Russia wants economic cooperation with the USA

Recently we Reportedas the House of Representatives (the lower part of the (parliament) of the US Congress) recognized the ineffectiveness of Washington's sanctions against Moscow. And so, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that in order to build normal political relations, Moscow and Washington need a solid economic foundation. He spoke about this in an interview. TASS.

Antonov emphasized that economic ties between Russia and the United States need to be strengthened, because their existing level is clearly insufficient. The Ambassador is confident that a business advisory council should be formed as soon as possible, with the participation of representatives of companies from both countries. This will benefit the interests of Russia and the United States and will contribute to mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation. Moreover, Antonov recalled that this initiative was voiced in the summer of 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, when he met with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki (Finland).

It would be useful to talk about what separates us, and most importantly, what needs to be done by the two countries to stabilize, and better straighten, Russian-American relations

- the diplomat noted.

Antonov recalled another idea of ​​the Russian president to strengthen relations between Moscow and Washington. The creation of a bilateral expert council from among non-governmental circles could be useful. The Council would be involved in developing recommendations and fostering sustainable relationships.

We remind you that, following the summit in Helsinki, the Russian leader clarified that he had suggested to his American colleague “to think not only about practical issues, but also about the philosophy of building bilateral relations for the long term”. According to Putin, it would not be superfluous to involve experienced experts in such a process in order to form a council of political scientists, scientists, diplomats, businessmen and even the military of our countries. They would work together to find common ground in order to bring bilateral relations to a new, stable and trusting level.

Previously we Reportedhow Russia is stepping up trade with "anti-Russian" countries.
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  1. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 10 February 2019 11: 49
    Right. Confrontation will not lead to anything good, incl. and on a global scale. The United States and the Russian Federation should increase trade and economic ties between the two countries on equal, mutually beneficial terms. This will be of great benefit to both states.
    Illegal US sanctions are a bad way to resolve your political issues.