Ukrainian fascism: How to make a “herd of sheep” from any nation in 55 days

Epigraph: “There was no such spawn, and here again the same thing! ..” (V.S. Chernomyrdin)

Part 1. Statement of the problem. Target Audience

There is such a psychological test - a group of subjects is offered 3 baskets for viewing - in one there are two white balls, in the other two black ones, and in the third - 1 white and 1 black. And each successively voices what he sees. With only one correction - out of 50 people in the test group - 49 decoys and the whole action is aimed at one test person. And here our experimental one sits and sees how his comrades respond. And comrades, all, as one, argue that in the first basket there are two white balls, in the second - two black ones, and in the third - again two white balls (although there are 1 white and 2 black!). Our friend smiles at first, then starts dumbfounded to turn his head, wipe his eyes, look at his comrades, at the baskets, at the examiners, but after the 3th test, when it comes to him, he answers without blinking an eye, the same as the rest, although a minute ago he was sure of the opposite ...

Why did I tell this story? To explain to some unreasonable Russians that what you are currently observing in Ukraine is not the mass insanity of the “brotherly” people recently, not the gene of hereditary betrayal absorbed in their mother’s milk, and not the essence of the “non-brothers”, but the result of systematic work specially trained and hired people on the psychological impact on the object with the aim of reformatting it, up to breaking and changing its historical matrix. Such professionals work that Goebbels, looking at them, should have shot himself with envy.

I’m probably not going to surprise anyone if I say that in the 21st century mankind is faced with a new type of warfare - informational cognitive warfare, when without a single shot, exclusively using tools of psychological control of people's minds, the “aggressor” tries and takes control over entire countries and even continents. At the same time, the victims do not even realize that they have become the target of the attack, for which all the latest know-how of hidden advertising, frame 25 and neuro-linguistic programming is used. Since 2014, this is precisely what we are observing in Ukraine. The Americans became more advanced in such wars, in which they were pioneers and trendsetters, so the Ukrainians had no chance to resist when they began to use proven techniques. Especially in a situation where all the media are under the control of the junta, which has usurped power in the country, and all alternative information is blocked or jammed by it. The object of processing through the directed informational impact was the brains of Ukrainian citizens, who are supplied with the necessary information in the right proportions. Even a well-trained person is not able to understand these flows of lies, when a piece of truth is taken, a piece of untruth is wrapped in it, all this is abundantly moistened with frank nonsense, on the basis of which system logical blocks are built and conclusions are drawn that are repeated twice to consolidate. At the same time, the most arrogant lie is presented as an axiom that does not even require proof, and the entire building is being erected on its foundation. And all this is non-stop, day by day, month after month. What kind of psyche must one possess in order not to succumb to such a massive attack on your brain? Here, the roof of a trained person will go, what can we say about the unprepared “cross-sectional” Ukrainian? As a result, 85% of the population of Ukraine can already be sent to Kashchenko, and no one is going to pay for this treatment to them - exclusively at their own expense! I won’t be surprised if, as a result of these psychological experiments, the country of yellow-blue fences will take the first place in the world in terms of the number of loonies (information, you know, is closed), but it is already the first in suicides. How did they succeed (I'm talking about the curators of the project)? Elementary! (see below).

Part 2. Technology plantings. Step-by-step instruction: how to make a flock of sheep from any nation in 55 days

I don’t know, do you know what the term “Overton windows” means? This phenomenon is described back in the mid-90s of the last century. The author of the concept, Joseph Overton (a famous American lawyer and public figure, died in 2003, without having seen how his followers disposed of his idea). Literally, this term means the following: the Overton window (or the discourse window) is the concept of having a framework of an acceptable range of opinions in public statements from the point of view of public morality. It sounds tricky, below I will explain with simple examples what this means. The concept was proposed by its author in the mid-1990s while working at the Makinsky public center policyas a convenient model for evaluating judgments by the degree of their acceptability for open political discussion. It was actively used in the center’s internal seminars, but was first formulated in a publication for the general public only in 2006, three years after the death of its author, and then got its name in memory of him, (Overton tragically crashed in a plane crash for 3 years before that at the age of 43).

