USA miscalculated with the concept of a quick global strike

It became known that on January 8, 2019, the research service of the US Congress prepared one intriguing report entitled “A quick global strike with non-nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles: background and problems.” In fact, this paper document was the only US response to the real hypersonic weapons that Russia possesses.

It should be noted that the concept of the Fast global strike was born in the United States in the distant 2001, simultaneously with the fall of the twin towers. The implementation of the concept was to open a new era of humanity, in which there would be unlimited US dominance. But it did not work out.

Over the past time, the United States failed to create absolutely nothing. At the same time, Russia acquired such weapons, and only Moscow, at present, can do what they dreamed about in Washington. It so happened that the United States, having started an arms race and formulating the essence of the concept, failed to realize it, even if there was an unlimited printing press. But some in Washington continue to dream of dominating the world.

In the preface to the report notedThat a quick global strike with non-nuclear weapons will allow the United States to hit targets anywhere on the planet in just an hour. This ability can reinforce US efforts to deter and defeat opponents, allowing them to attack important targets at the beginning or during a conflict. However, all this has already been reported and communicated to the world community in 2001. So now all this is more like a farce.

The document clarifies and emphasizes that the weapons of the Fast Global Strike will not replace nuclear, it should complement the combat potential of the United States in the field of conventional weapons. Although, at the same time, US adversaries may misinterpret the launches, mistaking them for using nuclear weapons. This could lead to an increased risk of a nuclear response to an attack by the United States.

By the way, the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal year 2019 (started on October 1, 2018) increases funding for the concept of the Fast Global Strike to $ 278 million. At the same time, $ 2018 million was allocated for this in fiscal year 201 over the next five years. spend (planned) $ 1,9 billion

Having lost this round, many in the United States have already wondered whether it is worth intensifying their efforts in response or whether this will lead to an even larger arms race and develop into dangerous instability. These thoughts are clearly visible in the report.
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  1. Chuvachok Offline Chuvachok
    Chuvachok (Dude) 14 January 2019 18: 31
    But it did not work out.

    Over the past time, the United States failed to create absolutely nothing. At the same time, Russia acquired such weapons, and only Moscow, at present, can do what Washington dreamed of.

    All their economic growth, and the prosperity of the past decades was largely built on the wreckage of the union, the fact that the union gave up and fucked up, oddly enough, it saved us, just when the union collapsed, he left behind so many "nishtyaks" and vacuum, and this split the unity in their ranks (the ranks of the western bloc), here they didn’t get the “booty” to divide it up, but they didn’t get it done (they missed such an opportunity), and even after the fall of the union, the belief in their uniqueness simply began to scale down. And then ba ... Russia, having mobilized the last resource left from the union, and these are the remaining talented engineers patriots, who for 10000-30000 thousand rubles salary, created all these types and new classes of weapons, made a "combo". Unfortunately (or fortunately), the resource has been exhausted, the new generation will not work for a penny, this is already visible in space, therefore, soon the costs of creating new weapons will be comparable to those of the US. Well, as they say, we will eat for the best.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 15 January 2019 14: 58
      If you don’t have objective information, don’t talk rubbish, in our military-industrial complex, talented engineers, technologists and programmers have long received a salary of much more than 10000 - 30000 rubles, do not compare the Yeltsin 90s and the current time. In addition, you still need to prove your talent and ability to create something really worthwhile and outstanding, and only then apply for high salaries and big money.
  2. Chuvachok Offline Chuvachok
    Chuvachok (Dude) 16 January 2019 13: 23
    Quote: sgrabik
    If you do not own objective information, do not talk nonsense

    Where is the nonsense !? The new weapon that the country received was not developed overnight, and in a month or a year. It is a product of the early to mid 2000s. The salary of engineers was sometimes not paid at all for several months, and the factories went bankrupt, so those who created these weapons received very little money in those days, including in the military-industrial complex. It changed after 2008, when Georgia "pinched us painfully". And this applies only to the military-industrial complex. And you, for example, without chemistry, how will you make fuel for rockets, and centuries, there the salary of engineers to this day is 20000-35000 t / r, the military-industrial complex is only a part.

    The fact that in the military-industrial complex top engineers now receive salaries, that's what I'm talking about, look at the cost of the SU-57, Armata, etc. Nobody over 30000 will work on such projects now. Therefore, the cost of the new weapon that is being developed "now" is already high, it is already approaching global prices.

    The state defense order will end in the 20s, the military-industrial complex will be transferred to a civilian, and the salary will be like everyone else in the economy.