The poor want to leave without a light at night

The public statements of individual officials and deputies make one wonder if this person is in his place?

The deputy of the City Duma of Chita, Yekaterina Borisova, reacted rather strangely to reports that the city housing and maintenance department, which serves poor housing (barracks) in Chita, was on the verge of bankruptcy because of a debt of 50 million rubles to Chitaenergosbyt.

The people's deputy proposed to turn off the lights at night in the barracks of Chita, whose residents illegally use electricity to heat apartments.

Local portal quoted by Borisov:

In general, according to logic, they need to cut off the light at night, as we do in summer cottages, and they will not drown

The deputy substantiated her point of view as follows:

At night, people do not need to cook food, for which light is needed. That is, normal people are sleeping. And so as not to heat up, I said the way out - turn off, say, from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. electricity, as is done in country cooperatives, when the same problem arises. Because it’s impossible to make people pay, they don’t have money, and it turns out again that we will pay these non-payers at the expense of bona fide residents to pay off these debts

After such statements, one involuntarily asks whether the people’s representative is really a people’s representative, or, choosing, did he pursue any other goals that are far from the struggle for the interests of voters?

Ekaterina Borisova is a deputy of the Chita City Duma from the Ingodinsky constituency. The people's representative is not only the director of the network of private kindergartens "Little Country", but also the deputy secretary of the Chita city local branch of the United Russia runway.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 17 January 2019 16: 33
    The poor want to leave without a light at night

    Maybe for a start, prohibit and not sell to the poor ... - hammer drills .., impact drills .., electric drilling and other power tools ..., as well as a lot of cotton music centers / speakers / receivers ... and all kinds of noise rubbish ... with the help of which these poor day and night are able to "endure the brain" of their neighbors on the site, residents of their own and even neighboring entrances ...
    -This is such a hell these "needy" can arrange ..., who .., as a rule, their hands grow from such places .. that you shouldn't say .., but there are so many convolutions in their heads .. that the fingers of one hand are enough .. in order to count them ... -What kind of "such" generally needs light and electricity ...
    -Yes, and they only need gas ... for ... for ... in order ... to one day send a whole staircase of people living nearby to the "next world" ...
    1. Luda Offline Luda
      Luda (Luda) 18 January 2019 05: 35
      What does the poor mean? In the Chita region, in the barracks, so similar housing at the end of the last century was abundant in different places. And why were there suddenly only the poor? And the heating should be there. And stoves. After distribution to the Far East, they lived in such a village. Firewood is a centralized supply.
      am am Although, on the other hand, the official is probably right love Turn off the light, boom doors-windows outside, let them, there they are poor, as they want. Let only the wealthy remain am am
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 January 2019 09: 51
    Actually, for prevention, it would be worth it! Maybe when the elections are held, they will not sit in their barracks, but will run "faster than a locomotive" to change something. When I asked one pensioner: "Why did you vote for Putin? You didn’t swear most of all for tariffs, pensions, general household expenses, gasoline, etc.?" He replied: "And there is no one else!" If people don't respect themselves, why should I respect?