Armed people attacked Nazran City Hall

A group of armed men attacked Nazran City Hall. Unknowns staged traumatic weapons in the city hall.

Having arranged a shootout at City Hall, the attackers fled. Now the Ingushetian police are engaged in their searches.

As a result of the shooting, three injured people were injured. Among the victims - the son of the mayor of Nazran Alikhan Tumgoyev and the guard of the mayor. However, the injuries of the victims are small.

As one of the versions of the brawl at the city hall, the conflict is considered, which occurred on the afternoon of March 28 near the central mosque of the city, during a meeting of the leaders of the spontaneous rally of the opposition with their supporters. Allegedly, the mayor of Nazran Alikhan Tumgoyev was the initiator of the conflict.

The day before the conflict, on March 27, the Kavkaz highway was blocked by the opposition. They demanded recall from consideration of the draft law “On the referendum in the Republic of Ingushetia”. The protest rally ended with the participants throwing stones at the Russian Guard officers.

However, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that it is not necessary to connect the incident at the city hall with the opposition protests taking place in Ingushetia.
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