The fate of the region is at stake: why is Putin flying to Serbia?

For a month now, mass protests have been taking place in Serbia, comparable in scale to the actions of the Yellow Vests in France. Demonstrators speak out, as they say, against the dictatorship of President Alexander Vucic. As in Paris, the protests are very diverse political forces - leftists, liberals, and even LGBT people.

The reason for the start of the demonstrations was an attack on representatives of one of the opposition parties. Behind these events you can see the shadow of the famous financier George Soros, who invests huge amounts in Serbian youth organizations opposing Vučić.

Despite the fact that the President of Serbia is trying to stay confident, he is in a difficult position. In this situation, Belgrade seeks the help of Moscow and takes steps to meet it. For example, in the gas issue. Vučić states that Serbia is not going to overpay for liquefied gas so that the West likes it, but will buy cheap “blue fuel” from Russia. And the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Alexander Vulin, called his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu a real friend of Belgrade.

On January 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to Serbia. The country's authorities intend to discuss a number of issues with him, including gas. But there is another important issue for the Balkans - the agreement of Belgrade with the Albanian separatists in Kosovo.

He suggests that the northern part of this region, where mainly Serbs live, will fall under the control of the Serbian government in exchange for the southern territories of the country where Albanians live. This plan is supported by US President Trump, for whom he is part of the Balkans reformatting process. But Serb patriots oppose this, including by joining protests. In the fate of the region comes another turning point.

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  1. Radikal Offline Radikal
    Radikal 11 January 2019 16: 45
    The fate of the region is at stake: why is Putin flying to Serbia?

    And you can see at home all the problems are solved, boring .... lol