Russia intends to start mining on the moon

It became known that Russia, in the foreseeable future, intends to begin mining on the moon and begin to explore the natural satellite of our planet. They shared such interesting information with RIA News sources in the rocket and space industry of Russia.

So, according to the information of the Roskosmos Institute TsNIImash, the first Russian manned expedition to the moon should take place in 2031, then these flights should become annual. For example, according to the plans of the Lavochkin NGO, from 2031 to 2035, during the course of four missions (flights), important equipment will be delivered to the moon. We are talking about a reusable ship for transporting goods, a heavy lunar rover weighing up to five tons for mining and the delivery of heavy modules for the construction of the lunar base.

In addition, as part of the Russian program for the exploration and exploration of the moon, from 2025 to 2030, they want to deploy a group of communication satellites in a lunar orbit. And in the period from 2034 to 2040 in the orbit of the moon should appear navigation devices for laying routes for equipmentworking on a satellite of the earth.

The Agency clarifies that according to the words of Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roskosmos, in 2021 they plan to send the Luna-25 landing station to the Moon, in 2023 the Luna-26 orbital station, and in 2024 - 2025 - the landing Luna-27 station.

It must be recalled that the interval between Soviet and Russian lunar missions is 40 years. The last time the USSR launched a spacecraft to the moon in 1976, it was "Moon 24".

It is reported that Luna-25 is needed to test soft landing technologies and subsequent searches for water ice at the south pole of the moon. In turn, "Moon - 26" is needed for mapping and remote study of the surface of the moon. In this case, "Luna-27" will take soil samples at the south pole of the moon for study. In 2027, the Luna-28 station will be sent to the Moon. It should return to Earth soil samples from the south pole of the Moon, and in 2028 the Moon-29 with a lunar rover will be sent to the Moon.

Approximately in 2031, the Luna-30 landing station will deliver a reusable lunar ship to the surface of the Moon to support manned missions. In 2032, the Luna-31 landing station will bring to the Moon the aforementioned heavy lunar rover weighing up to five tons, equipped with the necessary tools for the development of lunar resources. In 2033, the Luna-32 landing station will deliver heavy modules weighing up to six tons to the Moon for the construction of the lunar test site, and in 2034, the Luna-33 orbital station should provide communications and navigation on the Moon.
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    Valentine (Valentin) 18 February 2019 19: 11
    Everything is in the clouds, and maybe at first we could create a normal life for our people, make salaries and pensions acceptable, bring education and medicine to mind, build normal roads, and only then you can fly to the moon.
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      First, let the people quit drinking, but why should they please the alcohol?
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    The moon is good, there is tritium in bulk!