“With Russians it’s worth playing fair or not playing at all”

Who just did not trample recently on the bones of Alexei Serebryakov. I will say now, maybe an unpopular thing among Russian pseudo-patriots, only all your righteous anger and all the hatred and disgust that you poured on him recently, you poured only because he was partially right. I’m absolutely not going to defend him or block him, only the reason for your fierce hatred of him is that he told the truth and that is precisely what you just cannot forgive him for.

Below I will give only his most impudent statements, and then we will discuss them:

"The Russian government, the flesh of the flesh of the Russian boor ...". “For me, artificial smiles [in the West] are better than sincere anger [in Russia].” “Until now, neither knowledge, nor ingenuity, nor enterprise, nor dignity is a national idea. The national [Russian] idea is power, arrogance and rudeness. ” “This is not poverty: to nail exactly a shelf is a monstrous laziness!” “There is no civil society in Russia.”

Now the question is - what do you disagree with here? The wording may be quite harsh, on the verge of a foul, but you know all this without him inside and for yourself. You do not just have to roll your eyes and pretend to be an insulted innocence - and such is usual for us. But along with this, there is another thing - one that no West is capable of, such that it silence in admiration, finding no logical explanation for this. Serebryakov simply did not say this.

It must be said that Serebryakov is a rather controversial person and has long excited Russian society with contemptuous remarks about the essence of the Russian character and the nature of Russian power. Originally from the USSR, he retained all the intellectual diseases of the late Soviet intelligentsia, such as a combination of great-heartedness with amateurism, extreme moralism and an incredible ambition for underestimation. All this explosive mixture is abruptly implicated in the myth of the superiority of Western culture over Russian for the reason that the Western one is based on individualism and the pursuit of wealth, and the Russian is archaic and still does not distinguish the individual from the collective. I could argue with the latter, but laziness. If we proceed from the fact that “civilization is the process of isolating a person from the crowd,” as some Western gurus try to draw us in, I say that you, the Western gurus, are mistaken about Russia, your standard patterns do not work here. For Russia is not a miserable Europe for you, it is a separate civilization, different from your western and even eastern form of existence of matter, which has absorbed both of them. Since here over the centuries, as in a melting pot, as in a crucible, dozens of ethnic groups have melted down to crystallize a very special breed of people that you call, who are terrified, who are admired by the “Russians” and who are afraid of their whole lives because they don’t understand it condition. And we live like you can’t even imagine in a nightmare, and we are capable of such that your gut is thin. Because we are different. In support of this, I will quote the words of Alexander Blok, since it’s better not to say to him better than he is on this subject:

“Millions are you. Us - darkness, and darkness, and darkness. Try it, fight us! Yes, Scythians - we are! Yes, Asians - we, With slanting and greedy eyes! For you - centuries, for us - a single hour. We, as obedient slaves, We held a shield between two hostile races of the Mongols and Europe! .. For hundreds of years you looked to the East, Digging and melting our pearls, And you, mocking, counted only the term, When to instruct the cannons of the vent! Here - the time has come. Trouble beats with wings, And every day the resentment multiplies, And the day comes - there will be no trace From your Paestums, perhaps! Oh old world! Until you die, While languishing with sweet flour, Stop, wise as Oedipus, Before the Sphinx with an ancient mystery! Russia - Sphinx. Rejoicing and mourning, And drenched in black blood, She looks, looks, looks at you And with hatred, and with love! ... Yes, to love as much as our blood loves, None of you love for a long time! You forgot that there is love in the world, Which burns and destroys! We love everything - and the heat of cold numbers, And the gift of divine visions, Everything is clear to us - and a sharp Gallic meaning, And gloomy German genius ... We remember everything - the streets of Paris hell, And the coolness of Venice, Lemon groves distant aroma, And Cologne smoky bulk ... We love the flesh - and its taste, and color, And the stuffy, mortal flesh smell ... Are we guilty, since your skeleton crunches In our heavy, tender paws? We got used to grabbing at the reins of the zealous horses playing, Breaking the heavy sacred horses, And pacifying the obstinate slaves ... Come to us! From the horrors of war Come into a peaceful embrace! Before it's too late - the old scabbard sword, Comrades! We will become - brothers! And if not - we have nothing to lose, And treachery is available to us! Century, centuries, Sick later offspring will curse you! .. But we ourselves - from now on you will not shield, From now on we will not join the battle, We will see how the mortal battle is in full swing, With our narrow eyes. We will not budge when the fierce Hun will rummage in the pockets of corpses, Burn cities, and drive a herd to church, And fry the meat of white brothers! ... For the last time - come to your senses, old world! To the fraternal feast of labor and peace, For the last time to the bright fraternal feast Summons the barbaric lyre! ”

It would seem that 100 years have passed since then, but nothing has changed. Still, the western world is looking at us through the sight of a machine gun, despite the fact that we are crying out for peace. “Before it's too late - the old scabbard sword, Comrades! We will become - brothers! And if not - we have nothing to lose, And treachery is available to us! Century, centuries The sick late posterity will curse you! ” (1918, s). No associations with a recent Putin statement: “Why do we need a world in which we will not be? .. The aggressor must know that retaliation is inevitable, it will still be destroyed! .. We, as victims of aggression, will go to heaven, and they will simply die , because they won’t even have time to repent! ” (2018, s). History, apparently, never taught anything to our enemies! Sadly, however! .. But back to Alexei Serebryakov.

In defense of him, I cannot help but notice that he is still a good actor (and even his critics do not argue with this), contradictory, but extremely honest, he does not play, he lives on stage (in the frame). Another such copy is Alexey Panin, who, in general, like an animal, is so natural and sincere that it is impossible to replay him on stage. Like a cat or a dog. He finished, however, even worse than Serebryakov. It turned out to be a very explosive mixture. Plus, he is also deprived of the brain in life. But even in this, Panin is also sincere, he does not pretend to be an intellectual. A find for our sworn "friends and partners" - they got a sincere useful idiot, he doesn't even have to pay, he sincerely and completely free believes in what he says and what he does. At first he kissed the Crimean bridge and, smearing snot on his face, shouted “Krymnash!”, And then just as sincerely asked, why do we need a bridge when children die of cancer. After which he sharply got ready for the West. What can I say? Clinic in its purest form! Medicine is powerless, you can only sympathize. Well, God bless him, Panin, here we gutar for Serebryakov.

His whole misfortune is that Serebryakov is flesh from flesh, blood from blood is a Russian person, with all the peculiarities of the Russian people - rejection of any power and at the same time worship and servility before it; with a heightened sense of social justice and self-esteem, and at the same time, truly Christian humility and endless patience, bordering on the passivity of the doomed; with faith in a good king, and at the same time with confidence that power corrupts and honest in power there is not and cannot be; with the conviction that the West will help us and we must follow it, and with the holy faith in the special Russian path that our history has outlined for us, since Russia is not a state, but a civilization. And there is no contradiction in this, because the Russian people are woven from these contradictions, they are contradictory from birth by nature.

In short, I can still talk a lot, but it's better not to tell Bismarck in this regard. How this German managed in the short time that he lived in Russia to accurately capture the essence and salt of Russian nature, which crystallized over its thousand-year history, is a mystery to me. But I would hang his quote in all foreign embassies in a frame next to the flag of the Russian Federation:

Russians have the most militaristic consciousness of all the great ethnic groups. This categorically must not be confused with aggressiveness, both acquired and possibly innate, inherent both to individual people and many large and small nations. At the same time, Russians are one of the most peaceful nations, which naturally coexists with militarism, without causing any contradictions, but only emphasizing the ubiquitous ambivalence and duality that permeate them and their attitude towards the world. They are amazingly efficient and amazingly lazy, they are mean and wasteful, they are extremely unpretentious to the ability to survive in any extreme conditions and at the same time they love comfort, they are courageous to heroism and often extremely indecisive, which is easy to confuse with cowardice, they are individualists and collectivists, they are cruel and merciful, they are weak and inaccessibly powerful, they are conservative and revolutionary, they are inventive and stereotypical, they are brilliant to idiocy, and, finally, they are both Europeans and Asians at the same time. And it is not necessary to say that the described properties are to one degree or another inherent in any peoples and ethnic groups, and that Russians are no better and no worse than others. Actually, we are not talking about who is better and who is worse. They are just different. They live in a parallel world in relation to everyone, and no one could always understand them at all times, because they are completely unpredictable!

