China prepares for nuclear war

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army rocket launchers simulated intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from underground bunkers. The scenario of the exercises involves a retaliatory strike in the event of a nuclear attack on the territory of the country. As you know, the military doctrine of the People’s Republic of China does not provide for the implementation of preventive atomic strike attacks. This was reported by the American edition of Business Insider.

According to the scenario, Chinese missile forces launch ICBMs on a conditional enemy in response to a strike on bunkers.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles are located in well-fortified bunkers in the mountainous regions of China. These underground structures are able to withstand the bombing of almost any kind of weapon or a collision with a passenger airliner. In addition to mountain bunkers, Chinese nuclear weapons are located on submarines and mobile platforms.

Engineer Qian Qiu received a high government award for creating a bunker system. His brainchild is called the "underground Great Wall of China."

In addition to simulating retaliatory strikes, exercises were conducted on long-term survival after the atomic bombing. All this suggests that China is seriously concerned about the exacerbation political situation in the world and deterioration of relations between nuclear powers, primarily between the USA and Russia.
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  1. Maria Kuzmina Offline Maria Kuzmina
    Maria Kuzmina (MarChik) 30 January 2019 11: 51
    Very bad, because China is next to Russia and has a huge advantage. Nuclear war is war and a direct threat to the planet itself and human civilization. This must be understood by military strategists and politicians.
    1. General Black Offline General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 24 March 2019 11: 59
      In the modern world, Maria, if you do not demonstrate your military capabilities, do not show your willingness to use force, you quickly become someone else's food.