Hillary Clinton: “I can help Democrats return the White House”

Former first lady, ex-secretary of state, ex-presidential candidate for the United States and very noble Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born in 1947) said that she would not nominate for the next presidential election in 2020. However, even though she moderated political ambitions, but he’s not going to lay down his “arms” and will not part with political activity, but will continue to actively confront the “isolationist” Donald Trump and other political opponents.

I do not run, but I will continue to work, talk and uphold what I believe. I can help the Democrats return the White House. What is at stake in our country, what is happening now, causes me deep concern

she said in an interview with News 12, so it’s too early for Republicans to relax.

It should be noted that this decision by Hillary Clinton seems logical, since the US Democratic Party already has a more suitable candidate for the post of the first female president. This is a member of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Tulsi Gabbard (Tulsi Gabbard, b. 1981), a native of American Samoa, about whom we Reported earlier.

Hillary Clinton emphasized that she is unlikely to aspire in the future to any other elected posts. She is quite happy with life in New York. But she has a whole list of real problems and unfulfilled promises of the Donald Trump administration and something needs to be done with this.
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    kriten (Vladimir) 5 March 2019 11: 39
    An old woman who is out of her mind guarantees Trump a second term.