Skolkovo and Rusnano became the Russian "secret weapon"

Russian public opinion is very critical of such structures as Skolkovo and Rusnano. In the West, however, they were called the "secret weapon of Russia."

The German newspaper Handelsblatt wrote that the Russian Federation is turning into an IT power. So, the export of Russian information of technologies amounted to 10 billion dollars - the same amount Russia earned on grain exports. It was especially noted that Yandex’s profit increased.

An article in a German newspaper unexpectedly turned out to be positive, but within two days the same author wrote that, despite all these achievements, it is better for the West to stay away from Russia and its technologies, since the state is behind its companies. This was followed by a stream of accusations that Russians are already accustomed to - hacker attacks, a troll factory, etc. The material also says that US intelligence agencies allegedly exposed the "stronghold of spies" in Skolkovo.

Indeed, in 2014, the FBI said that there was a risk of technology theft through the Skolkovo Foundation, which works with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the same time, it was said that Rusnano, although it invests huge amounts in American startups, in fact, can steal secrets and lure specialists to Russia.

Last year, publications appeared in the American press that Russia was introducing agents with the help of Rusnano. However, such allegations are not supported by anything. There would be something serious - there could be more serious consequences.

In 2012, Rusnano invested in the American startup Quantenna Communications, which developed chips for wireless communications. Of course, it is a pity that the funds did not go to support domestic specialists. However, years later, the startup turned into a successful company, and Rusnano created a research and development unit at Skolkovo. The developments of this unit were used in the development of the Russian Baikal processor. Then, Rusnano sold its stake in Quantenna Communications and received twice as much as it had previously invested. It turned out that the company found a promising start-up, contributed to the transfer of technology to the Russian Federation, and earned it.

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  1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 February 2019 11: 01
    Nano Chubais. Skolkovo. Fish. Secret weapon.
    Board with weak Taiwanese Baikal at the price of a good gaming computer with a monitor.
    This is an outstanding breakthrough, so it is not even properly advertised, and even government agencies often refuse to buy it.