I just take my hat off to the genius and vision of the first chancellor of the German Empire, who had penetrated the secrets of the Russian soul 150 years ago. In the quote I quoted, Otto Leopoldovich, our unforgettable, describing the Russian people, uses one clever foreign word that explains this phenomenon - ambivalence (duality, contradictory in our way). Yes, the Russian people are ambivalent and therefore not understood by anyone. As the poet said: “You cannot understand Russia with your mind, you cannot measure common arshin, it’s special to become one, you can only believe in Russia!” This was said by Fedor Tyutchev 152 years ago. Since then, essentially nothing has changed. We remain a mystery to the whole world. And while it does not matter where we live. He is Russian and Russian in Africa! Aleksey Serebryakov, having escaped to Canada, could not escape from himself like that, he remained a Russian man and we just cannot forgive him for this. But Serebryakov is no exception here, Russian people, wherever they go, everywhere remain Russian people, without changing their mentality and not adapting to external circumstances, but, on the contrary, trying to change them for themselves. At the same time, it does not matter at all what nationality the natives of Russia are Germans or Jews, Khanty or Mansi. They are Russian in spirit. Therefore, in Israel and America, all Jews from the USSR are called Russians, and in Germany, Russian Germans cannot find a common language with the native Germans, feeling like strangers at their holiday of life. We have different polarity and, as it turned out, perpendicularly sharpened "technological connectors ". No wonder they say that the Russian is good, the German is death!

I’ll tell you more, the West Germans cannot find a common language even with the East. It would seem that almost 30 years have passed since the unification of the two Germanys, and the line between them still lies, running along the border of the FRG-GDR. They even came up with words explaining these differences - “Aussie” and “Wessi” (from the words “ost” and “west” - “west-east”). The “Ossis” fell under the Soviet matrix, they have a Soviet, read Russian mentality, up to a sense of humor (which is funny to the West Germans, it’s only perplexing to the West Germans), but “Wessy” has the oppressed psyche of the defeatists, imposed on him by 70-year-old American occupation. The UN International Peacekeeping Force first encountered this paradox when units recruited from the Federal Republic of Germany were completely unsuitable for the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to them, while representatives of the National People's Army of the GDR coped with them successfully. The whole snag was in ideological education - East Germans were brought up not as defeatists, guilty of the very concept of fascism, but as its victors. They did not have the inferiority that the American curators grew up in their Western counterparts, in every way etching the spirit of the victors from those. And for 70 years they have more than succeeded in this. Even after the reunification of Germany, two of its halves live experiencing mental difficulties associated with these differences - the mentally eastern German is not a westerner comrade!

The paradox is that the Germans have always, at all times, been excellent warriors - we knew this in our own skin, starting with the Teutonic Order and Alexander Nevsky and ending with the last two world wars. How the Americans managed in 70 years to turn them into limp hamburger eaters, not even able to protect their own women from the attacks of sexually anxious migrants, I don’t know! Going on protest marches in tights and skirts instead of tearing down their heads and tearing everything that they have hanging between their feet, presumptuous chummeks - this is beyond my understanding! I’m even scared to imagine what would be done with these chuchmeks in the Russian Federation. But the Germans also apologize to them for the inconvenience.

But God be with them, with the Germans, back to the Russians. In this case, the Russians living in Ukraine. That we, in fact, are one people, divided by scumpoliticians in 1991, more about this Putin said. But I see that a lot of people have already appeared in Russia and Ukraine who do not agree with this point of view. Everyone who on both sides of the barricade with foam at the mouth proves to me that we are not brothers, once again convince me of the opposite. We are one people, whatever one may say, the shit is the same, and the height of the spirit is the same. But the Ukrainian patriots, who hate everything Russian, and the Russian cheers-patriots, who advise all indiscriminately Ukrainians to kill themselves against the wall and wash themselves with their Ukrainian blood, are twin brothers with only opposite signs, who finally realized the bright dream of the Americans to push our two peoples together, who in fact, there is one and the same people. Bravo guys, you are doing this task perfectly. I despise you equally.

Explain to me, to an unreasonable idiot, why some wretched Hungary, which has neither intercontinental missiles, nor oil, nor gas, which is almost invisible on the world map (only, except through a microscope!), With resources thousands of times smaller than the Russian Federation can fight with Ukraine in the trash because of some unfortunate 250 thousand ethnic Hungarians locally living in the Transcarpathian region, for their right to receive education in their native language. At the same time, blocking and torpedoing all decisions in Ukraine, both in the EU and NATO, creating a special ministry for Transcarpathian affairs and issuing passports of Hungarian citizens to everyone who confirmed their Hungarian origin (and there are already 180 thousand of them!), And the great and invincible Russia can’t, silently watching how the rights of 15-20 million Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of a neighboring country, connected with the Russian Federation not only with a common language, culture and history, but also with family ties ?! This is such a failure, such a defeat that no success in Syria and in the international arena can close! Moreover, the consequences of this failure you will reap for many, many years to come. Not only do you lose your last supporters and sympathizers in Ukraine, you also lose future generations, and you lose them forever! This is not something that is not imperial, God bless her with this empire! It is simply not state-owned. A politician of the rank of Putin cannot look so narrowly, under his feet. He must have a planning horizon of at least 50 years. What will happen to Ukraine in 50 years? And there will be a black hole that will draw into itself, like any antimatter, everything around. Why does Russia need such problems in the future? I dont know! One hope is that I don’t know Putin’s plans either. I hope for its adequacy to the expected threats. Believe me, this is not about military and terrorist threats (Russia will cope with them, then). We are talking about the plans of the American curators that are being realized before your eyes on the recoding of the Ukrainian population and the breakdown of its historical matrix.

So that you understand what I’m talking about and some such threats await you in 10 years, I’ll give you just an example of the EU - how the Americans disposed of the defeated peoples of the Third Reich, which, in fact, of the whole of Europe, were left in the zone of American responsibility, and that as a result received. And they got it, they got it - the results are simply breathtaking! You can watch them right now, live, without leaving your TV. Europe is obsequious, in a low bow raked behind America. There the Germans, and the French, and the Dutch, and the Flemings, and the Northern Europeans, and the South — all swallow silently what the white master will offer them. Only the Young Europeans dare to open their mouths - there are all kinds of Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks and, oddly enough, Austrians and Italians. And why? The answer is simple - they have a different story. They were in the zone of Soviet occupation, they did not break the matrix. The very matrix that the Americans are now breaking through their henchmen through the knee in Ukraine, and which so far gently, through the "fifth column" accessible to them and the media that are sitting on their suction, they are trying to break down in your country too, ( about the corrupting corrupting influence of the West, its spiritual and material values, especially on the younger generation, you yourself all know that you’ve cooked in this soup for 26 years, I won’t tell you anything new). The results are not long in coming. You will reap the storm, sowed by the Americans, when a generation of morons born in 2000+ grows up in Ukraine, for whom there will no longer be authorities and who perceive history in the form in which it is fed to them by the scoundrels who came to power in 2014 and rebirths.

I brought all this just so that you (Russians) do not underestimate the possible consequences of brainwashing your Ukrainian brothers. The consequences can be more than deplorable. Professionals work! They have many years of experience breaking the matrix and rewriting the historical code. If they managed to break the Germans and Japanese with their historical traditions (what are the Samurai and the Teutonic Vikings alone ?!), what can we say about the brainless heirs of great ukrov ?!

Even more disgusting than the pseudo-patriots on both sides of the barricades, who are at least sincere in their idiocy, are the former citizens of Ukraine who have happily found their new homeland and now become Russians. And from the height of their new position, now stomping for the Russian Federation and despising all Ukrainians who remained in the old vessel, going to the bottom. I see such freaks, starting with popular scribble bloggers, such as Yulia Vityazeva and Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky, and ending with Rostislav Ishchenko, an ultra-mega-expert on Ukrainian and other issues, who saved their asses in the Russian Federation and is now pushing out their former fellow citizens trying to get into this boat, with the words: “Where are you going, you bastard ?! Well, don’t borrow! The trough is not rubber! Come along here, you know! Go to NATO! (which in translation means go to hell!). ” One would like to ask them: “Have you received a Russian passport for a long time? Quickly, you changed your shoes! ”

“But only when once again deceived, plundered, fragmented and demoralized Ukrainians run to ask for help (primarily material) from Russia, it will be necessary to collect all the willpower, discard sentiments and find enough healthy cynicism mixed in with their own interests, and explain that for cookies and other nishtyaks - this is there, in NATO and the EU. And the maximum that Russia can help Ukraine is to give it a compass. Where the course she has chosen is clearly indicated - to the West! ”

Guess three times, which of the above characters belong to these words? And what, in fact, is the difference, because half of you are ready to subscribe to them yourself. And why are you better than Alexei Serebryakov, whom you condemn? And there is no paradox here - this is the contradictory nature of the Russian soul. Everything in it is - and the height of the spirit, and the baseness of the fall.