According to Overton's model, at each moment in time, some ideas constitute the current norm, forming a reference point, and the rest of the ideas can either be included in the range of acceptable ones or not. Later, G. Trevigno proposed the following six-step grading scale to assess the admissibility of ideas: Unthinkable (ideas) ==> Radical ==> Acceptable ==> Reasonable ==> Standard ==> Current norm. And although this concept was proposed by its authors for politicians during their public speeches in order to capture the widest possible funnel of their potential voters, the followers of Overton's idea subsequently used this technique to expand the BORDERS of the permissible themselves. In what, I must say, they have succeeded greatly, and as a result of which even Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda in the Hitler government, the author of the catch phrase "A lie repeated twice becomes true," was forced to smoke bamboo, who said 80 years ago: "Give me mass media, and I will make a herd of pigs out of any nation in a year! " At the same time, some authors added to the original concept the idea of ​​possible conscious manipulations by the FRAMEWORK of the discourse window, after which this term firmly entered the mind as a designation of the technology of conscious manipulation of public opinion with unseemly goals. Overton, probably, would have turned over in his grave, having learned how his followers disposed of his legacy (he could not even think of such a thing in a nightmare!).

The successors of Overton's ideas used his technology to change the attitude of society to questions that were once unacceptable to him. A technology that allows you to legalize absolutely any idea. For the destruction of established human values, moral principles, as well as the ideological principles on which entire states and civilizations are based, such a technology can be more effective than nuclear war. Proven in practice! In Ukraine over the past 5 years, this is precisely what we are observing. There is a run-in of this technology in experimental rats. As the latter, 40 million unsuspecting Ukrainian citizens are used (some rats, however, do not survive and flee from a sinking ship, as a result of which the population of Ukraine has already decreased by 10 million, but the experiment continues). Overton showed that for any idea, even for the most absurd, in society there is a so-called “window of opportunity”, thanks to which the darkest idea can be gradually clarified, washed in the public mind and, finally, legislated.

Overton’s technology of brainwashing of the population is that any unacceptable idea is systematically and methodically broadcast through information windows, like a series. As a result, people’s attitude towards this idea changes over time: if initially it was “unthinkable”, then it becomes “radical”, then “acceptable”, “reasonable”, “popular” and, finally, “right”. The latter is fixed by law, after which it becomes the norm and binding on all, even disagreeing. That is, using this technology, any idea in people's minds can be turned upside down - turn black into white and vice versa.

How this happens in practice, I will show on a simple example of fascization of Ukraine. Who said that there is no fascism in Ukraine? It’s just not evening yet, we observe only August 1934. Not even March 1935. Ryom’s detachments (read Avakov) of the SA attack aircraft (read the DUK PS, Donbass, Tornado, Aydar, OUN and other Ukrainian punitive battalions), without any “Night of Long Knives”, have already been transformed into legal paramilitary units (Azov regiment, etc. ), introduced into the structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, (as the units of the SA attack aircraft were merged into the Reichswehr), all those who disagree were either canalized or disposed of through the anti-terrorist operation, and before the “Kristallnacht” mass Jewish pogroms of November 1938 there were still almost 4 years. After 4 years, we’ll see if there is fascism in Ukraine or not. There will be such wonderful fascism that you will not find it enough. And the living will envy the dead. Everything goes to this. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do this in practice. Overton's Ukrainian followers are stupidly following the training manual, not turning anywhere (and I was a fool thinking why they were felling Lenin’s monuments? Why - but for this, see below).

