China is no longer our friend: Russia changes Beijing to Tokyo

Abstracts: Russia is changing the vector from Beijing to Tokyo. Beijing is no longer comrade to us. The new axis of Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin, as a platform for the future world order.

Watching how the battles are unfolding in the Russian-Japanese direction, how many copies have already been broken and how many will be broken, what claims are put forward to Putin in connection with this and which will be put forward yet, every time I ask myself, who benefits from this? Who is interested in maintaining an informational interest in the topic of the South Kuril Islands? And I don’t have any other clever answer that the Kremlin itself needs it. Who sets the information agenda with us? Isn't the Kremlin? Have you not noticed that if the topic does not interest him, then it does not seem to exist? Have you seen a lot of official publications on the topic of deportation of Elena Boyko? Although the blogosphere is in full swing, the official Kremlin got into its mouth. Not interested! But about the Kuril Islands two months already tryndyat, the topic is either leaving or coming back. Either Lavrov will give a grudge against her, then Putin himself will say that there is no talk of transferring the islands to Japan at the moment. Not coming? Why then did the wave go? Who is driving her?

I will try to explain the idea of ​​the Kremlin why this topic does not leave the agenda. There is a subtle geopolitical game. In the long run. Moscow is trying to drag Tokyo to its side, tear it out from under the American umbrella. The South Kuril Islands is only a seed. We can really give them away. But only on one condition - Japan must withdraw from a strategic alliance with the United States. You understand that such things are not done in one day. We have been going to this for a long time. For the Japanese, the issue of the Northern Territories is an existential issue, is spelled out in their subcortex, for them it is not even a question of territories, but a question of their national humiliation. They can’t put up with this. The idea that the Northern Territories should be returned is passed down from generation to generation. And with what, in fact, a fright ?! This is also a matter of principle for us, the South Kuril Islands passed to us under the Act on the surrender of Japan in World War II of September 2, 1945. From the moment the Japanese representative signed it, the decisions of the Yalta Conference of 1945 came into force, according to which the territories formerly owned by Russia and given to Japan after the defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 were returned to the Soviet Union. Then we lost the war and lost the territory, and in 1945 we won the war and regained our own. What can be your claims? There was no need to lose the war! From that moment, South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands again became at first Soviet, and since 1991 Russian.

But the trouble is that since the defeat in World War II, Japan fell under the protectorate of the United States, which immediately after the end of this war turned from our ally into our worst enemy. And on September 8, 1951, a San Francisco peace treaty was signed in San Francisco between a part of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition and Japan, securing the results of World War II for the sake of signatories, under which Japan "renounced all rights, rights and claims to the Kuril Islands" . Only the cunning Yankees did not indicate in the Treaty in whose favor Japan refuses these territories, secretly encroaching on the right to possess them. The USSR then did not sign this Treaty. The head of our delegation, USSR Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, the famous Mr. "No", at the last moment refused to put his signature under it, referring to the absence among the signatories of China. Since then, the question has paused.

For us, the islands of the Kuril Ridge are of strategic importance, since it is they that turn the entire Sea of ​​Okhotsk into our inland sea, namely, along its channel along the Kuril Ridge and runs out to the Pacific Ocean for our submarines with nuclear ballistic missiles deployed in its waters. Should the Americans encroaching on these islands only clog the neck and establish their base there, it will become problematic for our submarines to reach the operational space, which will make it impossible to deploy them quickly and use them for other purposes. Now it’s clear why did the scythe find it on the stone? Now it’s clear why we can’t give these islands to the Japanese under any circumstances, except as soon as the Yankees get out of there. This is precisely what Putin is now seeking, playing for a very distant future.

I will try to explain the purpose of the Kremlin. Both parties are interested in a peace treaty. Moreover, both Moscow and Tokyo are equally. And not at all to solve current problems. We lived for 70 years without a peace treaty and nothing, we can live and the same amount. Easy! But Putin is looking to the future - a treaty is needed in a global perspective, to build the strategic axis of Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin, which could crush the modern world order by reformatting it on the principles of armed neutrality. And let there the States fight the rest of the world in smoke for the right to put it in the “zyu” position, this will not concern us anymore. In maritime navigation in such cases, the signal flag “Tango” flies above the ship - “Keep away from me!”. This must be understood literally - "Do not come near us!". Having created such an alliance, we will form a closed and self-sufficient system, with an open entrance for all comers, breaking the existing balance of forces through the knee. This is where the flight of rats from the sinking American Titanic begins. This is a nightmare for the USA.

A peace treaty between Russia and Japan could be the cornerstone of this nascent axis. You can’t do without it! The axis must be fastened, in addition to mutual benefit, also by mutual trust. This is not just the signing of an agreement on trade and military cooperation - it is the creation of an alliance that is designed to become one of the parts of the geopolitical axis of Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin. And this is already very serious and for a long time. This is the gap of many other schemes linking signatories with other participants in the “road” foreign policy movement. This is a difficult geopolitical choice. Such decisions are made no more than once every 100-150 years. For Russia, this will mean a rejection of a strategic alliance with China, and for Japan, a rejection of the current alliance with the United States, a way out of the American nuclear umbrella under ours. If this issue is resolved, the very next day the world will wake up in a new geopolitical reality, which means the end of US hegemony.

