Rosstat lists the industries in which the largest salaries in Russia are paid

The Federal State Statistics Service of Russia (Rosstat), according to the results of January 2019, established which areas economic activities have the highest salaries. The TV channel informs about this. RTwho managed to get acquainted with the data of the department.

So, the Russian statistical service notes that the highest salaries are received in the field of mining, which, in other matters, is not surprising. There, the average monthly salary is 79,4 thousand rubles.

In second place in terms of earnings is the sphere of finance and insurance. There, the average monthly salary is 77,3 thousand rubles.

In third place is work in the field of information and communication. There, the average monthly salary is 66,2 thousand rubles.

Fourth place is taken by professional, scientific, technical activities where the average monthly income is 61,2 thousand rubles.

Closes the top five sphere of transportation and storage, where the average earnings per month is 46,9 thousand rubles.

It is clarified that the least earned in January 2019 were hotel and catering workers, as well as those employed in agriculture and forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming. This can be explained by the seasonal factor. So, in this area of ​​hotels and catering, the average salary was 27,2 thousand rubles, and in the field of agriculture and forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming - 27,3 thousand rubles.

The Federal State Statistics Service emphasized that the average salary in Russia in January 2019 amounted to 42,2 thousand rubles. This amount is 8,3% more than in January 2018, when the average salary amounted to 39 thousand rubles.

It should be recalled that according to the Central Bank, inflation in Russia at the end of 2018 amounted to 4,3%. In January 2019, inflation amounted to 5% (year on year). Consumer price growth was 5%. The key interest rate remains at 7,75% per annum.
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