Everyone knows that fascism and Nazism are the primary evil! At the first stage, society is not even ready to discuss this problem, for it it is prohibited in the category "Unthinkable". So, the first task is to transfer it from the category "Unthinkable" to the category "Radical". For this, the idea is thrown into society: “After all, do we have freedom of speech? Well, so why don't we talk about Ukrainian nationalism? ” (We say nationalism, we keep Nazism in our heads). Why are scientists involved (and we have such "scientists" - the whole Institute of National Memory of Vyatrovich), because they can talk about everything - for scientists there are no forbidden topics. You see, it is already possible to talk substantively about nationalism (Nazism) and how to stay within the limits of scientific respectability. Overton's window has already moved, and the rejection of the problem is already disappearing in some experimental subjects. Half a step done. Along with the pseudoscientific discussion, in some window of the Internet, some kind of “Society of Radical Fascists” must necessarily appear (and we have this good in bulk - Right Sector, Trizub, UNA-UNSO, “Brotherhood” Korchinsky, White Hammer, Patriot of Ukraine, C&C and other organizations of militant thugs). What for? Shocking bastards are needed for the further genesis of the idea. Firstly, radical fascists will certainly be noticed, reposted on blogs, on websites and quoted in all the necessary media - and the more the idea flashes in the Windows, the faster it becomes familiar. Secondly, the “bad fascists” intimidate the public, therefore they stimulate the propagation of conversations and discussions about fascism, about their pathological essence and the need for a ban (and where there is a ban, there is permission). As a result, an unacceptable topic was put into circulation, the taboo was deacralized, the unequivocal unacceptability of the problem was destroyed - a “shade of gray” was created. The first stage is over, we move on to the second - the transfer of the theme of fascism from the "Radical" region to the region of the possible - "Acceptable".

At this stage, we continue to quote "scientists", because you can not turn away from "scientific" knowledge. We continue to exploit the theme of Ukrainian nationalism everywhere. And anyone who refuses to discuss it should be branded as a hypocrite and a hypocrite. For such, you should definitely come up with some negative nickname, for example - colorado, separ, cotton. What? I think a great idea! And most importantly, I already heard it somewhere! At the same time, fascism must be renamed, come up with a new name. This is an important point, because on the way to legalizing an inconceivable idea, it is necessary to replace its true name, which causes disgusting associations, with another, already neutral. All there is no more fascism. Now there is just Nazism. Such a generic name. But this term will soon have to be replaced again, recognizing it as offensive. Why do we need Nazism? No, we do not have Nazism, we have nationalism. Now, it's better! Ukrainian nationalism - it even sounds somehow European. In parallel with the game of titles, a reference precedent is being created - historical, mythological, relevant, or simply invented, but most importantly - legitimized. It will be found or thought up as “evidence” that “Ukrainian nationalism” can in principle be legalized. Why then, from somewhere out of existence, “scientific” theories about the ancient Ukrainians that dug up the Black Sea, appeared even before the monkey, had nothing to do with the Russians, and are almost at the forefront of the Roman Empire, all come to an end with the appearance of the theory of a special Ukrainian DNA gene discovered by Ukrainian "scientists" (now, after a while, it becomes clear that these were not Kashchenko’s clients who escaped from the hospital, but well-funded agents of the American special services). The main task of this stage is to sow the idea that “Ukrainian nationalism” has deep folk roots and, therefore, the right to exist.

Once a legitimate precedent is provided, it becomes possible to move the Overton Window from the territory of the possible (“Acceptable”) to the area of ​​the rational (“Reasonable”). This is the third step. It completes the masking of the negative side and intensifies the emphasis on the positive side of fascism. For this, slogans are thrown in: “Nationalism is the norm, a synonym for patriotism,” “Who is not a patriot is a traitor!”, “Who is not with us is against us!”, Simultaneously the image of the enemy is actively being formed, after which you can already shouting: “Whoever does it, he is a Muscovite!”, “Moskal on knives!”, “Get a view of Moscow!”, bringing society to his beloved idea: “How long will we feed Moscow ?!”. Thus, in the public consciousness an “battlefield” is artificially created for the battle for the problem. The society splits into two camps: the “patriots of Ukraine” and their opponents “Kremlin agents”, separatists, colorads, etc. cotton wool. After that, the witch hunt begins, all those who disagree are declared enemies of the people, terrorists, extremists, i.e. normal people are declared abnormal, driving them into marginality, turning everything upside down. After this, the third stage can be considered completed and move on to the fourth - the transfer of the theme of fascism from the field of "Rational" to the category of "Standard", popular.

