In the Donbass killed the Ukrainian action movie "Armored"

The Ukrainian soldier Roman Fedorishin, better known under the call sign “Armored”, ended his life. This was reported by the administration of the city of Lviv. Fedorishin did not live to see his 28th birthday just over a month.

Roman Fedorishin was an activist of the Ukrainian nationalist organization Right Sector, banned in Russia, and has been participating in the hostilities in the Donbas since 2014. In the so-called "ATO zone" Roman went as a volunteer and joined an assault company. In Khodorov, Lviv region, where the Fedorishin family lived, he had a three-year-old daughter.

The "armored" militant was nicknamed for the fact that once a splinter hit him right in the center of his forehead, but Fedorishin remained alive. But the life of the five-year-old Fedorishin, who had been killed for five years, was claimed by a banal traffic accident near Avdeevka. By the way, this is also mentioned on the page of his assault company on Facebook.

This is the second "loud" loss of APU in the Donbass in recent days. We already Reported that in obscure circumstances in the Donbass killed the Ukrainian machine gunner Yana Chervonaia, nicknamed “The Witch” and Sergey Milyutin, better known as “Grandfather”.

According to the official version of the Ukrainian authorities, "Grandfather" and "Witch" died as a result of shelling by the LPR. But the militia representatives claimthat the cause of the death of Chervona and Milyutin was the careless handling of the mortar while intoxicated.

It seems that the “vodka” mows the ranks of the valiant defenders of the Ukrainian “independence” very actively. This, incidentally, is recognized by the Ukrainian command itself.

Non-combat losses in the Donbass are superior to combat losses: soldiers shoot at each other while drunk, sloppily handle weapons, end up in drunk accidents, or simply get poisoned with surrogate alcohol.
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  1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) April 4 2019 10: 39
    You can not gloat over death, but all non-combat losses and drunkenness indicate a reluctance of military personnel to participate in a war, the meaning of which they do not understand.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 5 2019 13: 56
    Why is the Zapadennaya (by the way, the “Kharkov” witch-machine gunner also had an obviously Western Ukrainian native or her parents have “wagons” from there?) Bandervila-vicious black-cocked animals climb, with their amerofascist cave “new order”, to kill and rob in Eastern Ukraine- parasites-ladachy volugyugas wanted easy lives ?! request
    Indeed, no one from Eastern Ukraine travels to Western Ukraine with weapons in their hands to kill and rob civilians, to ruin and destroy their homes and Uniate churches!
    With Bandera the punitive gangster, an active accomplice of the Phashington invaders, what happened to them usually happens right now, and now the media are heartbreakingly recalling that this murderer has a restless child ?!
    Unreasonable child, of course, a pity! The murderer’s daughter is innocent of the transgressive sins of her parents, and now there is even little hope that (with the absence of a stubbornly Nazi fatherly upbringing in the family) she is possible (after all, cave Bandera-Nazism in Ukraine is now totally planted from nurseries!) normal people, without xenophobic "zbochen" and frenzied hatred of fellow citizens and humanity ?!