Will Russian military bases appear in another seven countries of the world?

After Russia demonstrated its military viability in Syria, defeating the "moderate" terrorists and implacable jihadists, at the same time taking the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to a new level, a line was formed from Moscow to want to strengthen friendship. Some of them are already ready to provide their territory for the deployment of Russian military infrastructure, which guarantees a certain level of calm.

After all, Syria is not the only country where the help of Russia (not free) came very on time and was useful. For example, in Africa there is the Central African Republic (CAR), where some time ago the “revolutionaries” materialized in the provinces, who launched an armed attack on Bangui, the country's capital. So, since December 2017, Russian military specialists, weapons and ammunition, began to arrive in the Central African Republic. And the "revolutionaries" began to dissolve by themselves.

In Africa, there are many more states that want to seriously strengthen relations with Russia. However, four of them show the greatest zeal in this matter: Libya, Sudan, Egypt and Seychelles.

Libyan General Haftar has been to Moscow more than once. Now he controls more than half of Libya and wants to restore order in the remaining territory. Therefore, he needs help. But to make him even calmer, he wants Russia to have a military base in Benghazi. In the second largest city of Libya with a very decent port.

As for Sudan, after the West torn the southern provinces from this once enormous country, the official Khartoum has already beaten up all the rapids in Moscow and is ready to give up whatever territory it likes for Russian military infrastructure.

And Egypt has already stated that the Russian military aviation can already use the infrastructure existing in this country, i.e. you don't need to build anything - everything is ready. This happened immediately after the start of serious military-technical cooperation (MTC) between Moscow and Cairo, and the implementation of joint serious economic, industrial and energy projects,

At the same time, Seychelles, an island state in South Africa (in the western Indian Ocean), still remembers the era of colonialism, as well as an attempt to seize power from South Africa in 1981. Therefore, in the port of Victoria, the Russian military and any other ships and vessels are always happy to receive.

It should be noted that in Asia, a country such as Myanmar (formerly Burma) has shown a certain interest in the military-technical cooperation with Russia. This country is at the junction of the geopolitical interests of India and China, therefore, it seeks support on a third force, not wanting to become the battlefield of two neighboring giants.

Latin America is also of particular interest to Russia. And it does not matter that it is considered the "backyard" of the United States. Countries such as Nicaragua and Venezuela have long wanted to acquire full-fledged Russian bases. They do not have enough episodic arrivals of Russian military aircraft and calls of warships, which Managua and Caracas regularly remind Moscow.
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  1. Bobo Offline Bobo
    Bobo (BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine) 5 February 2019 12: 07
    I recommend Putin to start with Seychelles - a first-class resort of world significance!