Venezuelan failure of the United States: Americans are forced to buy oil in Russia

Against the background of the general degradation of Western society, manifested in the breakdown of family institutions, migration problems and loss political subjectivity, the most convex manifestation of the degradation of the Anglo-Saxon world, their loss of a sense of reality due to a completely mistaken and unreasonable confidence in their own exceptionalism, when some try to decide for the whole world and impose their will on others, while others even can’t decide for themselves and become a laughing stock for all of Europe.

The latter refers to the ruling elite of foggy Albion, which so believed in its own God-chosenness and exclusivity that at first it initiated a referendum on Brexit, suggesting to get one result. And when she received the exact opposite, she was lost in space and turned from a nation of proud English who leave without saying goodbye to pathetic heroes of jokes who say goodbye and do not leave. What has already caused the representatives of the rest of Europe not only wry smiles, but also a frank homeric laughter, reminding Chekhov's non-commissioned officer widow, who carved herself. All this mockery was the direct and indirect consequence of the ruling British elites losing their ability to strategic planning, when they are not able to calculate the consequences of their actions not only 10 steps, but even 2-3 steps forward.

The same applies equally, if not to a greater extent, to the American elites, who have engaged in an interspecific struggle with the current president of America, which was clearly manifested in the latter's recent adventure in Venezuela. The glorious days of Kissinger and Brzezinski have already passed, when America was building strategies for decades ahead, planning its bright future, Trump has no time to sit in the president's chair, which sways under him from any breeze, so he turned from a strategist into a short-distance player , with a planning horizon of a little over a year (he doesn't even look beyond 2020). About his fiasco with comrade. Eunom and North Korea you have already heard, but with Comrade. Maduro, I'm afraid not everyone knows. I myself, I confess, predicted the imminent death of the Maduro regime under the weight of the States created for him economic problems, blocking financial flows, redistributing them in favor of a rogue who appointed himself president of the country and other nishtyaks, among which cyber accidents at the largest power plant supplying the entire country, El Guri HPP, were still in flower. No, no!

To the surprise of many, the Maduro regime resisted, the army did not betray its commandant, and most of the people, too. But the United States began unforeseen problems. Yes, such that Trump can fit into the noose already, or at least have his own tie (and they have beautiful and tasty ones, you yourself could check it out, everything is all right with his ties!). Moreover, the artificial problems created by Trump to himself and become a direct result of his rash scam in Venezuela. As he did not calculate them, I have no explanation, they are linear, either he has problems with logic, or he is a presumptuous moron who does not calculate options and firmly believes in the power of the American empire, in front of which all those around must prostrate themselves. At least those who do not have nuclear weapons. And so the representatives of the back barnyard of great America, so they are just a click away. The funniest thing in this story is that, at the click of a finger, all the great and not-so-great countries fell licked on the hegemon’s shoes, not only from the back Latin American cattle yard, but also from enlightened Europe, which even their inhabitants had never been to mattresses, could not be attributed to the mattress covers. But, apparently, the great power of the suggestion of the white master of this City on the Hill.

It’s time to tell you where our dearest Donald Ibrahimovic got so pierced, about which your pro-government media affiliated with the Kremlin have not yet told you (which is certainly a jamb for Moscow!). And he burst, so burst! All the dispassionate observers of the ruble exchange rate and the price of a barrel of oil directly related to it have recently been scratching turnips at a loss, unable to explain the strengthening of the former and the rise in price of the latter. And indeed, to the delight of all concerned, oil has been creeping up steadily since the end of January. And the reason for this is not at all the Saudis and the OPEC and OPEC + countries that supported them, who screwed the faucet at the end of last year (more precisely, they too, of course), but without Donald our wonderful Ibrahimovic their successes would not have been so impressive. His contribution to this matter is more than significant.