Moreover, right now for this is the most opportune moment. The tougher China and the USA enter the clinch, the greater will be the demand for a third force that can counter this on the principle of armed neutrality: “Do not come near us!” As the confrontation between the United States and the whole world intensifies, the number of people wishing to join this union will only grow. Europe is the first to come running to the one who can guarantee her security, not only military but also economic.

But the trouble is that neither Russian nor Japanese society is ready for such steps. Within Japanese society, there is a request, intensely fueled by local media, for the return of all four disputed islands of the Kuril Ridge, as the only and unacceptable condition for signing a peace treaty. And in Russia there is a complete and completely natural misunderstanding - but in the fig we need it ?! Putin intended to act step-by-step through the transfer of the two small islands of Shikotan and Habomai to joint economic management with the preservation of Russian sovereignty over them, but even this was rejected by the Russians. We know these Japanese, give them only a finger, they will bite off their whole hand. We have zero compromise in such matters! How can society explain that the transfer of the islands is part of the Kremlin’s long-term plans, but for completely different reasons? I dont know? Is it not clear that Putin is not the person who will trade in Russian lands? What does he specifically sacrifice a pawn in order to subsequently pick up the enemy queen? But you won’t tell such things on TV. Putin is a grandmaster because his multi-trackers are not always understood by court chess fans. Yes, that there are lovers, here not every master of sports will understand.

As a result, in the process of negotiations, both leaders, Russian and Japanese, went beyond what was acceptable and acceptable to their elites, not to mention the attitude of their societies towards this painful issue. The zone of compromise, to which they agreed, is currently outside the zone of acceptability of their own political elites. Moreover, both leaders were balancing on the brink of what is acceptable for their own peoples. Therefore, when Moscow tried to play back a little, Tokyo went ahead, trying to prove to its electorate that it does not intend to trade in principles in these matters and is ready to go all the way. The Kremlin did not understand such a voltage drop. The meeting of the two leaders in Singapore was indicative in this case, when Putin, returning his partner to the sinful earth, defiantly went over with him again to "you". It was a pity to look at Shinzo then. His life's work was crumbling right before his eyes. But I would like to reassure the Japanese prime minister. We all have a long way to go. Hurrying in such things is more expensive for yourself. The more valuable the result will be. Do not forget that now the foundation is being laid for the platform of the future structure of the world for the coming 100-150 years. When none of the signatories will probably be alive, and the descendants will still be able to use the fruits of the seeds they planted. It is worth not making any sudden movements. Society must mature for this. Let's take our time.

Now let's look at this problem from a different perspective. Geopolitics is a complicated thing. China is another friend to us. He only sleeps and sees how to chop off with us, which is bad. No, I'm not talking about territory now! Thank God, as long as we have our army and our fleet, this is impossible even theoretically. But he twists our hands notably, taking advantage of our unenviable current situation. And let Comrade Xi swears eternal friendship with us and bows to the bow before his dearest friend Vladimir, we know the price of this friendship, we already passed in the 60s. We must finally understand that we have no friends and cannot have. There are only temporary allies, not even allies, but fellow travelers with whom our interests coincided over a short distance (Turkey is a living embodiment). Well, God be with them, may there be fellow travelers, if only we had equal relations, without dictate attempts, on mutually beneficial conditions. And in order for China to truncate this for itself and not try, using the situation, to manipulate us, we need a counterweight. Nothing clarifies consciousness so much as understanding that you are not the only one so smart. And Japan is the perfect counterbalance to China, especially given their centuries-old hostility. This is an excellent counterbalance both technologically and financially. And the Northern Sea Route also dreams of sharing with us. And even ready to invest money in the project. The only misfortune is that the Americans do not order. But the Americans and China with knives. While on the trade. And with us, and with Europe even. It's time to rock the boat. Am I not very figuratively speaking?

Now do you understand Putin's logic? Shinzo Abe is exactly the person with whom a breakthrough in our relations can occur. He vowed at the grave of his father that he would return the Northern Territories. Do you know what family he is from? Do you know who his grandfather was? And who was his father, you know? His maternal grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, was Prime Minister of Japan in 1957-60. Eisaku Sato’s brother, Nobusuke Kishi, also had different surnames because Nobusuke was brought up in a foster family and took the surname of Kishi's adoptive father) also held this post, having exceeded his brother in this, heading the Cabinet of Ministers for three consecutive terms from 1964 to 1972, between among other things, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1974). By the way, they also had a third brother in their family - Fleet Vice Admiral Itiro Sato. Such a family! And the father of our Shinzo - Shintaro Abe in 1982-86 served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Now you understand that they are not joking with such things? He swore on his father’s grave !! For Shinzo, this is a matter of honor. And now is the right time. It's time to pull Japan out of the clutches of America, while our beloved Donald Ibrahimovic is at war with the whole world at once. Kill the iron without leaving the cash desk! And Berlin to help us in this matter!