He started for health, but finished for peace! He began with Alexei Serebryakov, and ended with a Russian ethnic group and a controversial Russian character. For all the inconsistencies of my conclusions, I should notice the main thing. The Russian state is inherently ideocratic, it is not based on material success, but on the general idea of ​​justice and faith that our cause is just. The Russian people, and they have repeatedly proved this in their history, are capable of accomplishing the impossible, even in more difficult conditions than now, but only in one case - if they believe in the chosen path. If he ceases to believe and does not accept the choice of power, then, as the destruction of the USSR has shown, even enormous military power will not help.

In the recently published ideological conceptual opus of GDP assistant Vladislav Surkov “The Long State of Putin”, he is trying to substantiate this message by introducing the concept of “deep people”. There is one, it turns out. Our. Russian. You won’t get it, it’s not being conducted, you see, on gadgets and other excesses, it is mistrustful of those in power and most importantly, there is a core in it that cannot be understood by all these vaunted overseas marketing political strategists - the last shirt can be in difficult times. take off and put life. For the Fatherland, understand! Here I don’t mock at all, I myself think so, because these are my words, from comrade Surkova is wiser about this.

Putin said the same thing, summing up the results of the Syrian campaign, that the Americans would never understand us, that a Russian soldier, unlike an American soldier, can easily die if he knows that he is defending a just cause. This, precisely, is the main difference between Russians and all other ethnic groups. The Russians have a keen sense of social justice, for which they can go all the way. This is our upbringing. This is our cultural-historical code, which we absorb with mother’s milk. The code written in the subcortex, due to the proud recognition of one's belonging to the Great Country and its Great History. This is exactly what our enemies are trying to erase from us. That is what they are most afraid of in us. That is what they are trying to destroy in the Ukrainians, who are Russian flesh from the flesh. And do not help them in this, pushing the Ukrainian people away from themselves, accusing them without exception of betrayal! You can’t even imagine what forces are now thrown at breaking our historical ties. Only fools and traitors can not understand this. Choose for yourself who you are ?! I don’t even know what is better, to be a useful idiot, or a pathological fool? A mistake is sometimes worse than a crime!

There are things that Russians do not forgive. And do not provoke them! And that is precisely why we are especially treated in the West, where, under poorly concealed apprehension, openly respect reveals itself. Because they understand - Russian can go to the end and die for the truth. American never! Prefers to agree. This is our fundamental difference! Remember the words of the hero Sergei Bodrov: “What is the strength, brother? Power is in the truth!". We grew up on these films, this understanding is within us. For truth, it’s not scary to die. Vivid examples of this are our recent Heroes of Russia, who died in Syria, caused fire on himself, Alexander Prokhorenko and Roman Filipov, shooting to the end from the "Makarov" timeline. Americans will never understand this, and in this, as the GDP said, our strength and our pride! That's why the Americans are afraid of us to convulsions, to hiccups, because they are not ready to die for their truth. And we are ready! Moreover, even those young, by your estimates, morons are ready, walking in headphones and tattoos and listening to American rap. Because Russian blood flows in them. And so in our history it has always been awkward, according to the estimates of the older generation, young people rose up in bold years and covered the country, showing miracles of mass heroism and self-sacrifice.

And this is not inherent in Russian blood, but Russian in spirit. You all remember this story when during the war on 08. 08 08 a single Russian Yakut from the PKK to the edge stopped the column of Georgian special forces. And to answer all their offers, he answered purely in Russian: "Go ... to hell!" The world media then circled these photos with the caption: “Russian 300 is not necessary enough for one” (“Russian and 300 do not need, enough is one.” The name of that Yakut was Bato Dashidorzhiev. And he was not a Yakut at all, but drilled, but it’s just not important, he was a Russian-minded person. By the way, he died two days later in the same place in South Ossetia, protecting the civilian population, completely fulfilling his duty. Why he was not posthumously assigned the Hero of the Russian Federation, it’s a mystery to me Maybe Vladimir Vladimirovich will hear me and correct this injustice 10 years later? They say that in the capital of Buryatia Ulan-Ude and a commemorative plaque. This is a real video of this episode, I'm sorry for not very good quality, yet removed not Mosfilm pavilion.

And here’s another video on the same topic, the photo there seems to be staged, but everything else is true, I just got goosebumps and took my breath away when I watched, listen to the end and you’ll be covered too - because we are Russian and God with us! So it is, as if I wrote the voiceover text myself, a sense of pride in the country and for its people is simply overwhelming.

Now you understand why I say that “Russian” is not a national category, but purely spiritual. "Russian", in my understanding, is not a nationality, but a way of thinking, a special form of the existence of matter, caused not by genes and a set of chromosomes, but by the place of birth, where the formation of the name of the person takes place. And this place is special! An empire occupying 1/6 of the earth’s land, grinding and crushing dozens of ethnic groups, protecting itself from raids, both from the west and from the east, which at the same time survived, did not fall apart, absorbed all the national characteristics of the peoples subjugated by it, and while preserving their national identity, giving writing to many of them and introducing them to world cultural values, has the right to claim its own exclusiveness and the right to be called Russian civilization. At the same time, Russian is not by nationality, but by spirit. This is the essence of the uniqueness of the Russian soul and Russian character.

PS We assume that I have uncovered this endless topic. And this I still did not fit into the particular national character that Pushkin described as: "God forbid you to see the Russian rebellion, meaningless and merciless!" This is the question of the endless patience of the Russian people. But if patience breaks, then that's it! Khan to everyone! Russians harness for a long time, but drive fast! For the time being, the West is saving only that “there are few real violent ones ...”, as Vladimir Vysotsky said. But it’s better not to wake the dare while it is quiet, and not to tease the Russian bear. Because there are hundreds of ways to drive a bear out of the den, but there is no one how to drive it back. We assume that I, along with Vladimir Vladimirovich, warned you.
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  1. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 10 March 2019 13: 27
    even those underage, according to your estimates, stupid people walking in headphones and tattoos and listening to American rap are ready

    I would like to believe you. But more and more often they rap Navalny. It doesn’t matter yet, in view of the primitiveness of the argumentation, but the trouble is the beginning ... If I were in his place, I would remember the fate of Nemtsov / Voronenkov - when the “partners” consider him useless.
  2. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 10 March 2019 14: 54
    No, well, it’s cool written, no doubt: about Russians, about Russian civilization ...
    Only the author does not say the main thing, but what needs to be done, by Russians from the Russian Federation, in Ukraine, and how?
    If you do not take into account the DNI and LC.
    I would like to hear specifically, on points and without unnecessary emotions.
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2019 20: 52
      If you click on my last name under the text, you will be taken to the archive of texts written by me for the Reporter, you read these: https://topcor.ru/5918-vybory-na-ukraine-konec-idei-novoj-rossijskoj-imperii.html , https://topcor.ru/6041-rokovaja-oshibka-putina.html
      1. gore Offline gore
        gore (Alexander) 11 March 2019 07: 29
        Yes God forbid, still read such articles ...
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 10: 44
          in fact, it wasn’t for you to leave links; you probably don’t know how to read at all, just look at the pictures.
          1. magirus401 Offline magirus401
            magirus401 (Vyacheslav) 11 March 2019 21: 53
            You are the same hamlo as Serebryakov. In general, who are you to judge the country, the history of the country, and even more so the people living in it? No wonder they say: "shut up, you will pass for a clever one."
            1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 01: 27
              Who are you? What exactly do you disagree with in the text? Serebryakova not discussing! Specifically - the first, second, third ... I'm waiting!
        2. Pereplut Offline Pereplut
          Pereplut (Alexander) 2 May 2021 15: 13
          And you need to do what you think is necessary. Why are guides needed? Do what your conscience tells you to do.
      2. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 10: 09
        Vladimir, it seems that Serebryakov does not want to forgive snobbery. His insight came after he left for Canada, and the money came to earn money in Russia. Dissonance, however.
        And the war in Donbass, it’s a civil war. Putin does not interfere in it, because he promised not to "exterminate the Russians," and he was heard.
        I think that Ukrainians behave like drunken ones, but sooner or later the money for the party runs out, and then, having sober up, they themselves will be horrified by what they have done, and "The sword does not cut the guilty head." This has already happened in history.
        Vladimir Vladimirovich - HEAD, I think so.
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 10: 48
          those. the sword does not cut the guilty head of GDP? is there anything to blame?
          regarding Serebryakov - no, he is not a snob, rather a nihilist and at least says that he thinks without fear of condemnation. also not given to everyone
      3. Rusa Offline Rusa
        Rusa 11 March 2019 11: 55
        We read what? It is mainly about Putin: "Fatal mistake ...", about the electoral circus in Ukraine and so on. Even if there was a mistake, there is a good proverb: "Having taken off your head, you no longer cry for your hair." And it's not a fact that there was a mistake, we still don't know a lot.
        In the same publication, you are talking about Russians in general, and not about Putin and not about the political power of the Russian Federation. And your links did not answer the main question: What and how should citizens of the Russian Federation (Russian) do in Ukraine now?
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 18: 45
          and that something depends on them? I gave it to read so that you could see - Russians and people who simply did not see the enemy in Russia came out, there were more of them in Kharkov than in Odessa, Donetsk and Lugansk at that time, so what? the Vinnytsia Jaguar arrived and cleaned everyone up, people are still sitting in the SBU pre-trial detention center, about 1000 people are sitting, the Kharkiv OMON was behind us, so Avakov brought the Vinnytsia man. People walked with flags of the Russian Federation as long as a football field, stood in front of the Russian consulate, so what? The motor started spinning here back in March and spun to Donetsk. There are zero claims to him, just Kernes lay down under Benyu, and Russia did not come. That's all! And in Donetsk and Lugansk, all the authorities fled, there was no one to go to Kiev. This is for 2014. I don't know what to do now, to dry the crackers. So far we ourselves cannot do anything, but there is no hope for the Russian Federation, from the word "absolutely". Russians in the Baltics are in the position of second-class people, with disabilities, what has Russia done for them? That is why everyone and everyone is wiping their feet about Russia, because in this world only the strong are respected. By right of strength. Winners are not judged!

