Military expert: NATO has nothing to oppose Russian tanks

European experts will continue to nightmarize the population with the “Russian threat”, before which the armies of NATO and the EU countries are powerless.

This time, Russian tank formations are presented as a scarecrow for Europeans.

According to military expert Petri Mäkel, published in the Daily Star, the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance are doomed in the event of a collision with Russian tank formations.

Myakel, whose specialization is the study of the methods of warfare by Russia and the Scandinavian countries, identifies the following reasons for the advantage of Russian tank units:

- A variety of combat vehicles that NATO does not have;

- overwhelming superiority in the number of cars;

- more powerful fire potential;

-Massive artillery support.

According to Myakel, all these factors leave no chance for the alliance forces to repulse the attack and turn Russian tanks into a nightmare for the European armies, which do not have the proper number of tanks, artillery, or enough personnel.

The expert’s opinion is quite convincing, however, he does not answer the most important question: “Why does Russia need this?” After all, everyone knows that Russian wars do not start. They finish.
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    Bobo (BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine) 6 February 2019 19: 49
    Overturn in the English Channel!