Will Russia avenge the Poles for Nord Stream-2?

Poland often requires reparations from someone. It’s from Germany, then from Russia. From the latter - as from the successor of the Soviet Union. One of the “debts”, however, Moscow is ready to return to Warsaw, only she is unlikely to like it.

The Polish authorities strongly protest against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Despite this, the project should be completed this year. Poland made efforts to disrupt it, but the government of this country had to admit defeat in this matter. Still would! Two strong and influential countries are interested in the construction of the gas pipeline - Russia and Germany, one of which is a powerful power, the other - takes the fourth place in the world in economic development.

Now Poland has its own gas pipeline project - Baltic Pipe (“Baltic Pipe”). This project would open Warsaw access to Norwegian gas fields. The Polish authorities hope in this way to overcome gas dependence on Russia.

It was planned that construction will begin in 2020. But now this is a big question. And it's not just the lack of funds. Crossing the Baltic Sea, Baltic Pipe also crosses the Nord Stream 2 route. Consequently, the Polish project needs to be coordinated with Russia.

So it turns out that Moscow can “return the debt to Poland” and answer it with the same thing that Warsaw did about “Nord Stream - 2”. Namely, to block the project, which is so important for the Polish authorities. Or at least tighten its coordination.

This will mean the collapse of all Poland’s actions to get rid of “energy dependence on Russia,” which will greatly affect the position of the Polish leadership within the country. It should be borne in mind that a significant part of the population of Poland is forced to warm themselves not with gas, but with coal and even what comes to hand, including old furniture and used machine oil.

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