          What and how should citizens of the Russian Federation (Russian) do in Ukraine now?

          - I think there’s a typo here, what do Russian citizens do in Ukrainian? I think it was about Russian and Russian-cultural people
          1. Rusa Offline Rusa
            Rusa 11 March 2019 22: 04
            There is no clerical error. You see, Russia is the entire Russian people, including Russians. Therefore, if you have a claim to the political power of the Russian Federation, then write, for example, to Kremlin.ru, Volodin, Matvienko or Putin, tell them what is sore.
            1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 01: 30
              already written? and how did they answer? easier to call on the rail!
  3. Wahler Offline Wahler
    Wahler (set up) 10 March 2019 16: 35
    Is this a saga of a call to rebellion? They started about Serebryakov, but finished over the repose? I understand that 70% of media resources belong to Western companies. Most importantly gentlemen, stop the revolution. WE will cope with such a president with everything, give us time, peace time .......... Russia is not a galosh to you that you can spit with binge ... This is about Serebryakov ... right wrong ..... not the time .... The time of gentlemen and duels is over ....... it's a pity.
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2019 21: 00
      Only in your diseased brain could such a conclusion be born! Pushkin's quote was addressed to our sworn "friends and partners" on the outer perimeter. On the inner track, everything suits me. Let's just say, almost everything.
  4. 3vs Offline 3vs
    3vs 10 March 2019 16: 52
    No associations with the recent Putin's statement: "Why do we need a world in which we will not be? .."

    We must accurately quote the authors!

    Why do we need a world in which Russia will not be?

    Putin V.V.

    In principle, it can be immediately platinum and placed under the future portrait of one of the historical figures of Russia.
  5. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 10 March 2019 20: 37
    Oh and Aquarius belay
    People mixed up, horses and a lot of letters :)
    And Serebryakov is right for all 100, I agree with the beginning of the article.
  6. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 10 March 2019 20: 42
    The author, as always, rushes from one to another ... The question is not that Russians hate Ukrainians or vice versa. The problem is different - who is raised to the flag by both. There are Russians at the place of birth whom you want to shoot as soon as they open their mouths (such as Bykov-Zilbeltrud). That is why we - Russians, if we love, then sincerely, as, in fact, we hate ... These are traitors who do not love ANYWHERE ... they hang them. Ascension into the ideal of traitors is a sin no less mortal than betrayal itself. Because these traitors are even more cruel than the enemy they serve. .... That is why we, Russians, hate not only Ukrainians, who have betrayed everything Russian in themselves, but also the allegedly "Russian" by blood, but perfect "nemaki" by mentality ...
    Now about the fact that there are a lot of those on the net who hate "by origin".
    Unfortunately, I have to admit that there are too many of them ... True, there is one big "BUT". Something too many patsreots "Russians" and the same wide "Ukrainians" who spank the same text (there are really small differences, which is confirmed by the very fact of copying texts with the involvement of a translator (I have Yandex translation, and the rest - whatever)) on different sites, to incite internal enmity between Russian-Ukrainians and Russian-Chuvash, Russian-Mordovians, Russian-Komi ... in general, understandable.
    Here, only one criterion of his own can be - if the interlocutor is an opponent of Bandera, calmly referring to the common Soviet past (accepting both achievements and shortcomings equally), does not deny the history of the Russian Empire. Understanding that a common history in which we ALL "grew up" together and without which we SEPARATELY simply would not exist ... and realizing that the project of fragmentation of a common Slavic state is a centuries-old idea of ​​Western Catholic civilization, which considers the Slavs to be competitors to its world domination ...
    The one who does not understand this is blind. And it is with such people that we fight in the vastness of the network, trying to convince that THEY (our brothers, who have forgotten about kinship) made the wrong choice, that they were deceived, that they are being used as slaves-mankurt ... While we are trying to convince with words, but do not let God will meet us on the battlefield ... The last time it was in the Great Patriotic War, and then these mankurt were simply crushed in passing by the Red Army (Soviet, Russian, Russian - as you like, because at the moment it is not important). And these "forgetfuls" did not understand anything ... Well, it's a pity ...
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2019 21: 19
      The author does not rush anywhere, he clearly understands everything for himself, he is simply trying to explain to the incomprehensible contradictory nature of Russian nature, which has developed historically. We must take this for granted and stop already fighting windmills. We have enough external enemies to breed internal ones, which by their nature will always be against any diktat, no matter how good or bad. The main thing is not to betray yourself! Millions of Russian people are left to fend for themselves in the Baltics, Central Asia, now also in Ukraine, they cry for help and what they hear: "On your own, on your own, sorry, guys, now it's not up to you!" How long! How long will Russia tolerate this? Okay, in the 90s we were weak, but now it's time to outline the edges! To begin with, give dual Russian citizenship to all former citizens of the USSR who wish to do so, then the LDNR can recognize and fight for the rights of Russian people who, by the will of fate, found themselves outside their big homeland. For now, only words.
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 00: 37
        Tell the slow-witted, what is happening in Ukraine now? Civil War? Brother went to brother? Or does a Ukrainian (whom you consider a brother) kill Russians?
        The collapse of the Union left millions of Russians outside the Russian Federation. And what to do? Go to war in Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Central Asia?
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 04: 55
          What an idiot you are doing here! Firstly, there is no civil war in Ukraine, but there is a junta that throws people who do not have either a brain or money to live on the same people in the Donbass who are forced to defend themselves from them. Take away the APU and the war will end by itself. And what should the Russian Federation do with the rest of the Russians abandoned by it, let it look at least at Hungary, how it defends its own, and let it be embarrassing!
          1. Bakht Offline Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 07: 38
            If this is a brotherly people, then a civil war is going on in Ukraine. For me, this is the "moment of truth". I've been using forums since 2004, when Yushchenko came to power. For any Bandera, this is a red rag. Not a single militant nationalist recognizes the "civil war" in Ukraine.
            You call on Russia to save Russians throughout the CIS. Throw Russia into the furnace in the name of "higher justice". You are not much different from Trotsky.
            Did Russia help Donbass a little? And should she be ashamed?
            1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 10: 57
              Are you ...? Hungary that threw its troops into Ukrainian? It can be seen that you are not Russian, you do not mind Russian, your own shirt is closer to the body. Go chop on the forums further! Chopped ...
              1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 12: 38
                Learn to polemize culturally. Until I see that you do not even understand what I am talking about. I see one thing in your articles. If you squeeze out all the water, "the Russians have abandoned the fraternal people and are not helping them. We must crush the junta in Kiev and then we will all live happily."
                I explain to the fool again. Russia will not come. The rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves. "
                There is a civil war in Ukraine. When one part presses and spread rot another. And those that burn and kill are Ukrainians (your brothers). And those who defend themselves are Russians in the Donbass.
                We must pay tribute - you are smarter than those nationalists who simply shout about "Mordor's aggression". You are simply speculating on false premises trying to drag Russia into a full-scale war.
                Once again for the gifted. Ukraine is an anti-Russian project. Ukrainian mentality and focus of thoughts - the enemy of Russian.
                And to paraphrase the well-known words "As for Ukraine, it must be destroyed."