The strategic axis Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin is a terrible dream of the Anglo-Saxons. This is something they cannot allow in any case! This is such a counterweight against which they have no scrap. And we fought with both states. And more than once! Intrigues of the Entente. For them, it was always a nightmare - an alliance of Russia, Germany and Japan. Therefore, it was pitted. And we all crawled to them on their belly - guys, take us to your place, let's be friends. Why the hell do they need us ?! Only in the form of free slaves and as a source of cheap resources. We must already understand - on top of this world there is no place for two. “Bolivar two can’t stand it anymore!” (from). It's time to turn over the card table. You look and China will become more accommodating.

For some reason, there is an opinion in Russian society that Russia and China are friends forever, and we must rejoice in the successes of the PRC. Especially in the confrontation with the United States. At the same time, the story is not so long and the current one says the opposite. As soon as China in 2015 concluded an agreement on military cooperation with the United States, we immediately had difficulties in our joint economic cooperation with them. Our banks immediately faced credit difficulties in China due to US sanctions against the Russian Federation. And the negotiations that were underway on the transition to mutual settlements in national currencies immediately stalled. And stalled to this day. The Chinese quite reasonably want to strengthen their currency not only due to their industry and credit expansion, but also due to Russian resources (oil yuan instead of oil dollars). But it’s hard to remember when Putin said that our resources would help the renminbi become the world's reserve currency. Our interest in cultivating another world hegemon, which will also have a common border with us, does not exist from the word “completely”. Underline this moment in red!

We must be aware that the world behind the scenes is extremely cynical. In fact, at the moment there are only three subjects of international politics on the planet - Russia, China and the United States. There are no others de facto, all the rest, one way or another, adjust (fall) under the above. And if the first two have coincided tactical interests in overthrowing the third, this does not mean at all that in the process of this, Russia and the PRC will not try to get more favorable conditions for themselves in the newly formed configuration. Naturally, not only at the expense of the United States, but also at the expense of each other. And they will bargain for these more advantageous positions from each other at the expense of existing weaknesses, as well as from the United States at the expense of each other's weaknesses. Therefore, it's time to create a counterbalance to China in the Pacific region, so that it does not get bogged down. What is now GDP and concerned about. And Japan is the best option for that. And with money, and with the economy, she is also all right. And we will provide her with military protection. Plus our Northern Sea Route and participation in its operation. What are the bad arguments?

Vladimir Putin is an extremely sane politician who has never been seen committing any reckless actions in foreign policy that entailed a negative result for the Russian Federation. All his steps have always been calculated many moves forward, taking into account the possible actions of opponents. And if he is taking this step right now, then it is precisely now that the time has come. The stars came together. Yesterday was early, tomorrow will be late! The main thing for GDP now is not to miss this window of opportunity. So let's not interfere with him in this and wish good luck.

If Putin manages to crank it up, create the Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin axis, then he will be able to erect a monument during his lifetime. This is a pipe dream of all our last kings and a terrible dream of our existential enemies of the Anglo-Saxons. This is what will ensure Russia a peaceful and comfortable existence for the next 100-150 years, and all those who join this union will also guarantee their safety, which will allow Russia to take its rightful place as a world center of power and power. And this hour is just around the corner. Understand that such things are not scattered. Now is the time to forge iron!
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 11 February 2019 11: 25
    The South Kuril Islands is only a seed. We can really give them away. But only on one condition - Japan must withdraw from a strategic alliance with the United States.

    What nonsense ..... Today, Japan will withdraw from a strategic alliance with the United States, but they can simply pretend that they are scattering (to get the islands) and tomorrow they will again be in alliance with the Americans. Plus, in the South Kuril Islands there will immediately be military bases of the Americans, with missiles directed against us. I am absolutely sure this is different. Our leadership decided to sell the islands to the Japanese in secret, and the money is in our pockets, and we will “sing” that we need a peace treaty and that we will simply perish if we do not sign it.
    “A donkey loaded with gold takes any fortress”
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 11 February 2019 15: 42
      Right. For example, Putin has already concluded a friendship and cooperation agreement with Ukraine, but the junta in Kiev terminated it.
      Now the author suggests stepping on the same rake, but in addition at the expense of Russian territory.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 February 2019 20: 00
        Finally, this is not the author who proposes, but Putin. Do you have a complaint to Putin?
        1. Rusa Offline Rusa
          Rusa 12 February 2019 00: 04
          Give a link in which Putin offers to give the Kuril Islands.
          As far as I know, Lavrov and the Russian ambassador to Japan are categorically against it.
          1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
            Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 01: 01
            Can the Russians agree to a peace treaty with Japan, providing for the transfer to it of the two islands of the South Kuril Islands? The very possibility of signing an agreement now depends on the answer to this question. Putin clearly stated that the terms of the agreement should be supported by the people of Russia. What needs to happen for our society to approve territorial concessions?

            “Of course, the solution proposed by the negotiators should be acceptable for the peoples of Russia and Japan, supported by the public of both our countries,” President Putin, after negotiations with Prime Minister Abe, outlined the main condition for signing a peace treaty between Russia and Japan.

