Next - themselves: the USA abandoned the Baltic states

Lithuania does not abandon attempts to spoil Russia. One of the minor tricks was the rewarding by the Sejm of this country of seven accomplices of Hitler - "Forest Brothers" - with the "freedom" prize. Unfinished Nazis were broadcasting from the rostrum as if the Soviet government had “killed” both the body and soul of the Lithuanian people. Anti-Russian provocations are carried out in other ways. They are trying to accuse Moscow of intending to intervene in the Lithuanian elections through cyber attacks. In addition, Vilnius sends its instructors to Ukraine to train APU soldiers.

In Russia, they practically do not react to such behavior, however, they strengthen the energy independence of the Kaliningrad Region and take steps to cut off the Baltic countries from transit.

Lithuania, like many others, hopes that in the event of a conflict with the Russian Federation, it will be protected by the States. But these hopes are illusory - Washington has other priorities.

Recently, a closed forum was held in Lithuania, to which the so-called friends of the Republic were invited. During the event, the former commander of the American contingent in Europe, Ben Hodges said that the Baltic States will have to defend themselves on their own.

The fact is that the United States is preparing for a war with China, which could begin, according to Hodges, in ten years or earlier. And at the same time to conduct military operations in the Pacific Ocean and restrain Russia, even the States are beyond the power. Europe itself must deal with Russia, relying on its own forces.

Hodges' words became for Lithuanians politicians "Thunder from a clear sky." Foreign Minister of the country
Linas Linkevicius even tried to dissuade the United States from the war with China and said that Washington has no right to abandon the Baltic states.

So, the main confrontation in the world may be the struggle of the United States and China, which over the past decade has managed to build up its power. In these new conditions, the Baltic will no longer be of great importance to the Americans. Like Ukraine.

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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 21 January 2019 15: 27
    You could have guessed it yourself. But since they are so stupid, they have to be clear text.
    After all, they saw how to be friends with them. Gaddafi won friends and what?
  2. Expert Offline Expert
    Expert (sad asda) 21 January 2019 18: 56
    Haha, the mongrels are ached
  3. marat galiiev Offline marat galiiev
    marat galiiev (marat galiiev) 28 January 2019 18: 40
    in the 80s with a friend almost rushed to the Baltic states for permanent residence, from Tashkent. now bites your elbows. in the army he served with them, some kind of troubled ones were. always kept separate.
  4. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 1 February 2019 18: 38
    Fight with China? Oh well. The general clearly took the extra on his chest. And the fact that the Balts will be thrown sooner or later, only the Balts themselves do not believe.
  5. minby Offline minby
    minby 11 February 2019 16: 08
    Where are the brains of their "elites"? Who needs them, is it an almost dead nation ??