The state will brazenly climb into the pockets of Russians

So, the presidential election of 2018 took place. 77% of Russians who voted cast their votes in favor of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Now the newly elected head of state is faced with the task of fulfilling campaign promises voiced in the March Message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Let us recall the main goals of the government, which in March 2018 were announced by then-presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.

Over the six-year new presidential term, it is promised to halve the level of poverty, which is important, since 20 million Russian citizens are below its line. The minimum wage should be equal to the cost of living. Russian pensions should rise and outrun inflation through regular indexation. The property tax of individuals is promised to be made fair and feasible. Expenditures on the development of Russian cities should be doubled, the volume of construction should increase from 80 to 120 million square meters per year. By reducing the rate to 7% and encouraging preferential mortgages, the living conditions of millions of Russian citizens should be improved. The new financial support program will have to update children's clinics and create new places in the nursery. To ensure the health of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, medical outpatient clinics and feldsher-obstetric centers should be created, as well as the use of mobile medical stations in sparsely populated areas. Manufacturing enterprises will have to switch to environmentally friendly Technology. The quality of drinking water should be improved. The president promised to double the construction of modern roads, increase the capacity of railways and ports, and expand and reconstruct the airport network. By creating a modern legislative framework and increasing investment, we will develop robotics, unmanned technologies, electronic commerce, and artificial intelligence. Vladimir Putin promised to firmly consolidate Russia in the five largest economies in the world, to achieve an increase in GDP per capita by one and a half times. His efforts promised to bring the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to Russia's GDP to 40 percent. The volume of non-resource-based exports should be brought up to $ 250 billion over a six-year period.

These and many other tasks are now facing the Russian government. About how it is going to solve them, it became known at the end of one of the first Cabinet meetings after the presidential election. It turned out that the government is considering a tax reform, according to which personal income tax can be increased from 13 to 15%. The Ministry of Finance, which is preparing the next “maneuvers,” also added “optimism”. The first "maneuver" of Anton Siluanov’s department is to reduce insurance premiums to 22% and increase VAT to 22%. Another “maneuver” will help the oil industry: it will reset the export duty while raising the mineral extraction tax (MET). Also, officials who “care” for poor Russians want to abolish the preferential VAT rate of ten percent on food, children's goods and medicines and introduce a trade surcharge.

Thus, the government intends to implement the March decrees to combat poverty by increasing the tax burden. Independent experts from economic groups believe that Cabinet measures to increase personal income tax while lowering the VAT rate will hit household incomes, reducing consumption in the country. As a result of such “maneuvering,” the number of poor in the country will only increase.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 22 March 2018 15: 19
    Yes, okay ... The Good King will not allow this, right? wink The "first swallows" of the stabilizer flew. Quickly however, the "patriots" are still celebrating the "victory."
  2. Vit3222 Offline Vit3222
    Vit3222 (Vitali) 22 March 2018 19: 19
    Repent, that's how it is! VOTED WRONG, and now you bam and NAPPOE into your pocket. :)

    ALL elections have passed. Take a look at the calendar. Stop "exposing". Relax and start being useful. And you can't escape to London either. There they don't stand on ceremony with traitors.
  3. Former optimist Offline Former optimist
    Former optimist (Former optimist) 22 March 2018 20: 27
    I will say so that in December 1991, high-tech production was banned in Russia. Weapons of mass destruction were used against the Russians. Losses from the use of this weapon of the order of tens (tens) of millions of people. But the various dvorkovichs did not even scare the election.
  4. jackomb Offline jackomb
    jackomb (Alexander) 23 March 2018 07: 07
    There is nothing surprising in this. The government is working. They just cannot act differently, they are weak with intelligence, they are following the simplest path. Why reinvent the wheel, let ordinary people still fork out. I foresaw something like that. But the people as a whole vote not with their minds, but with feelings, in particular fear of change (rulers have already taught grief). Moreover, the foreign political situation played into Putin’s hands, knowing about the ability of Russian people to mobilize themselves under external threats, the officials essentially again deceived the people. Don't we really deserve that life that zealous officials are pushing us with so much zeal for? I don’t think, only six more long years of such stability are ahead, and many simply will not survive until better times.
    1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) 23 March 2018 15: 27
      Perhaps this will be a discovery for you, but according to the rules of the Russian language, each letter must be written separately in the word "really": no way :))