Okay, I won’t intrigue anymore, I’ll tell you how it is. The story turned out to be extremely entertaining and instructive. The fact that Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, you certainly know, as well as about the fact that in Venezuela itself the cost of a liter of gasoline is cheaper than the cost of a liter of water. As you probably guessed, Venezuelan oil was refined mainly at US refineries, which the Americans were worried about before, long before Maduro came to power, even Chavez had to come to terms with this, agreeing to supply the final market to the US product, and crude oil. And it was precisely this flow of money that blocked the regime of Maduro Trump by freezing the proceeds from it in the American accounts of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. Well, no, no, Maduro decided and cut off Venezuelan oil supplies to US refineries, focusing on Chinese and Indian buyers. The benefit of the PRC, which has swelled more than $ 70 billion to Venezuela, is no less interested in supporting the regime of the disgraced leader of the Bolivarian Republic. As a result, the Americans, through the efforts of their president, were left without oil. Venezuelan heavy, sulfur-rich oil, under which all its refineries were located on the southern and eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in Louisiana and Texas (22 plants consuming 500 thousand barrels of crude oil per day, when tankers scurried between Venezuela and the USA across the Caribbean like a clock). The very oil from which diesel was extracted by cracking distillation for all diesel engines in America. And a paradox happened when in a well-fed and prosperous America it turned out gasoline and kerosene, which is extracted from light local light oil, at least pour in it, and diesel fuel, which at its price has already surpassed premium grades of gasoline, can not be found day by day. And Trump is to blame, who stupidly did not calculate the consequences of his campaign to overthrow the hated "Bolivarian dictator", naively believing that he himself would probably have to crawl to his belly, surrender from hopelessness. But it did not grow together.

And it cannot be said that the Americans were sitting idly by and not looking for a way out. But as luck would have it, the Merey brand extracted in Venezuela has not so many substitutes in the world. I already said about light and light oil, it does not fit (only gasoline and kerosene can be driven out of it, all that is lower is diesel fuel and fuel oil is only made from dark heavy oil). But not all heavy grades of oil are suitable. For example, Brazilian Marlim oil, Mexican Maya, Canadian Bow River and Iraqi Basra Heavy are not suitable because of their high sulfur content relative to Merey. Reconfiguring the existing cracking process at American refineries for these grades of oil is billions and billions of dollars (0,5 billion for each cracking column), refinery owners and top managers of downstream companies, you know, will never do it , it’s cheaper and easier to re-elect the president (and this is in Texas and Louisiana - Trump's estate, what to say about California - they just sleep there and see when it starts). Canadian heavy oil extracted from the tar sands of Alberta would be ideal, almost identical in chemical composition to the Venezuelan oil extracted in the sands of Orinoco, but Trump himself blocked off oxygen by declaring a trade war against Canada and imposing restrictions on the import of products from it. Iran’s heavy oil could be a salvation for US refiners, but Iran has been under sanctions since the end of last year (guess three times whose initiative it was). They rushed to Saudi friends, they say, guys, save, and those in return - we have production restrictions since January this year, you yourself understand, when the task is to reduce production, then cheaper heavy oil should be reduced first than more expensive light oil ( because they are reducing barrels, and a barrel of light oil is more expensive, guess at once that we have reduced), therefore we would be happy to help, but nothing.

The air really smelled of fried. Facing the prospect of shutting down their own refineries, top managers rushed in a panic to buy up domestic substitutes for imported heavy oil, but they were not at home in sufficient volumes for them either. And already in early February of this year, the domestic American market was faced with an unprecedented paradox. Viscous raw materials, which became Trump's grace, have risen in price so much that they have become higher than the bar, it would seem, of much more valuable and elite light varieties. Thus, the “moderately moderate” oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico in terms of its composition Mars brand oil has become more expensive than premium Louisiana Light Sweet. And the Oman variety imported from the distant Sultanate of Oman, previously previously unnecessary in the USA, began to be quoted above the classic light mixture Brent. And then the inevitably impending specter of collapse loomed quite clearly before the entire oil industry of the world hegemon, and before the frenzied American consumers of their products, weaned from such problems from the 70s of the last century, the very real prospect of putting on a joke half of their fleet loomed.