                1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 18: 49
                  I see no reason to argue with idiots. In the Donbass, Russians kill Russians, is it easier for you?
                  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 20: 44
                    The culture is zero, the arguments are zero. Gray matter only on reflexes.
                    Indeed, what to talk about ...
                  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
                    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 21: 17
                    86% of citizens consider themselves Ukrainians, 11% consider Russians
                    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
                      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 01: 34
                      conduct a survey in a concentration camp, how many consider themselves Jews there? in 5 years - finally your Russian will not be!
                      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 March 2019 08: 55
                        But what about "Russians don't kneel"? And the Jews in the concentration camp wore the Star of David, but did not renounce. And Christians went to the cross, but did not change their faith. You are a funny man. Everyone is trying to prove that you are a patriot, but it turns out badly. That is, the "Russians" in Ukraine became Ukrainians in order to survive? Commendable decision. For the same reasons, they went to the policemen and killed the Russians.
                        I do not urge everyone to become heroes. The person is weak and I’m not sure that I myself will take the right decision in a critical situation. But in this case, it was Kharkov that showed that life is worth more than ideals. It is much easier not to come for the protection of people (like the Kharkov Golden Eagle) and then shout that Russia has betrayed.
                        Faith, the tsar and the Fatherland were taken from you. They take away history and culture. Where are the Kovpaki? ... Where are the partisans? Where is the attempt on Avakov?
                        Wait for you to be pulled from Orthodoxy to the Catholic Church ...
                2. Rinat Sayfutdinov (Rinat Sayfutdinov) 25 January 2021 13: 16
                  On the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, as well as on the territory of the entire USSR, power was seized by foreign trading companies, which are led so that the citizens of the USSR would not understand anything, traitors who sold themselves to the rulers of the deep world government, and who act in the interests of the world government, and not in any way in favor of their Motherland ...
        2. gore Offline gore
          gore (Alexander) 11 March 2019 07: 26
          Why, bro, are you off topic? For a long time the whole civilized world has known that in Ukraine bloodthirsty Russians are destroying the unfortunate and defenseless Urkai people (and, moreover, freedom-loving). So diz to you, for ignorance ...
      2. oracul Offline oracul
        oracul (leonid) 11 March 2019 08: 00
        Dialectical materialism has long defined the struggle and unity of contradictions as a source of development. This is what we must proceed from. Any contradictions are resolvable, but immediately the question of price and time arises. Kim Jong-un boldly confronts the mighty USA, not because they have nuclear weapons, but because there is China, there is Russia, and he can count on their support. Venezuela, Cuba, Iran confront the States again, because they somehow get support from China and Russia. Alas! Russia really in this stormy world can only rely on itself. And this must be taken into account. Friendly winks and pats on the shoulder of the West in the 90s cost us dearly. Haste and haste are unnecessary and dangerous.
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 10: 59
          Well, firstly, nuclear weapons saved Sev. Korea. Venezuela has support for China and the Russian Federation, but that did not save it!
  7. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 10 March 2019 22: 20
    Quote: Volkonsky
    Millions of Russian people ... cry for help

    I remembered the rallies in Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk in March-April 2014, even before the announcement of H / L / D / NR - all Russian tricolors were in people's hands, with rare exceptions. I now ask myself a question without an answer - how many supporters of unification with the Russian Federation did we lose then without providing them with direct support? And how many have not acquired new ones - thanks to disappointment? But now, if appropriate decisions are made, it will first be necessary to regain the lost trust. You need to do everything on time, and not "hit the tails" ...
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2019 23: 29
      https://topcor.ru/6041-rokovaja-oshibka-putina.html - читал?
  8. meandr51 Offline meandr51
    meandr51 (Andrei) 10 March 2019 23: 01
    The author has a mess in his head. And too much Serebryakov. And health, and rest in one bottle.
    As for small Hungary, the reason for its "heroism" is precisely in the insignificance of its claims. They just let her. Her "heroism" is not noticed, and under the guise of a big war they do their little thing. Perhaps this case even plays into the hands of Washington, creating the basis for a subsequent option with a possible partition of Ukraine.
    Then the Hungarian minority will come in handy!
    Russia is not allowed anything! And it will never be allowed. Legitimate methods. Therefore, Russia is simply forced to take everything in battle. If you can ... Yes, and the number of Russians in Ukraine is too large for Washington not to notice, like the Hungarians. This is a serious game and nothing will go quietly here.
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2019 23: 28
      and when Russia will come in handy its majority in Ukrainian? it seems like never already! already now this number is falling, along with an obscene and spineless policy in Ukraine, and you all are fighting with the silver ones.
  9. Naval Offline Naval
    Naval (Alexander) 11 March 2019 05: 15
    The article is really ambivalent, like riding a roller coaster, then take off, then fall down, but admittedly, it is interesting.
  10. gore Offline gore
    gore (Alexander) 11 March 2019 07: 21
    Not an article - some kind of hodgepodge. Author, what are you talking about? About the kid or about the Russians? So we know YOURSELF without you, but what does Serebryakov have to do with it? If it is something (m is the Latin script), then personally I am sure of it.
    And not because he is now pouring slop on Russia and defecating on Russians. This is now an entrance ticket to the world of the West and Serebryakov is now paying for it.
    You explain to me, "poor Mordvin", why THIS, (Serebryakov), pouring and defecating on Russia everything that is possible, continues to act in Russia? Something in the article about this - no gu-gu.
    That is, Serebryakov, in your understanding, is the light in the window, which has left Russian rudeness. And according to your words, "such", starting with the demanded bloggers-clerks, such as Yulia Vityazeva and Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky, and ending with the ultra-mega-expert on Ukrainian and other issues Rostislav Ishchenko, who saved their asses in the Russian Federation "(by the way, they left for Russia not by their own will) are non-humans and traitors.
    Think when you say, think what you are talking about and when you say - think ...
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 11: 03
      Well then you yourself will count the number of minuses under your comment and you will decide who is Rabinovich to whom.
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 11 March 2019 11: 37
        Vladimir, Alexander is right in his own way. People from your country are not fleeing from a good life. They flee because of the threat of being killed. And silverfish ... wants to live beautifully, not answering for anything (otherwise he would have to answer to ordinary people here for his words), but at the same time in that west nobody needs him. Therefore, continues to act in Russia. Of course, there are illegible directors who use his services in Russia (the same ones like himself - a high opinion of himself).
        I don’t understand such people - well, you left for America, well, live yourself there slowly! On fig 0b $ to scrub his homeland? The people you make money from? After all, you yourself are from this people, and insulting him, you thereby become higher, more honest, higher? Not only will you fall below low and former compatriots will curse you. Indeed, from love to hate is one step.
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 18: 54
          Alex, what are the complaints? Have you ever met rudeness in the Russian Federation? I am constantly, and at different levels. That's what Serebryakov says. At the same time, a boor can close his body in hard times and the motherland, I already spoke about this. We are such people, mysterious ...

          People from Ukraine are fleeing from hopelessness, they escaped from the threat of murder back in 2014.
          1. turbris Offline turbris
            turbris (Boris) 11 March 2019 19: 29
            Well, about rudeness, so you allow yourself much more in the comments than others. What is your article about? We started with Serebryakov, you see such an honest truth-cutter, after leaving for Canada, he suddenly discovered that he lived in a boorish and warlike country, which constantly unleashes military conflicts. And then you urge you to protect Russians around the world, probably not only by peaceful means? For example, Hungary, which is a member of NATO, is therefore so bold with Ukraine. And the war in Ukraine is just a civil war, the citizens of Ukraine are fighting among themselves, you still do not understand this?
            1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 20: 07
              You can always see with whom you have to communicate, with a person who draws his knowledge from a box, or with a person who experiences all this in his own skin. Where you get it is visible to the naked eye. I allow myself where I allow myself. The comrade you defend has already shown his mental instability in his past comments, under other texts. I might not have remembered, but the name is very rare - Bakhtiyar, purely Russian, right? And these people teach me how to live ?! And they tell me who is fighting in Ukraine. Russians are fighting there on both sides! With regards to Serebryakov, he constantly said this, even before leaving, leaving is already a consequence. Regarding the war on Ukrainian, I can tell you a big secret, so it hasn’t been there, and it hasn’t been all these 4,5 years, I live in Kharkov, 150 km to the ATO zone, a front-line city, right? She doesn’t even smell of it here. It smelled only in 2014, until the fall. The war is going on in the Donbass, where on the front there are two sides and spool each other. Take one of them and the war will end. Since the LDNR troops have nowhere to go, the APU must withdraw. But war for the leadership of Ukraine is the only justification and form of profit. Therefore, it will go on for a long time until the leadership of the country changes or until the powers that be come to terms for it. The rest of the war is in your head. Turn off the box and the war will end. Unfortunately, this advice is not suitable for residents of Donbass.
              1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 20: 53
                Let me notice, since I was mentioned here. The name is very simple - Bakhtiyar, which means happy. Born in the USSR, I live in Azerbaijan. And what does that change?
                You do not argue with me, you argue with the Russians. According to recent polls, Ukraine is firmly in second place in Russian polls as an enemy. In the first place, the States are 60%, in the second Ukraine 29% and in the third Great Britain and only then NATO.
                I will try again. You write that in Kharkov everyone was against the putsch and even the riot police. I had to bring Vinnitsky. So what? Hundreds of Bandera supporters bent the millionth Kharkov? And the Kharkov riot police went to the Vinnitskys? Motor "sdrisnul" to Donetsk? That is, he had to defend Kharkov? And how did Kharkiv fail to cope with "one battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine"?
                The level of your awareness in Ukraine I have already seen. Either zero or false. Damn you do not understand what is happening. To look, does not mean to see, and to be in place does not mean to understand something.
                1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 01: 40
                  The right to stupidity is one of the guarantees of the free development of an individual