            1. Rusa Offline Rusa
              Rusa 12 February 2019 09: 41
              Here, Putin refers to the people. The condition for the transfer of Russian territory is not put forward by Putin, but Tokyo.
              What should happen and how the Russian people will react to this should be asked of the people, for example, at an all-Russian referendum.
              "The public" is a loose concept.
    2. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 11 February 2019 17: 15
      Quote: Athenogen
      What nonsense ..... Today, Japan will withdraw from a strategic alliance with the United States, but they can simply pretend that they are scattering

      I agree, colleague! Too cheerful and optimistic article, as for me! Japan's national debt at 236% of GDP, dependence on the mattress market for 42% of total production, American bases in Japan and a bunch of other "buts" that will not even allow approaching the agreement indicated by the author, not to mention its implementation! An article for reading and raising the mood is not bad, thanks to the author, but I would also point out the fact that EBN promised the leaders of Japan to transfer the Kuril Islands back to them in 1991! Lukin and Kozyrev signed a secret memorandum on the transfer of the islands to Japan, which was signed by Burbulis and EBN put a resolution "must be discussed" and if Iona Andronov and 52 other deputies had not turned to EBN with an open letter on this memorandum, then we know what it would be ended. Who cares, here: https: // So the theme of the Kuril Islands sounded again not in vain, but for what exactly it is really very interesting!
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 February 2019 20: 05
        This is true, EBN has already made a call on this topic, but the Japanese very then flooded and he gave the back one. That says only that the topic is long overdue. - read this, I wrote my text in parallel to the Look, not knowing about this article, if we came to the same thing from different sides, then There's something about it
  2. mr.mik1967 Offline mr.mik1967
    mr.mik1967 (Mikhail Bel) 11 February 2019 11: 40
    Russia has only 2 friends, its army and navy. All other thoughts on this subject are really stupid
  3. Gennady Artyushkevich 11 February 2019 11: 45
    The author flatters out of merit.

    We need a global counterweight to China, not a counterweight in the Pacific. Putin slept for two decades.
    You cannot create a counterweight without highly developed (competitive) ones. The choice is small. From the USA "porridge" has burnt. There remained Germany and Japan, which are building up ties (recently, the European Union and Japan signed a practically customs union!).
    All the positive is not the merit of Putin, but his counterparties.

    One example of the merit of Putin and Co after two judicial reforms:

    One of these days I will "celebrate" the anniversary of the mockery of judges of the Supreme Court, Tverskoy District Court and the Moscow City Court, employees of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ombudsman, the Qualification Commission of Moscow Judges, members of the High Qualification Commission of Judges over the constitutional right of access to justice - red tape in the consideration of the claim Putin "- a claim for violation of voting rights.
    1. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 11 February 2019 17: 20
      Quote: Gennady Artyushkevich
      We need a global counterweight to China, not a counterweight in the Pacific. Putin slept for two decades.

      Russia needs to move forward, and not stomp on the spot under the statement that everything is just fine with us! We do not need to think about a counterbalance, but about how to raise our country, having previously rid ourselves of internal enemies.
  4. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 11 February 2019 15: 37
    The Kuril Islands - an integral territory of Russia according to the results of the Second World War and the point.
    And bargaining is inappropriate.
    From a dead donkey the ears of Japan, not the Kuril Islands, sweat sweat and the blood of our ancestors.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 February 2019 20: 10
      Where can I get the money? I agree! Now I would also find a customer. By the way, about the ancestors. These 4 islands were never Russian. South Sakhalin - yes, it was ours, and these islands are purely Japanese, we took them to ourselves, and did it right, according to the WWII. Something your ancestors, who then poured all the blood there, maybe the Japanese?
      1. Rusa Offline Rusa
        Rusa 12 February 2019 00: 40
        You might think that it was you who smashed the Kwantung Army, liberated Korea and China from the Japanese invaders, and also stormed Koenigsberg.
        Can you suggest, at the same time, Russia and Poland to return East Prussia to Germany? Yes, our ancestors, Soviet soldiers, shed sweat and blood, including my close relatives. So do not distort.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 01: 13
          From a dead donkey the ears of Japan, not the Kuril Islands, sweat sweat and the blood of our ancestors.

