nothing to do with reality.
    Serdyukov did not carry out any cover operation. His task was to "modernize" the army to brigades. Along the way, the property and real estate of the Moscow Region were sold. The damage he inflicted on the Armed Forces is beyond words. It was under him that military universities were disbanded. Now the Air Force has a disaster with pilots. Many teachers left for civilian life due to the transfer of universities to other cities. I'm not even talking about how many officers he expelled from the army with his reform. I happened to serve during his leadership of the MO. The officers openly said that he was destroying the Armed Forces.
    Regarding the current capabilities of the RF Armed Forces. Author, have you even served in the army? Do you communicate with the military now? The Navy is on the verge of collapse. Count the ships of the 1st rank on the fingers of one hand. I don’t want to even comment and disassemble further. Another "bang in the dust". But besides nuclear weapons, there is nothing special to bang with.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 9 2019 15: 43
      I agree! He served, including in hot spots, in very hot ones, but this was still under the Union. I agree with the first charge (with Taburetkin), and with the second (ships not only of the 1st rank, but even of the 2nd and 3rd) and even with the third, about which they did not write. But the situation is changing for the better, which I also wrote about. On the problems of the fleet, I had a whole series of articles here in the Military Materials, you can find the link - https://www.proza.ru/2018/11/30/1427. But my proposals did not concern a large-scale confrontation with a potential adversary, but only to keep him at a distance. And for this it is necessary to establish this distance. We have already taken the first steps for this - https://topcor.ru/6727-drsmd-razdora-i-kryshka-groba-za-nashimi-uv-partnerami-zahlopnulas.html. I suggest not to stop, but to move on.
  5. camo ridges Offline camo ridges
    camo ridges (Michael) April 9 2019 11: 42
    It seems that the topics raised by Volkonsky will not leave anyone indifferent to Russia.
    motherland, not just a place to live. If we do not act in advance, and
    just to answer and make excuses, we will never achieve that our interests really
    followed by all our "partners". Only decisive action, even on the brink
    armed confrontation - and, perhaps, beyond the bounds - will be forced to respect Russia and
    reckon with her ...
  6. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) April 9 2019 12: 02
    What is the best way to ruin Russia?
    Do not bother Putin.

    In this joke, I don’t even see a bit of humor.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 11 2020 18: 05
      So what do you suggest? In the same way, to bend and rush from corner to corner, like your Father But ??? Yanukovych already had a fuss in 2014 and we all know very well how his throwing ended !!!
  7. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 9 2019 12: 06
    The Kremlin’s servants’s foes pushed out one side and forgot about the other — about the people. It is not surprising what they should remember about him when the authorities completely forgot.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 9 2019 15: 49
      Uncle, I live in a different jurisdiction and the Kremlin is not accountable. I can say that everything is relative. If you do not like the Russian Federation, come to my ukra, you will find out why the pound is worthless. The people who do not want to feed their army will feed someone else's!
  8. Port Offline Port
    Port April 9 2019 13: 09
    Quote: Oleg RB
    What is the best way to ruin Russia?
    Do not bother Putin.

    Say thanks to the GDP that you sit on your salted sofa and have a bite to eat. Or do you like the Libyan script more?
    1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
      Oleg RB (Oleg) April 9 2019 19: 33
      I will not say however
  9. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
    Syoma_67 (Semyon) April 9 2019 20: 36
    GDP from its place will only go into the box. In the next election, 86% will vote for him and he will have to stay poor.
  10. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) April 10 2019 15: 11
    I agree with you, Vladimir, in almost everything, but .... it's time to radically take on our "effective managers", who have been destroying and destroying our country for almost 30 years, and now these Chubais, Kudrins, Gozmanov, and other oligarchic trash there is no need to scare the exported capital abroad with all sorts of amnesties - I do not agree to return everything in Russia - to the wall, and without regrets with their families and children living and fattening there, over the hill. Almost all the largest industrial enterprises belong to them, and the money to them flow like a deep river into Swiss and American banks, and Russia is left with nothing. Thank God that the "defense industry" has not been unprivatized "in Chubais's way, which he wants to do now ..... And in the government, in the State Duma, and among the local servants everything as it is are the pupils of the Yeltsin United Russia, and so they will sell our country, together with its people, for a pittance to the Western oligarchic monsters, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Now Russia needs a person who would bring together all those lands that previously owned reaped the Russian Crown, and this must be done now, and not lisp, and wait for something, but do a job, set a goal, and give the people hope for the future, only then will the people support such a leader of the country in all his plans and undertakings, but only without any kind of "family" and "nepotism" ..... And we have little time, very little, critically little, so as not to be late, persuading another gang of oligarchs to share the "hard work they have acquired" for the modernization of our rotten economy, introduce socialist "five-year plans", a system of strict people's control, and thieves and crooks, according to the law of wartime ..... Right now we need a tough, iron hand, otherwise Russia will disappear from the face of the Earth, and there will be only dry bantustans.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 11 2020 18: 18
      I completely agree with this. By the way, it would be nice to revive the Gosplan system, when everything in the economy and the national economy is clearly planned for several years ahead and, at the same time, is strictly controlled by the state. This would be a much more effective measure than the current market under-economy !!!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 7 September 2019 11: 05
    That's right -

    ... only defending, you can not win the battle ...

    Sun Tzu
  12. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior April 5 2020 16: 36
    I trust Putin and I BELIEVE that he will do EVERYTHING AS NEEDED and will finally put the United States and the West in a "stall" ... So it will be ... and I think he already has EVERYTHING for this ...
    Including a plan on how to do this before 2024 ...
    1. Igor Strizhov Offline Igor Strizhov
      Igor Strizhov (Igor Strizhov) 22 May 2020 13: 11
      Urrrraaaa !!!!!! .....
  13. Igor Strizhov Offline Igor Strizhov
    Igor Strizhov (Igor Strizhov) 22 May 2020 13: 10
    What a breathtaking article. Still, you need to appreciate people with a lunatic. Lord, there is still not enough major war. The pandemic after a hundred-year hiatus came to Russia. The tail of three Afghanistan has already - Syria, Ukraine, Libya - maybe Venezuela will be added, or some other Guatemala. But the author promises victory over NATO. Somehow I read and was inspired, although somewhat in a humorous way than a jingoistic one.
  14. Igor Strizhov Offline Igor Strizhov
    Igor Strizhov (Igor Strizhov) 22 May 2020 13: 23
    A clear-cut man Volkonsky. Immediately visible not lower in the military rank of captain of the third rank. My dad is the same. I once said to him - "Dad, always come to visit, only in my presence about how the Americans sunk Kursk and how you love Orthodoxy, please don't. Standard nonsense of a retiree from the Odnoklassniki website. He has no computer, I have never been to a single website in my life, but I empirically understood the grin and was very offended by me.
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  16. The comment was deleted.