China reacted to US withdrawal from missile treaty

Beijing called on Moscow and Washington (the only parties to the INF Treaty) to maintain the agreement and continue to fulfill all its obligations. This "monkey" watching the quarrel between the "eagle" and the "bear" because of her, decided, with a smart look, to insert her "five cents" into what is happening.

At the same time, China categorically opposes the expansion of the number of participants in the INF Treaty, since it has long possessed missiles prohibited by this agreement. Moreover, Beijing is opposed to the emergence of a new treaty to replace the old one. At the same time, he is concerned about the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, as this, in his opinion, could provoke a number of serious consequences.

China opposes the multilateralism of this treaty. The paramount task is to uphold the existing agreement and fulfill obligations under it, rather than destroying the former and creating a new agreement

- said in a statement the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of the Celestial Empire Geng Shuang.

It should be noted that China became the real troublemaker and irritant for the United States. The giant buildup of military power by Beijing, including the weapons systems prohibited by the INF Treaty, forced Washington to start inventing claims against Moscow in order to get out of this agreement by any means. But at the same time, the cunning Washington wants to remain peace-loving in the eyes of the world community, putting the blame on Moscow.

And at this time, Beijing is adding fuel to the fire with its statements, rather than silently keeping silent. Although this is no longer of fundamental importance, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has already announced the suspension of Moscow’s participation in the INF Treaty, which we Reported before that.
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  1. Valmich Offline Valmich
    Valmich (Valmich) 2 February 2019 20: 37
    They sit on the shore and see who wins and who swims by .... (they think that they are the most cunning)
  2. sergei.krasnoyarsk (Sergey Krasnoyarsk) 3 February 2019 08: 17
    It's time for sly-ass China to pester its home harbor. We will protect. Otherwise, all the "economic power" will not stand up to pin-do-owls.
  3. Conn Offline Conn
    Conn (Conn) 3 February 2019 19: 40
    The yellow-bellied hunweibins do not know the Russian proverb: for every narrow-eyed ass, there is always a bolt with a thread!
  4. Valerie Offline Valerie
    Valerie (Valeria M) 3 February 2019 20: 07
    I was also attracted by the resource by the respectful attitude towards each other and by the authors of articles and commentators. Tired of the dirt on the net. Therefore, despite the fact that this article is curious, I believe that the author humiliated himself and the audience with a "monkey".
    I would also like to see no comments or curses in the comments. As far as I understand, the audience of the topcore is over 30. It is already quite possible to learn how to firmly express your opinion in an adult, not childish way.
    1. Conn Offline Conn
      Conn (Conn) 3 February 2019 20: 56
      It's bad when Valerie, who is already "over 30" years old, is not aware of the old Chinese saying about a smart monkey ...
      1. Valerie Offline Valerie
        Valerie (Valeria M) 4 February 2019 06: 27
        China is a dragon. It will be smarter to think. And certainly more productive for the Russian Federation.
  5. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 3 February 2019 23: 16
    To conclude a new INF Treaty, all countries must participate, including China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, France and others, not just the United States and Russia.
    So was it worth Washington to reinvent the wheel in order to blame the Russians using unscrupulous tricks?
    US charges sewn with white thread, fact.
    Other times have come, China is no longer a colony of Anglo-Saxons and not a whipping boy, but a powerful state with nuclear weapons and a modern army.
    Washington’s claims are well-founded and must be understood in Beijing, otherwise the arms race will indeed become a threat to the whole world.