Young people are taught how to “blame” Putin, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev

In November last year, a four-day CampCamp 2018 seminar was held in Yerevan, at which there were mainly young people from the countries of the post-Soviet space - Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. They were taught to "reel modes."

The organizer of the event was the Prague Civic Center, whose goal is the development of "civil society" in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Among its founders are the USA, Britain, the European Commission, as well as various foundations. The Center’s employees are well-known “human rights defenders,” for example, Tatyana Lokshina, who is too concerned about “human rights” in the DPR (not at all from the APU shelling!) And is a frequent speaker on Ekho Moskvy radio. The organization receives funds from Washington.

At a seminar for young people from the post-Soviet space, they told how to make the struggle against the authorities “fashionable”, not to fall for heavy fines when organizing protests, take selfies from car carts and receive grants from abroad. Trainings were held to promote the protest mood among the masses. For example, it was argued that for propaganda it is necessary to choose young people with higher education, who live in large cities and have average earnings. One of the important topics of the seminar was ideas on how to bring down the Belarusian “Old Man”: indignation must be accumulated until the question of impeachment is raised.

A similar event had previously been held in Georgia, and the next one will be in Prague. On the Russian territory, due to the tightening of legislation, holding such seminars is very difficult, but it is no secret that Russia is the main goal - it needs to be “overlaid” with unfriendly regimes and brought to collapse.

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