Why the fate of the whole world order is decided in Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela was in the spotlight. A country that has huge oil reserves is teetering on the brink of war. What is happening there is one of the important stages of the confrontation between the old and the new world order.

The US openly supports the self-proclaimed "president" Juan Guaido. They put pressure on European countries to take the same position. But, despite all these efforts, a lightning-fast “victory of democracy” did not happen.

There are two options for further developments. The first - the "revolution" will fail completely, and Guaido will flee somewhere to the West (for example, to London) and become the next "oppositionist in exile." The second option is a US military operation to overthrow the legitimate president Nicolas Maduro. And earlier, before the coup attempt, there were quite a lot of publications that Washington was preparing to start a war in Venezuela.

С economic in terms of such a war, the White House is completely unnecessary. In addition, Caracas is already economically dependent on the United States, as many transactions go through American offshores. But the American leadership has not only economic, but also political considerations.

It can be assumed that US President Donald Trump needs to strengthen his image as a "world hegemon." Shouting about the displacement of the "dictatorial regime", squeezing Russia and China out of the region, destroying one of the last strongholds of socialism - it would seem that it could be better for Washington? The story of the liquidation of the Libyan Jamahiriya shows that this is entirely possible.

The question arises - what to do next? The United States did not succeed in establishing a stable life in the "democratized" countries even at the peak of their power - after the invasion of Iraq.

Intervention in Venezuela will only weaken Washington’s position as a “hegemon”, and US authority in the world will drop. Trump, however, holds an isolationist stance. It is possible that he does not need a “small victorious war”, but a loud fiasco in order to no longer bear “responsibility” for the whole world (which was described by the predecessors of the current American leader). A new round of globalization will be based on other principles. Indeed, it turns out that the situation in Venezuela depends on how events develop around the world.

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  1. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 30 January 2019 12: 43
    It all depends on the intelligence of Maduro. It is necessary to gradually move away from dependence on the United States, including from oil dependence. Although who needs more oil on the South American continent except the United States. Only to China in large volumes.
    1. master3 Offline master3
      master3 (Vitali) 6 February 2019 18: 40
      US dependency

      - I think Maduro’s dependence is not on the United States, but on Russia. That GDP poured 17 billion there.
      1. Pilotmax Offline Pilotmax
        Pilotmax (Max) 20 February 2019 01: 16
        Rosneft invested 17 billion over the course of ten years and has already returned almost everything. 3 more lard remained due and they give back the oil, which Rosneft refines at its (Russian) refineries in India.
  2. Radikal Offline Radikal
    Radikal 30 January 2019 13: 18
    Intervention in Venezuela will only weaken Washington’s position as a “hegemon”, and US authority in the world will drop.

    Funny. lol When did the United States care about such "trifles" as authority? sad
  3. master3 Offline master3
    master3 (Vitali) 6 February 2019 18: 36
    I do not want to speculate who is to blame for the United States, Russia, China or anyone else but, I understand this:
    let Maduro hold a referendum on the confidence of the people in his personality - the ruler, as Russia did in the Crimea, and everything will fall into place, the people will support him, and he will wipe the nose of the Western imperialists.
    But he will not do it, because brought the country, which has 18% of the world's oil reserves, to poverty. The people will not support him (such a Yanukovych number 2).
  4. The comment was deleted.