Durov eliminates Telegram in Russia

Settled in London, Internet entrepreneur Pavel Durov decided to completely transfer the Telegram messenger to the UK.

This is evidenced by the filing by Durov of the liquidation of Telegram Messenger LLP, which was the basis for the Telegram messenger and its exclusion from the registry of Roskomnadzor.

The information published on the website of the register of legal entities in the UK says that the application was submitted by the Internet entrepreneur on December 18, 2018.

In fact, after numerous scandals related to the blocking of the messenger by Roskomnadzor due to the unwillingness of the owner to meet the fully substantiated requirements of the Russian special services, Pavel Durov decided whose side he would take - Russia or its enemies.

Actually, Durov has repeatedly stated that Russia is not a priority market for its product.

Summing up, we can say that the owner of Telegram, having moved to the shores of Misty Albion, for some time solved his problem.

However, the question immediately arises, where will Pavel Durov run with his messenger when the British special services will come to him with requirements similar to those presented by the Russian special services?

And judging by the development of events in the world and the aggravation of relations between Russia and the UK, this can happen in the very foreseeable future.
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  1. Serg sh Offline Serg sh
    Serg sh (Serg Sh) 11 January 2019 11: 20
    will not run anywhere, just submit quietly :)) ..
  2. Barsik_2 Offline Barsik_2
    Barsik_2 (* Barsik *) 11 January 2019 14: 25
    And what, in the UK, the Spring package is also valid ?! )))
  3. Shenmue Offline Shenmue
    Shenmue (Vladislav) 11 January 2019 16: 44
    I think he has been cooperating with them for a long time)))