The American was very surprised by the love of Russians for hematogen

American monthly magazine Vice (Weiss), specializing in issues of modern youth subculture, positions itself as a publication for “critically thinking” people. Most publications are devoted to sex, drugs, violence, various political and social conflicts. Therefore, the appearance of the “investigation” by Mark Hay dedicated to the hematogen popular in Russia is not surprising.

It’s very fashionable in the USA to blame Russia, but the “hand of the market” every time requires something new, because it sells well. Therefore, the article is called loudly and promisingly “How Russia Loved Sweet Bars Made of Blood”. An American who grew up on burgers and stake, who considers the American way of life to be the crown of human civilization, is trying to talk about another culture, with all his material showing the "backwardness and barbarism" of patriarchal Russia.

So, this "enlightened" journalist, with inherent exceptionalism, quite seriously calls a useful prophylactic that contains iron and stimulates hematopoiesis, a product "generated by frugality, pragmatism, centralized totalitarian production and distribution." He simply does not have enough knowledge for more, therefore he should not be strongly condemned for elementary ignorance, because he is a product of education in the USA, although no one has forbidden self-education.

Mark Hay is horrified that the hematogen is made from the dry, defibrinated blood of cattle. We understand his concern, because in the burgers that he eats there is no meat, and the composition of the cola is generally classified. And it is right. American corporations do not want to bother citizens with the unpronounceable chemical names contained in their “useful” products.

The journalist claims that many Soviet citizens did not know about the contents of the bars. Rather, they did not know what they really ate. And some still do not know about it. After that, he embarks on frank assumptions that the hematogen has become an alternative to expensive chocolate. As experts, he attracted Maria Pirogovskaya and Anastasia Lakhtikova. For instance. Pirogovskaya informed him that her mother often gave her a strange “chocolate” bought at a pharmacy. The children loved him very much.

The American ends his “investigation” with the clarification that hematogen production was massive and continues to this day. He is now considered useful in the post-Soviet space. By the way, it’s good that he did not record all these people as vampires, in the West many would have believed. After all, there still some believe in bears dressed in earflaps and wandering with balalaikas through the streets of Russian cities.

In turn, the famous hematologist Thomas DeLoughery (Thomas DeLoughery) said that one bar of hematogen contains the recommended dose of iron for children. And he called the fact that hemoglobin is of natural origin a “bonus”, since iron is absorbed better than in tablets.

It must be added that hematogen is used to correct metabolic processes. It is often recommended for stomach ulcers, when bleeding is possible. The hematogen is rich in vitamin A, so it is also good for vision. Favorably affects the skin, hair and nail growth. At the same time, its cost is penny, unlike American medicines, which have a lot of side effects.
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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) April 1 2019 17: 18
    This stupidity is characteristic of a society where everything is spent on money. The article does not clearly define the harm caused by some iron-containing drugs.
    The fact is that inorganic iron compounds, to put it mildly, are not good for health. Of course, to varying degrees. In theory, you are supplying the right amount of iron to your body. But his further fate is a separate question. Side effects of these drugs (if indicated) can even be such a nice phenomenon as "tissue necrosis". This is almost the same as restoring the potassium deficiency in the body by taking potassium cyanide. Well, I ate potassium, what else is needed ...
    Therefore, iron atoms must be incorporated into an organic molecule. It is desirable at least harmless. And the ideal option is blood-based products. Another option is confectionery bars (similar to Bounty) with addition of iron-containing organics. I will not disclose the title so as not to create advertising. These additives began to be produced in the 90s in the Kaluga region. So spit on mattress mats, buy for children and eat yourself to prevent anemia or hematogen or these bars (in any pharmacy). And if you have been prescribed some kind of "cool" iron-containing drugs - take an interest in the form in which iron is contained there.
  2. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) April 2 2019 19: 51
    Coca-Cola is based on hydrofluoric acid or phosphoric .. Drink it to your health! :-)))