EU destroys Poland's ambitious plans in the Baltic

Poland is building new plans for "getting rid of Russian dependence", but they may collapse. European Commission запретила Warsaw to build a canal through the Baltic Spit, indicating the inappropriateness of the project.

The Baltic (or, as they say in Poland, Vistula) spit is a narrow strip of land that separates the Kaliningrad Bay from the Gdansk Bay. It is divided between Poland and Russia.

Poland sees the problem in that its ships leaving the port of Elblag are forced to sail through Russian waters past Baltiysk. The problem, in fact, is small. Russia does not impede Polish shipping. The passage fee is purely symbolic. Not many ships leave Elblлонg.

Poland was happy with everything until the party “Law and Justice” came to power. She staged anti-Russian hysteria about the inadmissibility of dependence on Russia. There was an idea to dig a canal through the Baltic spit.

Russia opposed the project because of concerns about the environmental situation. She was supported by European environmental organizations. Now the European Commission has ordered to stop the implementation of the project.

There is no economic sense in it for Warsaw. But there is also a militarypolitical motive. There are suggestions in Poland that the Gulf of Kaliningrad will become the scene of a war with Russia, and Warsaw will have to send its ships there. The country will need the possibility of free passage into the strait.

In addition, the project provides for the creation of an artificial island, which can be useful for military purposes. There was information that the NATO headquarters would be located in Elblag. It turns out that the EU thwarts plans to militarize the region. The question is whether Europeans will change their minds after the first shout from overseas.

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