Trump recognized the likelihood of an American invasion of Venezuela

The legally elected government of Venezuela, led by Nicolas Maduro, remains the strongest irritant for the United States, with which they can not do anything yet.

Washington’s bet on the rise of the “opposition leader” Juan Guaido did not work as fast as expected, therefore, the US administration is considering all options that can accelerate the course of events.

In a number of ways to influence the situation in Venezuela, US President Donald Trump does not exclude the use of US forces.

Answering a question from a leading CBS television and radio network about the possibility of using military force in Venezuela, Trump declined to give a direct answer, saying that he did not want to talk about it, but emphasized that “this is definitely one of the possibilities.”

According to an expert from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Igor Pshenichnikov, commented RIA News, the threat of invasion is a form of psychological pressure on Maduro himself, his entourage and the armed forces of the Bolivarian Republic, but at the same time, this option cannot be discounted.

Speaking about the possibility of US military intervention, you need to understand that any hitch in the fighting and the first corpses of American soldiers can cast doubt on Trump’s second presidential term, so, according to the editorial board, a long-term “siege” campaign by Washington direct use of the US Armed Forces.
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