What threatens Russia with the Serbian Maidan?

The Balkans is a traditional “European powder magazine” and a place of collision between the “Russian” and “Western” worlds. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Serbia was probably the only truly friendly country in this key region of the Old World. The United States of America has begun to develop a certain program "to combat Russian activity in the Balkans." And what do we see?

The protests in Serbia since December last year have moved to a new level. Protesters massively took to the streets of Belgrade, some wearing yellow vests. A group of activists broke into the building of the Serbian television center, and only thanks to the correct actions of the police managed to avoid human casualties. The word "Maidan" soars elusively in the air. President Vučić, who was familiar with the Ukrainian events, warned that the authorities would react harshly to acts of violence. Recall that the protests began right before the visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Serbia and have not stopped since then.

Who took to the streets? Very diverse representatives united against the current government political forces. They are leftists, liberals, and center-right people, supporters and opponents of European integration. They have no common constructive program, they were united by a common protest against President Vucic and the demand for his resignation and early re-elections:

The only requirement we put forward is the cessation of the rule of a poor political regime. We want elections, but freedom must come first.

Protesters call Vučić a "thief", who in response to the opposition - "oligarchs" and "fascists." It is alleged that the unofficial adviser to the president is the son of billionaire George Soros, who has an extremely mixed reputation. In general, the rhetoric is quite familiar in that I saw preparations for the Ukrainian Maidan. It turns out that the State Department intends to overthrow our "brother" Vuchich, like Yanukovych?

For a correct understanding of the situation, it is necessary to realize that President Vucic, on the whole, is not a pro-Russian leader. He is a representative of the pro-European forces. The Serbian population itself is pro-Russian, in contrast to the ruling elites, who are forced to pursue a "multi-vector policy" and flirt with the Kremlin with their rhetoric.

Very calm internal reasons interfere with calmly withdrawing Serbia into the European Union and NATO. Vučić

At first, this is a question of Kosovo. Recall that this region of the country, which is most important for the Serbian people, was torn away from it with the active assistance of the United States and Western countries. The opposition accuses Vučić of being ready to recognize the “Republic of Kosovo” and make a territorial exchange. But experts in the Balkans refute this:

In fact, Vučić does not make concessions to the West on the issue of recognizing Kosovo, and the West no longer knows how to force Belgrade to do so. All options were sorted out: negotiations with Pristina have stalled so much that they are unlikely to continue, economic the pressure didn't help.

SecondlyThe Serbs remember very well how several decades ago, NATO countries helped to tear Yugoslavia apart, and then bombed Serbia and its capital. Eurointegration, on the other hand, means Serbia’s indispensable entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, which is essentially immoral and at the top of cynicism.

Thirdly, it is necessary to take into account the special attitude of the Serbian people towards Russia and the Russians, who repeatedly came to the rescue. Recall that the Serbs are the only of all our "brothers" who did not take part in the Second World War against the USSR on the side of the Third Reich. Joining NATO will automatically put Serbia on the other side.

Given these factors, it seems that the United States has decided to replace the moderately pro-Western President Vučić with a more radical one, which will begin to set the Serbs against Russia and accept all Western demands for Kosovo, citing the need for military protection from NATO by the “Russian imperialists”, pursuing a "revisionist policy."
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 18 March 2019 13: 16
    -Ha ... -yes of course ...- this President Vucic for the USA ...- "neither fish, nor meat" ... and "you can't cook porridge with him" ...
    - So why bother with him for a long time ...? -It is much easier to take and replace him with ... with ... with ... a politician like the Greek "Alexis Tsipras" ... or the Armenian Pashinyan ... or the Russian Navalny ... and so on ...
    - The main thing for the Americans ... - is to drive in at least a small ... but painful sharp wedge of disagreements between Russia and Serbia ... - And there things will go much "easier" ... ., who "did not want to get married" .., but nevertheless joined NATO ... -Hahah ...
    -So Serbia will follow the same path ... -Ah ...- Kosovo ... -Yes .., nonsense ... -the name "Serbia" will be changed to "Democratic Republic of Serbia" ... or something like that ... -And under such a guise, Serbia will be quickly admitted to NATO ... -It's business ...
  2. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 18 March 2019 14: 38
    By and large - nothing. The Serbs, like all "brothers", will still go towards a bigger wallet. For what even one more bombing will endure. And you absolutely cannot explain to them that there will be no buns or attendants for the people. The EU media promise everyone mountains of gold, and that's enough for them, they won't even look around them. They don't need a country, they almost never had one.
  3. alexlood Offline alexlood
    alexlood (Alex) 18 March 2019 18: 54
    Memory erosion works on NATO, and its concentration on us. Concentration is written by monumental symbols. Not for nothing in the EU they are destroying the monuments of Our Victory with all their might. Monuments of NATO aggression against Serbia are needed in a large number. For starters, inside Serbia itself ...
  4. Port Offline Port
    Port 19 March 2019 14: 48
    All sorts of bad nishtyak all Maidan made against Russia.
  5. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 21 March 2019 11: 30
    Information for reflection.
  6. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 22 March 2019 06: 01
    The West is in a hurry, already stumbling. And that is understandable. Time works for Russia, and therefore it is necessary, as soon as possible, to deprive its potential allies and normal partners. Serbia is one of them. And attempts to drive a wedge between our countries have been undertaken for a long time. To a large extent, this was possible: during the time of Broz Tito, when he was able to push him against Stalin, later - to ruin Yugoslavia, then - the union of Serbia and Montenegro, now an attempt to finally solve the Balkan issue. And the point is not in the personality of Vučić, but in the fact that the West is aiming at Putin, trying to tear the supporters of cooperation from him. At any cost.