                  Mark Twain

                  When you want to answer, re-read another quote from the classic:

                  It is better to remain silent and seem like a fool than to speak and dispel all doubts
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 11 March 2019 19: 28
    Well, yes, it’s written well and it is said about the Russian soul, just don’t need to weave Serebryakov the bastard, justify him and agree that we are louts, bastards, etc. If you want, Volkonsky, remain a boor and a bastard, we do not want. And now I do not want to watch films with Serebryakov and at the same time see his frank lies about patriotism, honesty towards Russia. As for the Russians left in Ukraine, it is our pain and resentment that these Russians did not defend (and there were at least a third of them) Ukraine when the Merikans settled there. They also wanted to live in a European way, including and the communists. And what did we need to go and lay our heads for them in order to free us from European freedom? And if they did not want this, Or would not everyone want this release? A war against the Ukrainians would restore for centuries the intransigence and the wall between us, even if we liberated them. In addition, what would we feed them, revive, and at whose expense? For your own? But now we can’t support our disabled and pensioners in a normal way. And we would feed 40 million Ukrainians. What kind of shisha? So, Volkonsky, what are you pushing Putin for. He had thought it over for a long time and considered it the best to leave you alive at home, rather than throwing you at Bandera.
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 20: 12
      Tell it to Kharkov, who came out on the square in 2014! tell Donbass, who is 5 years between heaven and earth! typical position of a khataskraynik, only Russian. He hurts for the Russians, you see in Ukrainian. Didn't you hurt the South in 1999? Will hurt and stop. Songs about "feeding", tell someone else, we can feed ourselves! Found freeloaders here!
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 20: 56
        So you are a freeloader. "Come and save me. And I will continue to yell here as we love Russians." How many deputies have gone over to the side of Donetsk? Yes, I’ll find a dozen videos of how the Party of Regions yelled about independence and "sdrisnula" back in mid-February.
        I have not yet touched your passage that "people went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine because of money." That is, they paid and they went to kill the "brothers".
        1. The comment was deleted.
  13. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 11 March 2019 19: 31
    Quote: Volkonsky
    from the threat of murder fled back in 2014

    Only those who consider people to be rubbish could make decisions on mortar attacks on schools and kindergartens in the LPNR in 2014-2015. War is the achievement of political goals by other methods. The animal logic of war criminals who made decisions on "other methods" was simple and ugly: the fear of parents for their children - the population leaving the threatened territory - reduction of military losses - victory of the Maidan coup d'état. I am sure that the wheel of history will eventually crush the revolutionaries themselves, and their curators, and their descendants. I feel sorry for people - I remembered the photograph of the "Horlivka Madonna" in a T-shirt with the inscription "Paris". How monstrously many meanings are sometimes found in a single shot ...
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 March 2019 20: 14
      Thank you for understanding!
  14. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 21: 32
    Both Moscow and Kiev will take a “wait and” approach, hoping that, see sooner or later, the other side will be forced to make major concessions. Russian and Ukrainian societies will drift further and further apart in terms of culture and civilization. However, this will not automatically mean that Ukraine will drift closer to Europe.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 March 2019 09: 15
      Bakhtiyar, where is the quote from?
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 March 2019 09: 32
        From the Internet.... :-)
        I do not read the crime chronicle. I do not read officialdom. Who met whom and kissed. Who said what? This is all immaterial. I read only analytics. This is from the website of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs. Founders of the Ministry of the Russian Federation and quite official state structures of the Russian Federation.
        I just read in English at first. And only then he switched to Russian. The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education, coupled with the Academy of Sciences, believe that Ukraine and Russia have a different culture and civilizationally not the same thing. I understood it that way.

        In both Moscow and Kiev, expectant moods will continue to dominate - hopes that sooner or later the other side will be forced to make serious concessions. Russian and Ukrainian societies will continue to diverge in cultural and civilizational terms, which, however, will not automatically mean a parallel rapprochement between Ukraine and Europe.

  15. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
    Alexander Ra (Alexander) 11 March 2019 21: 36
    What is the greatness of Serebryakov? Said: - "Dirt," sitting behind a hill. Take and clean, bring-give clean - no, I’ll spit in the mud, but for the sake of the bugs I’ll come to this “mud” - the stomach crushed the principles, and ... that's all. And then what? Is this a civil feat? The author suggests admiring and respecting Serebryakova, and Bato, and Filippova? No, these are very different phenomena, put in vain among the heroes of the mummers in vain.
    To the question "what are you better than Alexei Serebryakov whom you condemn?" “We have not abandoned our land.” If we have something bad, it hurts us, but there is no thought to smear our people, our country with dirt.
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 01: 44
      text about the ambivalence of the Russian people, reread at least Bismarck's quote!
      1. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
        Alexander Ra (Alexander) 12 March 2019 08: 17
        You are surprised that everyone does not become infected and does not admire the theory of ambivalence? Around a lot of black and white. Is this theory warm or cold? Are you waiting for mandatory exaltation on behalf of Bismarck? In the diaries of Dostoevsky (about the Slavs) there are a lot of practically useful and interesting, the clever VV admires Rozanov ("fleeting"). The elevation of the "civilizational" and the belittling of the "national" is a serious mistake: the biological (vital) is an earlier level of information and therefore more durable than the mental - "civilizational". If you go to a social level - be so kind as not to offer readers not the best in your personal ambivalence (about responses to comments).
  16. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 22: 10
    Moving away from all the nonsense and emotions that are written here, you can try to predict the development of events.
    The main and decisive player in the Ukrainian field is still the States. Then come smaller players like the EU and Russia. The opinion of Ukraine does not interest anyone.
    The position of the States is quite understandable and clear. They solve their economic problems. Washington's main goal is to remove economic rivals and restart its production. One of the ways to solve this problem (though important, but still one way) is the deterioration of the economic indicators of Europe and Russia. Moreover, the main enemy is Germany, as the locomotive of the European Union. The sanctions regime serves these purposes. The sanctions were imposed because of the Ukrainian crisis. Therefore, the States will support Ukraine to the end. She will not be strengthened (unprofitable), but they will not be allowed to die either. Ukraine will not become a "failed state", but it will remain weak and with ongoing local battles in the Donbas. So - the task of Washington is to keep Ukraine weak and continue sluggish actions in the Donbas. Are people dying? This is an acceptable price for Washington.
    Russia and the EU should sit in the same boat. Both of them benefit from the collapse of Ukraine. But if for Brussels (especially for Budapest, Warsaw and Bucharest) it is a gift from heaven, then for Russia it is necessary that the border should go as far as possible to the West. The disintegration along the ethnic border is a disaster for Russia. But with the collapse of Ukraine, the question of Crimea is removed, the question of Donbass and sanctions are lifted. In Brussels, it’s not politicians who sit, but officials who listen only to teams from Washington, and Moscow expects that the situation may change and that it will be possible to take all of Ukraine (except for the western regions).
    What do we have? Washington wants to have a weak Ukraine, Russia and the EU are waiting for its collapse.
    What could be the policy of Moscow towards Kiev? Wait for the elections in Ukraine and not recognize their results. Under no sauce. Whoever wins. Break all economic ties. To completely ruin the economy of Ukraine and cause such a deterioration of life, so that revolts against the central government begin. Only then can the LDNR corps go on the offensive. Provocations from the APU every day in abundance. Only the offensive of Donbass (that is, formally of the Ukrainian units) will be able to save Ukraine from collapse and then Russia will be able to fulfill its tasks. Poland, Hungary and Romania will get their piece of cake and will not yap much. Germany will have the opportunity to lift the sanctions, Britain will no longer be in the EU. And the position of the rest (even France) will not matter.
    Moscow cannot wait long. Ukrainization has already gone very far. Hope you can still reverse it. Otherwise, it's all just words. The occupation of the country is unacceptable. If the people do not want to return to the "Russian world" then the train has already left.