Why there are broadcasts about the heroes of the ATO right there, songs are composed, feature films and documentaries about the glorious Ukrainian cyborgs who entered into an unequal battle with the Buryat equestrian-diving divisions and gained a glorious victory over them, who defended all of Europe at the cost of their lives with their breasts. Heroes are publicly awarded by the President, they are invited to all talk shows, camouflage is in fashion. At the same time, glorious heroes of the past delve into history and have been fighting for Ukrainian independence since ancient times, starting from Mazepa and ending with the hetman Skoropadsky and Petlyura, ideological Nazis, such as Bandera and Shukhevych, are sacralized, renamed and named after them, streets and squares, marching in Kiev UPA veterans, who are equated with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, along with young thugs in khaki and ALWAYS with SS symbols. It all ends with frightening nightly torchlight processions of the newly arrived fascists. At this stage, the topic being developed is brought to the top, and it begins to autonomously reproduce itself and circulate in the media windows, like a virus. The topic goes to schools, educational institutions, kindergartens, there are held contests of embroideries, days of the Heroes of the ATO, and it is there that the historical code of the nation breaks and a time bomb is laid for future generations. Generations nurtured on false invented stories and pseudo-heroes. In parallel with this, the Ukrainian language is universally imposed, as the only correct one, not yet at the legislative level, but as a civic initiative (so far at the level of shops and cafes), and the topic is being put on the religious plane (hello, Tomos, New Year!). After that, you can proceed to the last, fifth stage, transferring the topic to the “Current Norm” category, thereby moving it into the sphere of relevant policy and fixing it by law.

The topic immediately begins to procrastinate in parliaments. Politicians launch trial balls of public statements on the topic of legislative consolidation of fascism (that is, nationalism, cross out the unnecessary!). Sociological polls are published, allegedly confirming a high percentage of supporters of the legalization of fascism (sorry, Ukrainian nationalism, I forget all the time). The preparation of the legislative base begins. Laws are being adopted on language, on separatism, on the prohibition of communist symbols, on decommunization, on non-recognition of the outcome of World War II, on the termination of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with the Russian Federation, on declaring the Russian Federation an aggressor, on breaking off diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation with the prospect of declaring war on it. The last communist monuments are demolished (including communists such as Suvorov and Pushkin) and the last communist holidays are prohibited (until March 8 and May 9). All! The process is completed. Plebs is broken and crushed! The last imputed part of it still somehow resists the legislative consolidation of not so long ago unthinkable things, but on the whole, society has already acknowledged its defeat.

SUMMARY: I described what is happening in Ukraine now, what is being planted there by all available means. It’s just that the process is not over yet, it is on. But as a result of such manipulations, we already got a picture of a society where only someone who hates Muscovites can be considered a real Ukrainian, because otherwise he is not Ukrainian - he is just Russian. What to do about it, decide for yourself, stop this infection or wait for the gangrene to be transferred to the Russian Federation, just stop blaming the Ukrainians themselves for this. You are no better than us! You are just lucky that Putin was able to stop this problem at the embryonic level from you, using the state monopoly on the media, leaving only the whistle in the form of “Echo of Moscow”, RBC, “Medusa” and “Rain” to drain the protest moods, so that the pan cover finally didn't rip off.

Part 3. Patriot Games

"The general public has a limited ability to understand and an unlimited ability to forget." (Adolf Hitler, Mine Kampf).

