In Latvia, they told what would happen in the event of a war with Russia

The head of the strategic planning department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Latvia, Raymond Rublovsky, who is also an adviser to the chief of the Riga police, made a forecast about what will happen in the event of a real conflict between the country and Russia. For Latvia, this forecast is more than pessimistic: even the bases of the North Atlantic Alliance will not save.

According to the military, if an armed conflict begins, the Latvian army will not even have time to fight, and NATO bases will be liquidated by Russia in the first few minutes.

The question is whether one big funnel will remain from our country or it will carry

- said Rublovsky.

Exactly the same fate, he added, in case of war awaits both Poland and Romania. These countries are currently negotiating with Washington to host US military installations. In the event of a serious conflict, Russia will aim its precision weapons at NATO bases.

The Latvian expert believes that in this case the Russian Federation will be right, since it will be a question of its national security.

He criticized those Baltic political figures who constantly make statements about the "Russian threat", which is why relations with Russia, already very shaky, are only getting worse. Reported by FAN.

Indeed, anti-Russian rhetoric in Latvia and other Baltic countries sounds constantly. In December last year, the Latvian Armed Forces accused Russia of the fact that the reconnaissance ship “Yuri Ivanov” and the reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Federation were in the Baltic Sea near the Latvian border.

There are, however, politicians in the Baltics who propose to improve relations with Moscow. One of them is the ex-President of Lithuania Rolandas Paksas. Recently, he proposed that his country and Russia jointly begin the process of demilitarization in the Baltic, and that Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region would be linked by a new relationship - "of higher quality." But this politician was ousted from the presidency back in 2004 by means of impeachment proceedings and has since been severely restricted in his rights.

Acting representatives of the political elite of the Baltic countries take a completely different position. So, at the 37th session of the Baltic Assembly, which took place in Vilnius last November, a resolution was adopted that called on three countries - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania - to expand defense cooperation to counter “threats” from Russia . And also - a call to NATO to protect these countries from the "provocative actions" of the Russian army.

The head of the International Military Headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance, Lieutenant General Jan Brooks, at the same time made a statement that the European members of NATO are not able to fight with Russia.
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    Bobo (BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine) 18 January 2019 15: 38
    no, hydrogen is in short supply, we are their Pinocchio!
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    Vladimir T (Vladimir T) 19 January 2019 11: 18
    The head of the Lithuanian department needs fairy tales - write nonsense. The wrong post takes. Or Latvia, there is no difference. One ditch.
  3. av58 Offline av58
    av58 (Andrei) 19 January 2019 15: 51
    The professional military, even the Balts, are well aware that they are not threatened by any aggression / occupation by Russia, and we don’t need it: no Balts can give us anything, they don’t have any industry, they don’t have any minerals, so why? Feed them later ...
    1. nnz226 Offline nnz226
      nnz226 (Nikolai) 20 January 2019 12: 06
      No need to feed! The fertile land The southern coast (only not the Crimea, but the Laptev Sea!) Will receive "proud" sprats, and there - according to Darwin ...
  4. nnz226 Offline nnz226
    nnz226 (Nikolai) 20 January 2019 12: 04
    The funnel is simple, only then the contamination of the area will have to be liquidated later .... Since it is inconvenient to go around the funnel, you will have to either fill it up or rehabilitate ...