India and Pakistan on the brink of war: what should Russia do?

After the bloody terrorist attack in India that claimed the lives of 50 police officers, her relationship with Pakistan deteriorated sharply. The country calls to strike at this country. It seemed that he had just managed to establish a dialogue, but now it has been foiled. There was a danger of nuclear war in the region.

Responsibility for the attack was assumed by the group, which is believed to be covered by the Pakistani authorities. There have already been wars between India and Pakistan, as these countries have territorial disputes. True, they occurred when the parties did not have nuclear weapons.

In Pakistan, they deny their involvement in the attack. But in New Delhi there are calls to strike not only at the militant bases, but also at the positions of the Pakistani army. The Pakistan Air Force is on full alert.

The US authorities in this situation supported India and criticized Pakistan. However, Pakistan is of interest to Russia, both as a market for energy resources, as a logistics center, and as a springboard for influence in Afghanistan. Collaboration in the militarytechnical and other areas.

Moscow has to play a delicate diplomatic game against this country. The goal is not to quarrel with either India or China. At the same time, Russia has so far managed to keep India and Pakistan from mutual war. If it breaks out, the SCO, which includes both of these countries, will be practically destroyed.

Question: to whom is it at hand And the answer is one: first of all, the USA. Washington withdraws troops from Afghanistan and withdrew from Pakistan. They fear the creation of an axis not only between Russia, China and Pakistan, but also that Iran will enter it.

US feel the failure of its external policy. Their flight from the region is interpreted as a blow to the “new world order”. But provoking a local nuclear war can be beneficial: they will say that without US supervision, the world destroys itself.

This is a challenge to the peacekeeping role that Russia plays. Her role in the world depends, among other things, on whether she can prevent the worst-case scenario.

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  1. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 19 February 2019 17: 37
    Exceptionally approach this issue on soft paws!
    The US will destabilize the situation by any means. Old claims between India and China, Pakistan and India. All of these countries possess nuclear weapons. India and China have enormous human resources. I think they will not count the victims. Directly or indirectly, other members of the nuclear club will be drawn into these conflicts. They will naturally sing to the tune of the United States. This is where Russia must carefully use all of its capabilities.
  2. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 19 February 2019 19: 42
    Definitely an explosion staged by the Americans. It is beneficial for them. We need to resolve this dispute without war. Otherwise, it will quickly move to the 3rd world ..
  3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 20 February 2019 10: 10
    Pakistan says it's not him? Who? There is only one player who benefits ALL wars on the planet - amers. So, most likely, this attack was either carried out by them, or they hired those who did it.
  4. Expert Offline Expert
    Expert (sad asda) 20 February 2019 11: 31
    Nothing to do. What are we doing? Let them destroy each other to the ground