          and who is distorting here? Where is Koenigsberg and where are the Kuril Islands ?! The Red Army has never stormed these islands and, moreover, never watered them afterwards from your ancestors. The islands crossed the USSR after the signing of the Act of Japan's surrender in World War II of September 2, 1945. And rightly so! Woe to the vanquished! But now the situation has changed, you can trade islands in return for geopolitical preferences, Putin, unlike you, knows the history of the issue and knows what he is doing. Because the people entrusted him to govern the country, and not to you. Become the president, return.
          1. Rusa Offline Rusa
            Rusa 12 February 2019 10: 03
            Nothing has changed, but on the contrary, the situation has only worsened, which is confirmed by political events in the world. Therefore, there is no need to pit Russia and China against each other, to create problems for ourselves in order to "bargain", tear down the post-war borders.
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 17: 20
              And who bleeds? No need to keep all the eggs in one basket!
  5. Vladimir_4 Offline Vladimir_4
    Vladimir_4 (Vladimir Evgenievich) 11 February 2019 16: 04
    Well, listen, Volkonsky, why come up with geopolitics where simple commerce is obvious? The gas pipeline from Sakhalin to 30-70 cubic meters and a couple of bridges from Sakhalin to Hokkaido and through the Tatar Strait, on which a couple of tens of billions can be mastered. And that’s it - just bought it.
    In China: it’s scary even to imagine what awaits Russia if anti-Chinese rhetoric becomes mainstream in Russia. Or do you naively hope that we are destined for a place as a political and economic ally of the United States and Co. against China? No, a ram will be prepared from us with direct armed confrontation and provocations on the Chinese border.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 11 February 2019 20: 13
      And you did not think at your leisure, why are these friends for the century of the Russian Federation and China still have not concluded an alliance? Which involves military defense of each other. Ah, Vladimir? And therefore they did not conclude that the bird was not a fellow. A very cunning fish caught our bird. Dreaming of world leadership. Two Bolivar can not stand! (from). Everything is different with Japan. Say, they’ll soon leave under the water? .. Why haven’t it left yet? We, in principle, are not opposed to letting them into our Far East, let them develop the region. Enough space for everyone. Only 115 million people. Only money ahead!
  6. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 11 February 2019 18: 03
    Spin like a weather vane in the ass - you’ll stay with the weather vane in the same place, they’ll also hang some kind of debt !!! They love suckers! Asians - Asians that can not be passed!
  7. jury2477 Offline jury2477
    jury2477 (Yuri Vladimirovich) 12 February 2019 00: 44
    Bravo! Everything is correctly stated. The problem is that after all the wars and revolutions in the 20th century, there are very few of us left. We can put everyone to the machine, but then there will be nobody to guard such a large territory, we can put everyone on tanks and planes, but then there will be nobody to work. Therefore, we really need allies, on which we could shift part of these functions, though we learned the price of many unions very well, hence the completely fair distrust. Allies cannot betray only if they are part of one country. With the Anglo-Saxons, we will only be a raw material colony, China will not even notice how it will swallow us and dissolve our entire population. Therefore, the economy and population should be approximately equal to ours, just Germany and Japan are suitable for these criteria. They have technology, money, working hands, we have raw materials and a strong army to protect all this, and science is at a high level. The tripartite union should be a single country, with a common currency, parliament, government, etc. Schools should have common textbooks so that there would be no problems in communication, they should study Japanese and German in the school program of Russia, in Japan - Russian and German, and in Germany - Russian and Japanese. In a few years, a triple alliance would become a superpower. If this is Putin’s long-range plan, then I’m all for it.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 February 2019 20: 42
      Everything is very beautiful, but especially the last part of your comment seems to me even less real than "The first interplanetary chess tournament in Vasyuki ...". It is theoretically possible to agree with them, but it is unlikely to be so ...
  8. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 12 February 2019 01: 08
    Quote: jury2477
    The problem is that after all the wars and revolutions in the 20th century, there are very few of us left

    And after the "wise" rule of the last 30 years, it is adding something. Some "saints" 90 to remember !!!
  9. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 12 February 2019 08: 47
    The South Kuril Islands is only a seed. We can really give them away.

    raced request
    and for friendship with Berlin it will be necessary to return Kaliningrad? sad
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 17: 21
      Who said? Enough of gas.
  10. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 12 February 2019 08: 49
    Quote: Wolf 1
    Now the situation has changed, you can trade islands in exchange for geopolitical preferences, Putin, unlike you, knows the history of the issue and knows what he is doing.