    PS Special supplement for Volkonsky. Be able to listen to smart people. And I consider myself smart. As the famous Silantius said:

    I’m telling them in a good way: here it is, the milkmen, you will hide from me, and you will die, I say, green. The fool, here it was, is a fool and is buried, and no more data.

    PPS This is just an attempt to predict the future. But as you know from planning, "a system that has more than three injections is practically unpredictable."
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 March 2019 09: 38
      Bakhtiyar, you are not entirely right. What is the expectation of 10-20-30 -... years for Russia, when our history has more than one hundred, or even a thousand years? We can wait forever! ... And then they say China-China ... Russia is the one who operates the development of history for more than one generation. If China has just begun (in the 21st century) to wake up from hibernation, then Russia has NEVER "fallen asleep" ... China can afford to go into hibernation - it is separated from the major world players by Russia and seas-oceans. Russia cannot afford this - they will tear it apart (as history has shown). The fragmentation of the Russian-Slavic territories, before the unification into the Moscow principality - this is what awaited us after 1991. Therefore, haste is like death for us. After all, a hasty decision is usually wrong. Therefore, at the top we are in no hurry to make a decision on the former Ukrainian SSR. For Russia, the Ukrainian people are ONE OF. And all of Russia, with its NUMEROUS peoples and nationalities, is in great danger, if you admit the infection of banditry (what the former Union Republic has become) is an infection. Of course, not all of the Ukrainian people, but a VERY significant part of it. And we cannot talk here about SALVATION of some part of Ukrainian society (we still have plenty of our own mrazot - all these Serebryakovs, Navalny-Khodors), we ourselves have not yet fully recovered. Therefore, the actions of our leadership are very careful. (including economic)
      And therefore - WAITING and working ....
      PS - everything I wrote here is my personal opinion, an explanation of what is happening ... And it seems to me that this is most suitable for describing the events taking place in and around Russia ...
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 March 2019 15: 32
        It is good when a person has a personal opinion. And he knows how to convey this opinion without rudeness.
        My personal opinion is that there is no time. The world is accelerating. Even in the 19th century, with ship speeds of 10-15 knots, huge China could not fence itself off and wait. And Japan was forced to open its ports in front of one (!) Ship. Now the situation is much worse. The speeds are incommensurable, the transmission of information at the speed of light, rockets with supersonic sound. Money flows at the touch of a button. No time. Believe me.
        But I do not propose opening borders or introducing troops. What are the States doing with Iran, Russia or Venezuela? Using economic methods to destroy an enemy state. Take a closer look at Venezuela.
        I propose the same Anglo-Saxon version. Application of economic methods to worsen the life of the population the enemy state. I emphasize - the enemy, not fraternal. Ukraine can (!?) Become fraternal only after denazification. In any other case, it is a state hostile to Russia. The deterioration of the life of the population is not dictated by bloodthirstiness, but by the desire to wake up the sleepy Russian (and non-Russian) population of Ukraine. If Ukraine is occupied, then land should burn under the enemies of the invaders. In the meantime, despite all the attempts of some authors writing here, I see that the earth burns under the feet of Russians in the Donbass. How many terrorist attacks were in Donbass and how many heroes did the Donbass lose and how many terrorist attacks were in Ukraine?
        No time. A month later, Poroshenko will be re-elected for a second term and everything will remain the same. And they will put pressure on Russia to maintain transit and feed Ukraine. A month ago, I did not even consider Poroshenko as a possible president. Now I’m not so sure. Of all the candidates, he suits Washington the most.
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex 12 March 2019 18: 00
          Bakhtiyar, if the Russian leadership maintains transit and leaves business relations at the same level (after re-election of the offal), I will be the first to protest. This abomination must be isolated from our Russia. And to make sure that Belarus cut off the supply of fuel and lubricants.
  17. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2019 23: 12
    The “freezing”, especially the complete cessation of the conflict in the East, will inevitably lead to the fact that the social and economic problems of Ukraine will more and more come to the fore.
    Given the stabilization of the situation in the East, maintaining a radical political agenda will not only be an increasingly difficult task, but will also create serious risks for Ukrainian statehood as such ..
    Without Russia, alone, the West will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to ensure Ukrainian economic prosperity.

    Clever opinions must be sought in the flow of information. I personally completely agree with this opinion.
    I disagree with only one thing - "Whoever feeds a girl, dances her." If Russia takes on the costs of restoring the state of Ukraine, then the buns should be significant.
  18. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 March 2019 01: 17
    Beautiful, Wolf. What to say. This is something like the second series, deployed. You already had a similar text, though, I would say, in a slightly more lightweight form. This is not a joke: I would slightly shorten it, leave the thought of Ukrainians and Russians, throw out poems and actors, and send Putin to soap. Maybe such a step will bring you closer. I don’t know who is reading to him there, but seriously, it either comes to him or the decisions somehow go differently, but they pass. Your texts, as stylishly and clearly from the heart, I think, have a high chance of just getting through. I didn’t believe it myself until I tried it a couple of years ago. He wrote the truth in front of the straight line, the question was not read out, but, to my surprise, the solution happened very quickly ... He also wrote not on a personal topic, but on a global topic, so to speak ...
    1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 02: 29
      https://topcor.ru/5224-russkie-ne-idut-russkie-uzhe-davno-prishli.html - этот текст имеешь в виду? Да, получилось расширенное продолжение, типа сиквела. В оригинале назывался "Русский характер", а цитата Бисмарка, вынесенная в заглавие, шла эпиграфом, и картинку я другую хотел - бурята с РПК. Но редактор решил по-другому. Изначально была идея описать противоречивость русской души, всё в ней есть – и высота духа, и низость падения, подкрепить цитатой Бисмарка (второй, в середине текста), кстати, Леша, эта цитата, скорее приписывается Бисмарку, чем на самом деле, реально у него я ее не нашел, сам приписал, по стилю на него похоже, но точной уверенности нет, сам ее корректировал, т.е. Бисмарк-Волконский, найдешь, кому она принадлежит - буду признателен, цитата очень мощная! Да, возвращаясь к идее текста, оттолкнувшись от амбивалентности, хотел выйти на некое философское обобщение, что русский - это не национальность, а цивилизация, образ мышления, отдельная от других форма существования материи, потому и не понятная для многих. Вышло, что вышло, зря Серебрякова для подводки взял, это вызвало ненужную полемику, люди реально за забором не видят леса. Устал я от них! От этих бойцов диванных войск. Удивляюсь людям, не жалко им времени своего, мало того, что потеряли его на прочтение 16 тыс знаков, так они еще решили потерять какую-то часть его, чтобы написать мне, как им это все не понравилось. У меня на Прозе стоит предупреждение: P.S. Граждане, которым кажется, что им не понравилось прочитанное, вот бумага - НАПИШИТЕ ЛУЧШЕ! Но не помогает. Я не Пушкин, чтобы всем нравиться, и не доллар, чтобы меня любить!

      The text turned out to be somewhat protracted, but it seems easy to read. To write Putin to the Kremlin - I’m not an i-diot! Firstly, he reads only what is put on the table. Secondly, the text is philosophical and does not require instant decisions. Thirdly, where am I and where is Putin?
      1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 02: 59
        Although Putin, of course, is interested in the philosophy of the issue, but I think he reads other authors, more
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex 12 March 2019 09: 51
          Wolf, but do not argue - you write! The main thing is to do it! And what will happen next - life will show! I also wrote (though in terms of housing and communal services) and there was no answer (neither full-time, not in absentia). But that does not upset me.
        2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 March 2019 11: 24
          According to Bismarck-Volkonsky I agree, the quote is cool, you probably can’t say better ... But with GDP I didn’t mean the assessment of your literary abilities, but the topic itself. The topic is really important. Your spiritual presentation - try it, just shorten it. I once tried and it turned out. I admit, of course, that the coincidence turned out to solve the presented question, but it seemed so painful that someone had read the letter, maybe not CAM, but the decision was made promptly ... or maybe the letter was also in a heap and that helped ...
    2. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 02: 37
      Really dragged on from the Block! when he pressed here, and in yet another line, he appreciated all the greatness of a genius. Skifov's block wrote 2 days, 100 years ago exactly. I’m finally not a fan of poetry, but here - look what words he selects, but don’t put it on your head - this is the difference between a real poet and a little parcharchuk verses untalented. I knew this verse before, I just never read it even to the middle, and then I interrupted. But to people that Blok, that Bismarck, they are all on Serebryakova, like a red rag. Yearning!
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 12 March 2019 09: 52
        Nda, Vladimir ... with silverfish you are in vain ... another, something would be ...
      2. Rusa Offline Rusa
        Rusa 12 March 2019 11: 43
        But to people that Block, that Bismarck ...

