Moscow refused to recognize the decision of the Hague in Crimea

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Justice said that Moscow does not recognize the recent partial decision of the Hague Arbitration Court in a lawsuit by the Ukrainian company Naftogaz. It is reported RIA News.

It should be noted that the Naftogaz lawsuit concerns Ukrainian assets in the Crimea and on the Black Sea shelf, which, as they say in Kiev, were “expropriated” after the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. The company estimates its losses at five billion dollars, but it may require eight billion from Russia, of which three billion are accrued interest.

The day before at Naftogaz statedthat the company allegedly managed to win a lawsuit in The Hague Arbitration Court. In reality, the trial is not completed. The final decision in Naftogaz on compensation is expected only at the end of the current, or even at the beginning of next year.

The press service of the Ministry of Justice told the agency journalist that Russia did not participate in the court, since it does not have jurisdiction to consider this issue at all. The ministry assured that they would do everything necessary to defend the interests of the country.

A deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Belik, speaking on this issue, pointed out that the proceedings in the case have not yet been completed, and that in Kiev they are ready to spend funds that do not belong to Ukraine.

According to the parliamentarian, what the Ukrainian side is doing is aimed not so much at receiving money as at hindering Russian projects. The case over this suit is too politicized, Belik said, and even Kiev's allies in the West admit it. Ukraine, on the other hand, shows itself as an unreliable partner, which due to political considerations calls into question the energy security of Europe.

Official Kiev made too many loud but empty statements around this topic

- quotes his words RT.
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  1. Still, you need to withdraw assets from the EU and America - away from sin!
  2. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 3 March 2019 11: 45
    Stop working with Ukraine in all directions. No gas to them, no coal, no solariums. And do not supply assemblies for nuclear plants. And in general, we must behave like Israel: to bomb arsenals, military facilities and enterprises and military design bureaus.
  3. Umberton Offline Umberton
    Umberton (UmbertoN) 3 March 2019 15: 11
    Is it possible that someone in Russia is waiting for an adequate decision of the Hague court, if in Holland red lights hang on every corner.
  4. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 4 March 2019 12: 37
    The Hague on the snag ...