    Where are we to the level of understanding of the greatest merchant fellow
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 17: 40
      Do not like Putin?
  11. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 12 February 2019 09: 30
    Generally funny. But as always...
  12. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 10: 39
    Tokyo cannot be in any axis today. This is a US province ... There is a game to persuade GDP with promises of betrayal and nothing more. We managed to persuade him to Minsk betrayal ..
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 17: 39
      I recommend leaving your recommendations to yourself. I agree in Minsk, but the mistake was made even earlier, in 2014, with the recognition of Gunpowder
  13. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 13: 35
    The axis "Rome-Berlin-Tokyo" was already. Now they offer the new Axis "Third Rome" -Berlin-Tokyo. " Do not forget that both Germany and Japan are countries occupied by the United States, with many American bases. And if Gorbachev gave the Soviet base in Germany for the Nobel Peace Prize, then in the United States there will not be such Gorbachevs, or they will be put on an electrostool.
    And Japan, like England, has island thinking. Was Russia England a friend ever?
  14. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 February 2019 15: 16
    Good article, interesting thought. It is consistent with my article about the Anglo-Saxons. good just like a continuation ... The question with the Kuril Islands, in fact, was also raised in the early 90s, just many forgot. Some people then, I remember, thought to register there, because it seemed already that they would soon become Japanese. Specifically, the Khabomai (uninhabited rocks and Shikotan, where there is also almost nothing) are located on the outer side of the ridge, and in the case of their theoretical transfer, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk remains the inland RF. Apparently they thought about this in 1956, when they agreed to transfer them. The topic is long and complicated. But, solely in my personal opinion, the Japanese are exactly the same comrades to us as the Chinese - these are eastern peoples, with their own logic and their concepts, including honor and promises. And if a Japanese honors a promise to his dead father or emperor, and is ready to die for it, then he is unlikely to make a promise to a Russian, even to Putin.
    The Anglos Aks have been afraid all their lives of an alliance between Russia and Germany, which, in fact, whether anyone likes it or not, but in Europe it is and was the most powerful country both economically and militarily. And although I adhere to the well-known formulation that our allies are only the army and the navy, I believe in a kind of alliance between Germany and Russia, if only because we need each other purely physically - they have technologies, we have resources, but at the same time we are mentally similar. The concepts of honor, valor, promises, etc., are definitely closer with the Germans than with the Japanese, Chinese and even the Anglo-Saxons. By the way, with the same Germans, the Japanese also had an "axis" and they also promised them something - specifically, a war against the USSR in the east, but ... somehow it didn't happen. So all these axes are also not quite what you can count on. Although it is necessary to use, in their own interests exclusively ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 17: 35
      I honestly do not believe in all these alliances, all these are words, but in order to confront the Anglo-Saxons and even China, it is necessary to unite with someone, it will be the same with Tokyo and Berlin, for the reasons given here above, one very smart reader, namely therefore, this is how our enemies fear this union. An alliance with China is not possible due to its ambitions for the hegemony and enormity of the population. But all these are floodlights to the future. It is good that the GDP is looking into it, and here, many of the readers just look at their feet. By the way, Lesha, the Germans do not have the best army in the EU. Militarily, they are much inferior to the French and the Britons.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 February 2019 20: 04
        They are inferior to them, Wolf, only because of the lack of nuclear weapons, and the fact that what is happening today with the Bundeswehr is a deliberate decomposition, otherwise it grew very much, a lot of urgent people passed, etc. Since 1945, the Germans, as well as after the First World War, no one in fact has a strong army. Afraid. In 1940, too, everyone was sure that both the French and the British were stronger than Germany, even each individually. How did it end? For 3 weeks, the Wehrmacht gouged out just France and the English Expeditionary Force, for another company with half the European armies — Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, etc. It’s just that the Germans are warriors by nature, like us, and the same Japanese. But the French and British in the vast majority - no, simply according to their cultural and genetic data.
        And I completely agree on situational unions - both Berlin and Tokyo need us, we need them. The question is purely in terms of interaction. Both we and they compete with the Anglo-Saxons, although each in their own field. But, as someone wrote above, both Japan and Germany are occupied by the USA in fact. And whatever they themselves want and whatever they strive for, what is to be done with this? And China, with all its troubles, is still an independent power, albeit a wayward one. I think at the moment it’s quite possible to keep up with China, while it’s both profitable. Just keep in mind that this is not a friend and brother, but an ally, with its own and often different interests of ours.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 12 February 2019 23: 58
          Lesha, on the question of constant friends and constant interests, nobody said better than Churchill. I wrote about this in the text:

          We must finally understand that we have no friends and cannot have. There are only temporary allies, not even allies, but fellow travelers with whom our interests coincided over a short distance (Turkey is a living embodiment). Well, God be with them, may there be fellow travelers, if only we had equal relations, without dictate attempts, on mutually beneficial conditions. And in order for China to truncate this for itself and not try, using the situation, to manipulate us, we need a counterweight. Nothing clarifies consciousness so much as understanding that you are not the only one so smart. And Japan is the perfect counterbalance to China, especially given their centuries-old hostility. This is an excellent counterbalance both technologically and financially.

          China and I are traveling companions, but we need to keep an eye on them, as with the Sultan, as even with the Old Man and Nursultan, everyone strives to snatch something, but this is understandable.