        This is not the point. You wrote well about the Russians, their mentality, Russian civilization, but you did not have to fasten it to the events in Ukraine.
        The Nazi coup in Kiev and the people of the Russian Federation have nothing in common to hang all dogs on Russia. As they say in Odessa, these are two big differences.
      3. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 March 2019 21: 50
        That is why he is both a classic and others like him. 100 years, 150, and you read - as about today. You and me, Wolf, this does not threaten ... HOPE. Otherwise, the country is really sorry.
        (I'm talking about our political writings, and not other great works wink )
    3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 March 2019 09: 47
      Alexey, Vladimir is emotional, and therefore is no longer right (although they are very sorry, but this is a fact). I understand that it is hard for him to live in that country and see the outrages that are happening with him and with the people. But we must at least step back a bit and look at the development of the situation from a different angle! And yet - involvement in events does not allow him to be OVER events ... Once again - hastily made decisions, as usual - are erroneous. And the fact that the decision was made, about which you wrote in your message to your GDP, only means that you have a very well-developed sense of political (economic) foresight. In general, I wrote a little higher to Bakhtiyar about all the actions of Russia as a subject of this reality.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 March 2019 23: 07
        ... the topic of the letter and the decision there, by the way, was historical. Or rather, about the dangers of jingoistic or false-patriotism, spent not on facts, but on, to put it mildly, unverified information issued as an axiom ... I will not analyze it anymore, this is a painful debate for many. But heeded upstairs ...
  19. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
    colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 12 March 2019 12: 30
    Listen to the would-be writer! You re-read your own, as you say yourself "archive of texts" !!! At least something was confirmed from your writings !? Either we "never" deliver the S-300 to Syria ..., then we are about to make friends with the Japanese ..., then Maduro has a couple of hours before the "end of the century" ... !!! Promises about the article "about the numbered hours of Maduro" were never kept by the way! It would be funny to read ... laughing Guys !!! Believe me !!! This writer only stirs up water here !!! One desalination ... and NO JUST !!!
    1. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
      Alexander Ra (Alexander) 12 March 2019 17: 23
      Mutit does not stir up, the topic of people's life is important, we need a conversation. Once upon a time, things will go to talk.
    2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 March 2019 18: 02
      Nikolay, let’s say this - his ASSUMPTIONS did not materialize. And this is good. But do you blame him?
      1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
        colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 14 March 2019 12: 44
        Actually no! what It’s just that a person is really trying to convince the others of this ...
    3. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 March 2019 19: 19
      My surname Volkonsky, not Nostradamus, I make assumptions based on available facts, and this is one of the options for the development of the plot, but not always the only one, I don’t like it - don’t read it! Read the multiplication table - everything coincides there, 2 x 2 = 4. I finally did not write about the S-300! Waiting for a link!
      1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
        colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 14 March 2019 12: 30
        Well, tell me, comrade Colonel, what is the use of Russia that Iran will have the S-300? But no! But the possibility of their supply can still tug Israel for a long mustache and knock out the behavior you need. But comrade the colonel strictly demands - to deliver Iran and Syria the S-300, your mother! Well, we will deliver, and then what? Ah, comrade Colonel? The end to the dominance of the Russian Federation in BV? One side can beat the other, so what? Why do we need this? The position of the Russian Federation is strong only in the middle! In the middle between the two warring parties. As an arbitrator, whose opinion everyone values. We are not interested in the victory of one of the parties. Unlike the States. Therefore, the Russian Federation silently looks at rocket attacks by Israel on the ATS. Each such bombardment is authorized by the Kremlin. Not a single rocket takes off without a report to the General Staff of the Russian Federation. ... Familiar? !! Write so much that you’ve probably forgotten already ...
        1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 15 March 2019 19: 28
          And what about the appearance of Iran S-300? Syria got the S-300 only after our reconnaissance aircraft was shot down, moreover, shot down through the fault of the Israelis. What is the contradiction? Israel itself ran into and became even more dependent on Moscow. Q.E.D.
          1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
            colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 18 March 2019 11: 20
            But what did Iran not have the S-300!? !!! belay
            1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 19 March 2019 01: 18
              Cant, really dumb. It turns out that back in 2016, we put our Favorites S-300 to them, in 2015 the embargo was lifted from them, and the GDP put systems on them under a 2007 contract. Why didn’t Paranets know about this, or did he blabber it in a polemical frenzy? But it was better to write about it under that text, here finally no one will understand what it is about.
              1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
                colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 22 March 2019 13: 42
                I agree! good However, Vladimir ... we are waiting for the continuation of Venezuela! wink
                1. Volkonsky Online Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 March 2019 02: 48
                  by the way, Nikolai, wrote on Tuesday, the editor-in-chief decided to hold the trail until Tuesday. weeks, i.e. until March 26, I called it Loshara-Trump, but the editor, of course, will change the name. It explains the reasons for the failed US blitzkrieg over Venezuela. And by the way, they can also cause an exacerbation there in the near future. But in any case, the Russian Federation will only win, has already won. Ches. say - an unexpected continuation, we have not a word about this in the press, or rather almost not a word (I somehow found out, and also not from Trump)
                  1. colyanpirogov Offline colyanpirogov
                    colyanpirogov (Nikolai Pirogov) 25 March 2019 12: 36
                    Well ... smile achieved ta ... hi We are waiting for Vladimir! We wait!!! good
  20. pafegosoff Offline pafegosoff
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) 4 May 2019 06: 52
    East Germans were brought up not as defeatists, guilty of the very concept of fascism, but as its victors. They did not have the inferiority that the American curators grew up in their Western counterparts, in every way etching the spirit of the victors from those. And for 70 years they have more than succeeded in this. Even after the reunification of Germany, two of its halves live experiencing mental difficulties associated with these differences - the mentally eastern German is not a westerner comrade!

    Partly so.
    However, such Russian Russians Muscovites and Russian Russians Russian are not comrades to each other.
    So what?
    Yes, Moscow spat on the rest of Russia, if you cannot squeeze anything out of the rest of Russia in your pocket.
    Mentally, such a Kremlin, government, Duma, Federation Council, all types of courts - absolutely everything. All kinds of security officials with tons of dollars in garages, well, in extreme cases - with suitcases on the balcony.
    All patriots don't care about Russia. They have patriotism in fashion today, like trousers. This is the same Ukraine, which is more ostentatious but - the same "embroidered shirts".
    Russians are different from the West.
    Well yes. Only not as much as China from Russia. For the Chinese, Russians are the same "devils", "strangers" who are honored and deserved to deceive.
    The fate of China is interesting in the onset of the Technological Singularity. Where are two billion people going? Will fight with the terminators?
    And what will happen to the peoples of Russia?
    By the way, it’s not so long to live. Remember Moore's Law? It turns out - the 1930s.
    And if you count not from Christmas, but from the Resurrection of Christ? What year is it?
  21. yuri semru Offline yuri semru
    yuri semru (yury semru) 5 January 2020 11: 05
    I’m even afraid to imagine what would be done with these chuchmeks in the Russian Federation.

    .... So there was a case in Murmansk! There, sailors chased the Arabs all night for the boorish attitude towards our women in some club or bar. I don’t remember exactly. The result - everyone ended up in hospitals and the police :-))
  22. Miragor B Offline Miragor B
    Miragor B (Miragor B) 23 July 2020 11: 39
    The article is strong! Why isn't a monument erected to this guy in Buryatia? First, he's alive. Secondly, he is not a Buryat - the Buryat deputies conducted an investigation, but this does not detract from the feat of this guy. And who is he - look for yourself.
  23. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 29 October 2020 14: 37
    Author fan of Serebryakov
  24. Pereplut Offline Pereplut
    Pereplut (Alexander) 2 May 2021 15: 19
    The author expressed his opinion. I, personally, completely agree with the content of the article. Bravo!!
    ANDREEVISH (Vladimir) 26 June 2022 11: 51
    Hello Vladimir. Accidentally found a link to your article in my favorites. I read it with pleasure. Probably in the year 19 she impressed me once I sent her to my favorites. As time has shown, you were largely right. Although at that time I did not share your point of view on the fraternal people of Ukraine, this article made me more selective about this topic. I won’t start a controversy, my views have not changed radically, because I come from those parts and I know a lot firsthand. I want to ask you what you think about Serebryakov now and I would like to read your article, perhaps already written, on the same topic, but taking into account the new realities.
    Sincerely, Vladimir.
    PS If you decide to answer: [email protected] or Zen "Analyst" (with a white cat).