US responded to Russian claims on INF Treaty

For a long time, Moscow has been seeking clarity from Washington on target missiles, the Aegis Ashore missile defense system, and specific UAVs, which, she believes, fall under the INF Treaty. Previously, after the questions of the Russians on this topic, an American official usually appeared, and, straining the muscles of his face, squeezed out a memorized phrase in the style of “we have already told you everything before”. However, without specifying exactly when it was.

So this time, when the whole world, with bated breath, is watching the dismantling of the INF Treaty, the United States has not come down to the specifics, at least the same, which arranged Russia, responding to the claims of the Americans. US responds to Russian claims on INF Treaty with article by Ambassador John Huntsman to news agency RBC.

Instead of responding to US concerns, Russia accused the US of targeting missiles to test the missile defense system, Aegis Ashore missile defense systems in Poland and Romania, and combat UAVs violating the terms of the contract. Unlike Russia, the United States responded in detail to these false claims by demonstrating the full and conscientious fulfillment of its contractual obligations.

- the ambassador wrote in his author’s column, without having come down to specifics.

Moreover, in addition to the above quotation, the article generally does not mention any issues worrying Russia, let alone the answers to them. But there are accusations against Russia. This means that Moscow is not in vain worried, since for so many years it has been unable to squeeze anything out of Washington on these issues more specifically than the primitive "we have already told you." Therefore, it is not surprising that on February 2, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted decision take mirror measures and suspend Moscow’s participation in the INF Treaty, because the Americans did just that before.
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