I remember what a revelation for me was the discovery that almost all Americans and more than half of Europeans believed that Nazi Germany was defeated by the United States and Great Britain in World War II. The only difference was that the Americans for the most part believed that America played a decisive role in this, while the Europeans believed that the Allies participated in the defeat of the fascists equally, in equal parts, of the fifti-fifti. Of course, they heard something about the Soviet Union, but most of them believe that its role in this was minimal, somewhere in Siberia, on the Eastern Front, someone, like, fought with someone, but the main burden of the war nevertheless fell on the shoulders of the allies. I'm not saying that they really do not know the dates when the Second Front was opened, and when the Allies really entered this war. They believe that right from September 1, 1939, the combined Anglo-Saxon forces began to destroy the Third Reich, while they are not embarrassed that the Americans destroyed it exclusively in the Pacific Ocean, and the British in Africa. And what did Europe do? And FIG knows, croissants with mozzarella ate, drank wine. About such details as the Great Patriotic War, the number of those who participated and died on the fronts on both sides, not to mention the day the war ended (May 7-8 or after all May 9) and who accepted the surrender of the Reich, they generally did not hear anything. The maximum of their knowledge was limited only to the word Stalingrad, and half do not even know where it is (somewhere between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, most likely in the vast expanses of Siberia), and the word Moscow, which, it seems, the Nazis did not take , but, probably, because it was lazy. And there was, like, Leningrad, but what really happened there, who knows? The word “blockade”, 872 days, millions of dead - this is for them nothing, well, how is the Battle of Trafalgar for you, who, what, with whom, when - but God knows him? I found out about this, about the year 1975, when our famous movie-epic “Liberation” rolled in America in the wake of the warming relations between the USSR and the USA, moreover, under the name “Unknown War”. How so unknown? Why? I decided that this was a joke, how could you not know that the Soviet Union had broken the ridge by a fascist reptile, bearing the brunt of the war on itself, having paid for it with the lives of 27 million of its citizens. But the whole joke is that this is so, it was the result of a global brainwashing to its population and the presentation of history in the right ruling elites in the West. Their population does not know anything about the Second World War, they even know more about the First, as if there were no horrors of fascism 75 years ago. Only 75 years passed, and the whole cow licked its tongue, generations of eaters of hamburgers and bigmaks are really clean in this sense, their on-board computer, which they carry on their shoulders, is loaded with a completely different info, and for some it is even empty, the system unit is missing, they cost RAM , which disappears immediately after turning off the computer from the network. Therefore, one should not be completely surprised that fascism is not a taboo subject for them, they even have their own completely legal Nazi Party (and what you want, the country of victorious democracy, their mother!).

Americans, we must pay tribute to them, are extremely honest in their revelations. They do not hide and never hide their plans to maintain world domination, for the achievement of which all methods are good. “City on a hill” - this term belongs to the 44th President of America Barack Obama, he mentioned it when he was crucifying about the exceptionality of the American nation in front of a crowd of illiterate students, such as himself. And if in order to maintain the usual standard of living, the “city on the hill” needs to be sacrificed by some peoples or countries, then this is how it should be, because they have such a fate.

The path to understanding the Ukrainian crisis lies, first of all, through understanding the position of the United States, taken on the fact of these events. In this interview with CNN (CNN) on February 3, 2015, former US President Barack Obama made the following “confession” about this position: “Putin was taken aback by the protests on the Maidan and the fact that we acted as a mediator in the change of power in Ukraine.” US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland was even more frank: “Fuck y, shy EU!” - This her phrase instantly became famous and flew away to the people. After that, the fate of Ukraine was a foregone conclusion; it was destined to become an expendable material in the struggle of the States against the Russian Federation. The cynical frankness of the Americans is caused only by the fact that they don’t even consider the rest as people, to hide their plans before these subhumans, they consider it below their dignity. They are above that. Just like during the Patriotic War, the Germans, while standing in Russian huts, considered it less than their dignity to restrain their natural manifestations, and burped and spoiled the air right in the presence of the owners of these dwellings, just because they did not consider them to be people (sorry for comparison). The Americans do not consider us to be people! Accept it and come to terms with it already. Throw beads in front of them - do not respect yourself! We are a nation of winners! Talking with them is possible and necessary only through the sight of a machine gun. Hypersonic preferably.

Once in the history books, everything that happened in Ukraine during these years will be called a war of Ukrainian patriots with Russians for the right to deploy American Patriot class missiles on its territory. A sad story ... I have everything! Sorry if anyone is tired. In short, it did not work out.
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  1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
    Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 January 2019 19: 13
    Wonderful article! It must be read and reread not only to Ukrainians, but also to Russians!
    Americans are working out technologies that can turn the consciousness of an entire nation. Now Ukraine is participating in a terrible experiment, I'm afraid that it is not the last in this monstrous experiment.

    Wonderful article!
    Everyone needs to read it in order to know what is happening in Ukraine!
    Dear Vladimir!
    Best regards

    I read all your work, Vladimir. What you write about here, I understand and consider the work very, very necessary. Do you read and understand you in Ukraine? Relatives, friends understand? Sincerely.

