Russian hackers again "inherited"

In the West, it has become a tradition, for any reason, to mention Russia, the “Russian trace” and other epithets, most importantly in a negative way. And the example below is a clear confirmation of the ongoing idiocy.

It is good that in our enlightened time they no longer jump out of windows. Although about 50 years ago, this was quite possible. It is difficult to imagine what is happening in people with the nervous system. And if you add drugs permitted there, then ...

Russian hackers again "inherited"

So, about another manifestation of "hybrid aggression" reported from the company ESET, which specializes in digital security. Suddenly, a seemingly normal and reputable company showed a "sky-high" level of professionalism. Judge for yourself.

A terrible thing happened. ESET did not save the three largest banks in the Netherlands, the tax and customs services of the country of tulips, from hacker attacks. After that, the company could not come up with anything else but to report that the attacks were carried out from Russian servers.

But the "security guards" emerged in time from the "astral" realizing that most people do not abuse drugs, even in the Netherlands. Therefore, the initial information was clarified, and it immediately began to sparkle with other colors.

This does not necessarily mean that the perpetrators of attacks in Russia - they can be anywhere

- added to the company.

ESET said that harmful hackers used a botnet - a network of infected computers. Using the Zbot program, they remotely directed device signals to visit certain sites and thereby overloaded servers that were unable to cope with the sharp increase in the number of visitors. At the same time, the command servers were located “mainly” in Russia (that is, they were in other countries that were not mentioned in ESET).

The motives for the hacker attack are still unclear, but they painfully resemble various tests that like to carry out "cyber warriors" of NATO. So ESET is no doubt expecting new attacks.

By the way, there is a high probability that the company works not only drug idiots, there are professionals, and they know the real addresses from which the attacks were made. The guys are forced to bear nonsense, because you can actually fall out of a skyscraper.

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