          As for your beloved Wehrmacht, I don’t argue that the Leopards know how to do tanks, but as for the planes, in France Mirages, in England Eurofighter Typhoon, I heard nothing about German, they fly on F-16. With the Navy, it’s even worse, the Britons build submarines, the paddles are helicopter carriers, frigates, they also have an aircraft carrier, it’s better than our Kuzi. What do the Germans have? Frigates of someone else’s building? They can’t do anything!
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 13 February 2019 11: 16
            Well, I’m just about the same wink
            And the Germans - they know how to do everything, but, as you say, they do not give. They have not been given before. Therefore, they learned to fly in airplanes and to ride in tanks with us. You can negotiate with them. And it's worth it. As soon as the bases of our "partners" are removed from there? And from Japan too. Here's the question. By force or politics hardly. But in the place of our special services and "omnipotent hackers", I would take up provocations: various poisonous leaks, fires, explosions, accidents, conflicts with American and local personnel - this is the right way. Or the harm to the environment from these bases somehow to prove to the public, otherwise they have such a stupid public there that the harm to the environment outrages them, but the fact that these bases and they are just a target for our missiles does not reach them well.
  15. igorvasilievxyz Offline igorvasilievxyz
    igorvasilievxyz (Igor) 12 February 2019 21: 02
    Absolutely see a good life went to the effective. The carcass beyond the hill is not pulled out, overlaid. Territories are not allowed to be sawed off, multi-portlets need to be painted for new oil. But as they want! Not a carcass so stuffed that they let them into the rails to the gentlemen in cork helmets. I wonder what they have next on the agenda?
    Excess population on organs?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 February 2019 22: 30
      This comment, apparently, was supposed to be something significant or even thoughtfully critical. But it turned out some strange porridge, which has nothing to do with the article itself request
      1. igorvasilievxyz Offline igorvasilievxyz
        igorvasilievxyz (Igor) 13 February 2019 02: 55
        The Russian Federation fit into the global division of labor based on the dollar, surrendering its markets and its strategic interests, in exchange for the possibility of a narrow group stealing petrodollars. For gentlemen in cork helmets, we are a colony, and your great Putin and others like them are thieves from the gateway, with whom no one will have any serious business, due to the complete lack of serious modern economic and scientific potential. Why should I chew on basic things?
        Vorye does not build starships and does not create supercomputers. Allied relations are only with equals. What the fuck is Japan or Germany in the allies, if the elemental base is already 10-15 years behind India? Who will talk on equal terms with your hopelessly backward and ruined thieves gas station, with its tiny economy, which in addition sits on imports for basic strategic goods and technologies?
        Trash must know her place. Lack of understanding of this and sober self-esteem is the main problem of people ordering such articles.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 13 February 2019 11: 29
          Ah! Thank you for chewing, otherwise I did not see such a depth of criticism there because of my innocence. And who would you, Igor, see at the helm of the Russian state, so as not to be a "colony of gentlemen in cork helmets" and to have serious business with us? If we take from real and living people. Are there any better candidates? Well, if VVP and the rest are "trash out of the doorway", as you deigned to put it, then you probably have an idea of ​​the best options? Or is it just criticism for criticism and dirt for dirt?
          1. igorvasilievxyz Offline igorvasilievxyz
            igorvasilievxyz (Igor) 14 February 2019 00: 45
            Don't care if it's for the dirt or not for the dirt. Let it not be for the sake of dirt, if it makes it easier for you. Let's then get to the bottom of the question "so as not to be a colony of gentlemen in cork helmets."
            The question by and large is not in people, the question is in the system. Since 91, everything happened along the chain
            thieves' privatization under Yeltsin -> corruption of officials (why can they, but we can't?) -> corruption of courts, police and special services (similarly) -> privatization of the state and its revenues under Putin (logical end) -> withdrawal of these very incomes over the hill ... The country is ruled by a parasitic raw-material horde of direct and indirect beneficiaries from Yeltsin's privatization, including in uniform and in positions. The economy, finance, law enforcement are tailored for the receipt of income by the aforementioned persons, the country sits on a resource rent and operates in the mode of exporting income from it. Until the legal and economic base is systematically knocked out of the aforementioned persons, nothing will change. The only real solution to this problem in my opinion is to consistently unscrew this whole damn chain back:
            lustration of the state apparatus -> lustration of law enforcement agencies -> lustration of the judiciary and special services -> cancellation of the results of Yeltsin's privatization -> real nationalization of raw materials and strategic industries -> nationalization of the state: creation of real state institutions of parliamentary, judicial power and a strong institution of private property. Again, the question is not about people, the question is about the rules of the game, which everyone is ready to abide by. And there must be a nationwide consensus on these issues.
            If we do this, the rules of the game will change, real producers will be protected by state institutions, corruption losses, seizures of other people's property, theft from the budget, banditry, ordinary people will be greatly protected. But for this we need to start with the basic issue of property, a needle of kashchey, events from which banditry, theft and legal lawlessness - Chubais privatization began along the chain. The situation is overripe, time is forcing, if corruption is not done, banditry, theft and legal chaos will sooner or later destroy the country.
            By the way, your moaning about "real and living people" seems completely unfounded. Around is full of smart, full of strength, talented and decent people who will move mountains if they are given social elevators. And those are the majority who just want to live and work normally.
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 14 February 2019 01: 51
              There are two ways to solve this problem - an evolutionary one, which offers GDP (see the demonstrative landing of corrupt officials, see the Program for replacing the state apparatus, see the creation of a personnel reserve under the Leaders of Russia Program, see Kirienko's work, see who prepares for its successors VVP, presumably I can be wrong, the same Kirienko). And the second revolutionary path, which you propose, and which went the stolen after the Maidan, there was everything - rotation, lustration, seizure of property, and the "fight" against corruption, and even nationalization - as a result, corruption won everyone. It is difficult for corrupt officials to fight corruption, just like bees are against honey. If you want to try on the example of the Russian Federation - please. All revolutions end in the same way - idealists make them, and scoundrels use the results. Your revolution will end, as always, with the nationalization of losses and the capitalization of incomes and their flight abroad. The Russian Federation needs a second Lee Kuan Yew.
              1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 February 2019 10: 21
                I wanted to answer Igor in detail, but read this comment, and realized that they did it for me good
                I agree with everything, Wolf. I agree with Igor on the issue of ownership, etc. and with privatization and so on, that's all right. BUT, it is clear to everyone that "rewinding" privatization and all this looting is simply unrealistic, to my oh-oh-great regret. I would also love to see all these new-billionaires of ours, the so-called elite, at least behind bars ... BUT, again, this is BUT. I wrote about this to Igor - criticism is a good thing if at the end a real way out of the criticized situation is proposed. And so - blah-blah-blah ...

