Kudrin predicted new shocks for the Russian economy due to US sanctions

Washington’s sanctions against Moscow have been going on since 1974. They are wrapped in different "wrappers" and served under different "sauces", but the essence remains the same - to slow down economic competitor development. Therefore, new sanctions will inevitably be, because Washington will always find or come up with a reason for their introduction.

For example, a group of American senators is already scurrying over a bill to introduce another portion of sanctions against Russia. This time, it is proposed to include projects on the liquefaction of Russian gas abroad in the sanctions lists and prohibit the purchase of new issues of Russian government bonds. As for gas, if the bill is approved, then even friends of the United States will have to prove that they do not liquefy Russian gas, but someone else. And the owners of the American LNG plants are lobbying this question, as it is not difficult to guess.

Regarding the sanctions, Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, has already spoken out (in office since May 22, 2018). He said that possible new US sanctions would cause new shocks and serious upheavals in the Russian economy. They will require adaptation, i.e. they will need to be "digested" and come up with ways to neutralize.

Those sanctions that have already been introduced, they are absorbed by the economy, our enterprises have adapted to this. Unfortunately, any new sanctions will cause new shocks and the need for new adaptation. And they can be tougher than now

- said Kudrin.

It should be noted that Kudrin’s reaction to possible new US sanctions coincided with the arrest in Russia of American businessman Michael Calvey, founder of the Baring Vostok investment fund. The head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia considers this an emergency for the country's economy.

Kudrin predicted new shocks for the Russian economy due to US sanctions

Kudrin is confident that Russia continues to suffer economic losses from the sanctions and the process may worsen. From this, he concludes that in such conditions it will be difficult for the Russian government to achieve the tasks set by the president to achieve economic growth and reach the world average level by 2024.
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  1. oracul Offline
    oracul (leonid) 20 February 2019 06: 23
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    It’s not the chairman of the accounting chamber, but the soothsayer. In fact, the market involves fierce competition between business entities in the global market. It’s bad when at the same time the domestic market is essentially open and not sufficiently protected by the state, since there is a danger of invading it from outside. And to withstand such an invasion from the side of TNCs are able only to a similar level of company on our part, but not a soap business.
  2. Valentine Offline
    Valentine (Valentin) 20 February 2019 09: 26
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    Here Kudrin himself, etc. Chubais — this is a tremendous shock for all of Russia and its people, who staged a mess in the country, which has been going on since 1985.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 February 2019 09: 34
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    there are no shocks and all is well.