    This is written to me by my readers on Prose. ru (and there are 20 such reviews). And here it is of no interest to anyone. But on Facebook, 200 likes. Paradox!
  2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 5 February 2019 14: 46
    It's just that it's hard to even read your one-sided pseudo-analytics.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 7 February 2019 08: 21
      Read the primer, there is less bukoff, and you don’t need to think! Does the pan not shake?
  3. master3 Offline master3
    master3 (Vitali) 6 February 2019 17: 34
    Such professionals work that Goebbels, looking at them, should have shot himself with envy

    - I listen to Kiselyov, Solovyov, Skobeev and the like - I can say that the author is right to make a “flock of sheep” out of the people, and even faster than 55 days.
    1. margo20 Offline margo20
      margo20 (margo) 6 February 2019 17: 50
      And if you listen to this GDP, this can be done overnight.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 7 February 2019 08: 22
        Here, I see, a meeting of Russophobes? How much do they pay right now for this? rates not raised?
        1. master3 Offline master3
          master3 (Vitali) 7 February 2019 18: 31
          But what really pierces the eyes?
          1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
            Volkonsky (Vladimir) 9 February 2019 21: 36
            first learn to write in Russian without mistakes, and then tell us how to live - "what really hurts your eyes?" written with E!
  4. beeper Online beeper
    beeper 27 February 2019 17: 21
    I finally read this article, bookmarked for myself. Thank you, dear Vladimir Volkonsky! good
    Everything, in general, is correctly described, I observe and feel the same thing! request
    The only thing I didn't understand about the fictional epic "Liberation" ?!
    After all, "The Unknown War" was called a joint Soviet-American documentary series, from our side created by the famous military cameraman Roman Lazarevich Carmen and released on the cinema screens of our country in 1978 ?! Even then, I bought a subscription to the All-Union Premiere and during the viewing my seat turned out to be next to our city Hero of the Soviet Union (I later learned that he was a Hero, when a memorial plaque with his bas-relief carved in Gold appeared on the house where he lived The star of the GSS, honorary titles and dates of life, probably, the fascists have already demolished her, "decommunized", I will be in those parts, I should not forget to look), modestly dressed, such a thin uncle, completely ordinary in appearance, with a small "order bar" which in those years many veterans wore, but without the Golden Star (probably, he did not want to attract attention or embarrass those around him, because he was sitting in the front rows, but with all of us together), silent, held with dignity, we are with him, in the process of viewing, met and exchanged opinions, talked before the session ...
    The series struck me most of all then by the fact that it also contained a lot of captured German newsreels - for the first time I saw our killed soldiers, like those machine gunners in the trench of June 1941 and a captured nurse (and our mother's aunt was also a military assistant and died at the front .... they said that then many recognized their missing or deceased relatives on these footage of Soviet and German newsreels, thus received the last news about them!), the footage about sea caravans was also a revelation (I saw with my own eyes what was described in Pikulevsky " Caravan PQ-17 ") ....
    So "Liberation" and "The Great Patriotic War (in the West called" The Unknown War ")" were different serials.
    For the details of the "pumping" and "Overton window" - also Thank you, separately - there is something to think about, comrade Wolf!
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 25 March 2019 15: 20
      Only now I saw the commentary, a month later, maybe I confused it with "Liberation", I was 13-14 years old then. Don't be lost, comrade Pischak!
  5. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 2 March 2019 00: 00
    one-sided pseudo-analytics - well said hi
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 25 March 2019 15: 23
      here no one forcibly holds anyone, do not like it - do not read! but you, as with persistence worthy of a better application, continue to eat the cactus
  6. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 3 March 2019 11: 56
    In Belarus, 80 percent of news channels are Russian. Therefore, I cannot speak for Ukraine, but how I grew up. The news media are presented - this is really how the author wrote. Only the country "confused". Such already childish NLP techniques are used, which is even funny how adults are led to this belay
    1. Gunter prereen Offline Gunter prereen
      Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) April 5 2019 23: 07
      Well, what are you doing? Shaw did not see Kolenka on any of the 80 channels. Ai - yayay. Bad channels! Beacon of Belarus is not shown.
  7. Gunter prereen Offline Gunter prereen
    Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) April 5 2019 23: 03
    I do not agree. Herd in 55 days? Here is a conceptual error. Herd - there was originally! Well, it’s not for nothing that the Poles called ukrov - would-d-l-oh! Herd - this is a public request ukrov in Ukraine!
  8. The comment was deleted.