                Around is full of smart, full of strength, talented and decent people who turn mountains, if you give them social elevators.

                Here, in my opinion, the GDP is slowly doing this. Otherwise, who and how will give these good people social lifts? Especially "rewinding privatization"? Even if you imagine that this will physically happen, then, rest assured, those who "rewind" this will remain at the top themselves. And then it will definitely not be a specious and complaisant audience of "decent people", such revolutions do not ...
                1. igorvasilievxyz Offline igorvasilievxyz
                  igorvasilievxyz (Igor) 15 February 2019 01: 31
                  "Blah blah blah" is from your bell tower. It was possible to do it on the sly in the 5s, when there were oil windfall profits and access to cheap loans in the West, but now, in the condition of complete isolation from financial markets and Western technologies, all "on the sly" will not work. Another 10-XNUMX years of Putin's mafia regime and sanctions and the country is degrading, falling behind and falling into complete external dependence, after which it will be reformatted so as to exclude the emergence of a new Russian state in the future. And the current powerful bandits will lose everything without any revolutions, like worms that die along with the cow they ate.
                  A pet dies if there are too many parasites in it. In order for our cow to at least survive, we need to introduce a powerful antiseptic medicine to "kill" them, ie. do all of the above. Aspirin can no longer heal.
                  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                    Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 February 2019 12: 25
                    About worms and intensive care, you seem to have taken it from me wink
                    only they are almost there and not the same as you see them.
                    But in the zero and with extra profit, at first glance it is. And here you are partially right - most likely, you also relaxed a bit on this ground ... But, on the other hand, they created a safety cushion, which later came in handy, and all these cartoons with supersonic missiles, lasers, atomic unmanned submarines, etc. .p., all this you think where it came from and on what means? This is done for decades. Yes, the Soviet developments were revived, but they had to be revived and put into practice ... And without them, Igor, no one will build any economy for Russia, and without this, the Russian state will have no future. - tear and devour. And I really recommend about worms, if you haven’t read it, read the link there. These are not our original worms, they all came from the outside, and with a dead cow, as you put it, they are not going to die.
                    1. igorvasilievxyz Offline igorvasilievxyz
                      igorvasilievxyz (Igor) 16 February 2019 13: 21
                      The weapon you are writing about was created on oil excess profits, received at zero when there was expensive oil, there were no sanctions and there was relative access to Western financial markets and technologies. An interesting question is who will sell us, for example, modern machines, electronics for military equipment, communication systems, combat control, etc., which will require an industrial quantity, for example? It was necessary to purchase technology and develop our own production at zero for oil excess profits, and not to steal and withdraw trillions of $. Now, our train has already left:
                      1. There is no money for a new modernization - all are stolen and withdrawn. 2. No one to borrow - sanctions for many years. 3. Nobody will sell us modern technologies and equipment - also sanctions for many years.
                      To complete the picture, the reserves of explored, cost-effective for oil production in the Russian Federation will be enough for another 7-10 years, after which, due to the lack of technology for producing shale and hard-to-reach oil, there will be a catastrophic collapse of state revenues with all the consequences.
                      In the foreseeable future, we have come very seriously with the current government. Chances will appear only if we conduct worm therapy.
            2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 14 February 2019 02: 23
     - вот еще один озабоченный, ваш идейный соратник
  16. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 13 February 2019 00: 42
    The author too swung and considered the Japanese so loyal to Russia that even tears break through. No, the Japanese will not get any of our islands, because geopolitics now forces everyone to quickly change horses in conjunction with new interests, and their possessions will remain with you forever under careful government. And the Tokyo-Moscow-Berlin trade axis will in no way prevent the preservation of sovereignty on the Kuril ridge.
  17. Gordey schukin Offline Gordey schukin
    Gordey schukin (Gordey Schukin) 19 February 2019 13: 53
    Vladimir Putin is an extremely sane politician who has never been seen committing any reckless actions in foreign policy that entailed a negative result for the Russian Federation. All his steps have always been calculated many moves forward, taking into account the possible actions of opponents. And if he is taking this step right now, then it is precisely now that the time has come.

    Norway was given the islands, Azerbaijan was given territory, China was given the island for which our border guards perished in the 60s! And our taxes go in the form of subsidies to Chechnya, Kadyrov to palaces, mosques, weapons and their own army. And he won’t give the Kuril Islands at a loss to our country and people? We are already deceived and left nowhere below!