And then, oh, horror, the eyes of the American oil bosses turned ... to Russia. Only in terms of sulfur content, Urals exported Russian oil could save our sworn “friends and partners”. And I have a feeling that I saved. I quote enemies further. According to the monthly report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in January of this year, the volume of oil supplies from Russia to the United States significantly increased, amounting to 150 thousand barrels per day. The agency believes that this was due to the introduction of economic sanctions against Venezuela. Well, just captains Obvious! Once guessed? Once again, trump discourages the investments of the Russian Federation invested in his election campaign. And when (I don’t even write “if”) he starts the war in Venezuela, he will finally beat off all our expenses for it. Oil will have to rise in price even more. It's unavoidable! In the meantime, Russia is increasing the export of its own raw materials to the den of world imperialism, and the astonished apologists of the Western world, waiting for its inevitable demise, see and do not understand the reasons for the growth of oil prices. Especially for them, I inform, according to Bloomberg, relative to last November, Russia increased its US oil supply by 100 thousand barrels per day (from 49,5 to 150 thousand bar / day). And this is just the beginning! Why doesn’t anyone in America say about the dependence of the USA on the Russian Federation in the energy sphere, a question? But the question, of course, is rhetorical, you can not answer.
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  1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
    colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) April 2 2019 09: 31
    Wow ... bravo! Since March 26, not a single comment smile People seem to be in a stupor ... they don’t know how to react ... or they double-check the information! request It looks like you're right! And if you're right, then the Americans really don’t like this situation and they won’t put up with it for a long time angry Therefore, Maduro's watch may in the near future really turn into "a few ...."! At least someone will try very hard to lead to this ... And then only a "miracle" in the person of Chinese and Russian "specialists" can help him ... soldier It remains true that there is still hope for some stupidity that Americans usually commit when they are very angry and understand that they screwed up! Thank you for the work done, relatively briefly and to the point! Will wait ... good
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 2 2019 15: 10
      If the text is not rotated on the site, then no one sees it; if they don’t see it, then there are no views, no views - no comments. All very good. simply! I have all the texts at the level, not just one that is not ashamed, but people do not havail heavy analytics, but are conducted on pop music in the form of teachers in swimsuits and Russian boys in American schools. We ourselves lower the status of the publication, reducing it to yellow boulevard, and then we are surprised at the results, we can’t be led to the tastes of the crowd, we must form these tastes ourselves. At the Military Review, the level of materials is much higher. And I’m not allowed to cover some topics, explaining this by the fact that there are cheaper authors. As a result, over the past 2 weeks - zero texts. Unfortunately, about ukra, too, they are not allowed to write, explaining that she is a damn thing to everyone. I tried to prove that this is Venezuela to everyone, and in Kiev relatives remained under the junta, and the Russian Federation does not care who will be the next. president, but you see the result.
      1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
        colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) April 3 2019 12: 25
        Yes, no ... most likely everyone in Ukraine actively monitors the elections! drinks And of course, in the Russian Federation it is not all the same how events will unfold there! Right now ... they will "move away" a little ... belay and rushing comments ... what And don’t worry so much! Ukraine and I are not going anywhere from each other. Earth alone !!! By the way, many have relatives there !!! wink
  2. Evgeny Andreevich (Eugene Borenstein) April 2 2019 17: 54
    Oil is only one aspect. And there are a lot of them. Starting from image-building to geopolitical. This is a complete failure from which they no longer get out. And begin to twitch tied to the ears. There they have nothing to think about, since all their advanced technologies were created by Russian scientists, Nobel laureates. And they themselves there are no longer creating anything. And there is no need to speak for their foreign policy, it seems that only agony remained.
    1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
      colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) April 3 2019 12: 27
      Sorry ... Evgeny Andreyevich ... what So you think that they will not rock the boat to Venezuela !?
  3. Vsevolod Offline Vsevolod
    Vsevolod (Vsevolod) April 5 2019 15: 17
    Tell me about Mu-mu Tolstoy and Natasha Rostov Akunin. It was necessary to read at least a book in school, a literary critic ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 5 2019 16: 03
      Uncle, who are you talking to here? Well, the kid was mistaken, with whom does not happen. Gogolev's widow from the Examiner, did you feel better? The text is finally not about that! But you didn’t read it. Classical literature department a floor above.
      1. Vsevolod Offline Vsevolod
        Vsevolod (Vsevolod) April 6 2019 16: 46
        Well, go, otherwise you’ve got moldy in your basement.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) April 7 2019 02: 14
          I will decide what to do and what to do! Teach your teach!