Chinese police will receive points, "highlighting" the criminals

Starting last month, China has conducted limited field testing of sunglasses with face recognition. As you might guess, these glasses are designed to help the police with the capture of criminals who use false documents and names when traveling. Now, the Chinese police have announced the expansion of this program to the suburbs of Beijing.

So far, super-glasses have been used only at Zhengzhou railway stations, the capital of Henan province, where on February 8, they were used to detain a total of 7 suspected of various crimes and 26 passengers traveling with false identities.

In addition, glasses allow the police to verify incoming visual data of car numbers and blacklisted persons, which, according to Reuters, includes criminals, journalists, dissidents and human rights activists, which the Chinese police successfully applied during the parliamentary congress last weekend.

The brain of the points program is a mobile module with a special program that costs $ 636. According to the police, the device proved to be extremely useful and reliable, the information provided by the program is very accurate and arrives instantly.
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